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Author has written 2 stories for Alpha and Omega.

Well here are somethings about me: I'll stand up for my friends even if it means death (I will tell you guys that story later), I can fix anything, Never had a girlfriend in school, and apparently can make a good story.

Things I love to do: Drive my trucks, write stories, help people, do things that could easily kill me... and EAT!!!

Not that it matters but: I'm 6' 2" weigh 175 a medium body build and have long dark blond/tan hair.

Hobbies: Working on my vehicles, EATING, playing guitar, shooting guns, any kind of bike ranging from mild to intense, and more EATING

Things I with I could do: Fly and eat any time I want.

Job: I work at Taco Bell, have worked at O'reilly auto parts and at Kroger.

Siblings: Older sister Tess and older bother his name is James but he died a year or so ago...

Music: Skrillex, Skillet, any 70s rock, NEEDtoBREATH, Alpha & Omega Sound Track, Star Wars Sound Track, Green Day, and a LOT more...

Top 5 movies: 1Alpha & Omega. 2 Star Wars trilogy. 3 Read Tails. 4 Any War Movie. 5 I don't remember the name...

This is the story of the day I risked my life for my best friend, and sister, Tess. I am 14 in this story, I lived in Kentucky at the time. Tess was 16 and James, my older brother, was 17.

The day started like any other would have my parents were fighting, breakfast was burning, and I had to get my sis and bro up for school. I hadn't been sleeping all that well lately and I was falling asleep in my classes.

Mom had just left for work and dad was just about to leave for his work. "Hey dad, here it lunch... I had extra time this morning. It's a peanut butter and jelly, an apple, and a bottle of water."

"Oh, thanks son, are your siblings up?" He asked finally starting to calm down. "No sir, I was just getting to that." "Okay well hurry you'll be late for school!" He said walking out the door.

I ran up stair to Tess' room and knocked on the door "Hey get up NOW! Or you'll be late for school!" I did the same thing for James.

Tess got up first and stated to take a shower. So James came down stairs to eat breakfast. "So whats on the Menu for today." James asked sitting down in a chair. "Ah, I am glad you asked. We have poached eggs with grits and yogurt." I said acting like a waiter. James chuckled and started to eat, I did the same.

After 10 minutes or so Tess come down stairs for breakfast. "Ummm... smells good!" Tess said, smiling. "Yeah that's cause you stink!" James teased her. Tess sat down and said "That's exactly why you don't have a girlfriend." I broke down laughing. "Oh yeah laugh it up! You have never had a girlfriend, EVER!" James fired.

"But James I have had girls ask me if i wanted to go out with them. THEY ASKED ME! I am just waiting fo the right one." I said smirking. "See James grow up and e like your younger brother!" Tess said giving me a hi-five.

James shut up and a few minutes later we were getting in James car heading to school. Good thing we were all in high school. Anyway we had an easy first half of school was changing classes when I saw Tess getting picked on by the school bully... I ran up to the guy teasing her and kneed him from behind in the balls. "Leave my sister the HELL a lawn!" I demanded. everyone in the hallway turned and looked to see the jackass on the floor and me in a way defeating him. Surprisingly I didn't go tp the principal. (No this isn't when I saved he life, that's later.)

After school we were walking to the parking lot when James was smacked in the back of the head with a baseball bat. Who ever it was, grabbed Tess and carried her behind the school. The freak that did this didn't see me I guess cause he didn't seem to do anything about me. I let him take her out of sight. I ran behind the school to see the guy pointing a gun at Tess.

I sneaked up and listened in on what was being said.

Tess. "What are you doing?!?! Please don't kill me!"

Man. "Shut up or I'll shoot you!"

That was enough for me to hear and I knew I had to do something. I picked up a rock about the size of my hand and threw it at the guy with the gun. When it hit him I ran as fast as I could and rammed into his side knocked the gun out of his hand. First reaction for me was to get the gun. I did and when the guy tried the attack me I unloaded 5 round into him. 2 to the head and 3 to the chest...

"Oh my God, Tess, are you okay?" I asked making sure she wasn't hurt. "You-you, kill-" "Yeah I know I killed him, Tess! He was going to shoot you!"

Then a weird thing happened... Tess kissed me! It wasn't the quick on the cheek thing no it was on the lips and it seemed like hours!!! I was so freaked out that after I got her untied and ran from her as fast I could back to James.

He was still knocked out, and Tess was coming too see me. She walked up and I asked "What The Hell Was That?!" I asked not knowing what to do. "I don't know but just keep it between us for now, alright?" I nodded and let Tess take it from there...

So that's how I saved me sis life. After that about 3-4 weeks James was killed by a drunk diver.

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