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My name is Hannah Michelle. I am eighteen years old.

Writing is my passion. I love getting to make up my own stories, and characters. I usually don't allow people to read my writing but my best friend talked me into posting some of them. I plan on going to college and becoming an author. There's a playlist for each story I write, I love music. Music is a big thing for my writing. Listening to it puts me in the mood for a scene. Each OC I have has a song they relate to.

I'd also like to apologize if my writing is different or some language isn't used properly. I'm from the south so I try not to put my accent into my writing.

I like a lot of different things. I am a reader, love to read. I'm old schooled my favorite love story of all time isn't Bella and Edward, or Peeta and Katniss, it's Rhett and Scarlett. I love Gone with the Wild. I know it's old but I love classic love stories. Plus Scarlett O'Hara has to be the strongest woman character ever written in my opinion. I do like The Hunger Games though.

My favorite movies are also old ones. Like Weird Science, Breakfast Club, Some Kind of Wonderful, things like that. I guess I just like those kinds of things. My mother would say I'm an old soul for liking movies from her time but oh well. I love movies that the least expected fall in love. I don't know why.

My favorite shows are of course you can tell by my stories is The Walking Dead. I use to be obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals but I hate shows where pretty much the same thing happens over and over. I like excitement, on the edge of my seat shows, and books. I get bored way to fast, it's hard to keep my interest in something.

I have my couples. In everything I watch and read, I always have my couples. Doesn't matter if the book is about a butterfly I'm going to ship it with something, I promise you.

The Walking Dead-

Favorite Couples-Rick/OC Rick/Nicole(If you've read my stories you'd understand) Rick/Beth Rick/Maggie Daryl/Beth Daryl/OC Daryl/Maggie (I love the Greene sisters!)

Favorite Characters- Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Maggie Greene, Beth Greene, Hershel Greene, Michonne, Shane Walsh(Sometimes) & Carl Grimes (Depends on the episode).

Least Favorite Characters-Lori Grimes & The Governor

The Originals-

Favorite Couples- Klaus/Hayley Klaus/Camille Klaus/Elena(I know she's not on the Originals but I don't care) Elijah/Hayley

Favorite Characters-Klaus Mikealson, Rebekah Mikealson, Elijah Mikealson, Hayley, Marcel, and Camille

Least Favorite Characters-Don't have one yet.

The Vampire Diaries-

Favorite Couples- Damon/Elena Stefan/Katherine Bonnie/Jeremy Klaus/Elena Caroline/Stefan

Favorite Characters-Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Jeremy Gilbert, Katherine Pierce, Galen Vaughn, and Stefan Salvatore

Least Favorite Characters- Caroline Forbes(I think she's the most judgmental person, really depends on the episode if I like her or not)

My Stories

A Life for A Life- Walking Dead Fanfic. Rick/Nicole Aka, my OC. Played by Sophia Bush

A Life for A Life Sequel, Guide You Home Fanfic. Rick/Nicole Introducing Sawyer Played by Sophia Bush, and A random pretty redhead.

Kris-Walking Dead Fanfic. Rick/OC Shane/OC Daryl/OC The same OC. Played by Amber Heard

One of Three-One Tree Hill. Nathan/Brooke/Lucas. (Certainly on Hold)

I have certainly put The Farmers Granddaughter on hold.

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Kris reviews
Kris is Lori's baby sister. They couldn't be more different, though Kris is always trying to be. Kris is the black sheep of the family, and isn't afraid to show it. After finding her sister during the outbreak things turn interesting when secrets come out, bonds are broken, and affairs are made. Can you really trust family as much as you thought?
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Sequel to A Life For A Life. Something dramatic happens to Nicole causing her to block out everything since the world went to hell. Including Rick. He wants to fix her, bring back the smiling girl who showed up at the prison several months ago. Rick/OC.
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One of Three reviews
After one drunken night that Brooke has no memory of, she finds out something unexpected. Even after finding out that information she still has no idea who she spent the night with nor who father's her unborn child. (If you prefer Nathan & Haley DON'T READ or leave snarky comments!)
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Nicole has only one thing on her mind, protect Annie. She would gladly die if that meant Annie would get to live. What is she going to do when somebody feels the same way about her? Rick/OC
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