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Don't look back, for you will fall into the dreads and dreams of the past. Face forward and look up, the future is far more promising.

Volume does not affect validity. Even if you scream it, it won't be true.

With a rash of guest reviews and my editor egging me on, I was inspired to make this.

What I hate about reviews.

1. People telling you what you should have done:

I am amazed that some reviews have gone out and tracked down a writer and reviewed their entire history from birth to the present. These reviewers have taken upon themselves to make absolutely sure the story is going along with the writers thoughts and constantly correct the writer when they go off course. Yeah... not really. I have my own ideas and my reviewers have theirs. I appreciate people giving me another look at things but telling me my story is wrong because your opinion is superior is down right insulting.

2. People telling you what the pairings should be:

Same thing above. I understand people place some characters on pedestals and leave some in the dust. I do the same thing, but unless people specifically state they want suggestions I keep my mouth shut. I am sure the writers can deal with their stories pairings.

3. The generic "flame" review:

I'll be honest, I am human and I make mistakes. When people tell me I screwed up and why I screwed up I go fix the problem and thank the person who told me. What I hate are people who say my work is bad and give clearly bias opinions on why they think I did bad or worst they don't give any reasons at all. I am reasonable, and I can take an insult to my writing. Some reviewers have commented where I was wrong with my story and I have thanked them for pointing it out to me. But if you are going to tell a writer their story is bad because "someone else did it better" then don't waste the writer's time.

4. The "uor tsoyr si bad" review:

I spend a good amount of time correcting my story's grammar. If I have grammar errors someone would make a comment pointing it out. The least you can do for me is tell me what I did wrong in an understandable way. Fanfiction has basic word correction capabilities, please use them. If your vocabulary is so high that Fanfiction does not recognize it, then use word or any online typing tool then copy paste the message to me. If not it becomes a guessing game on what you are trying to say and takes me longer to make the next chapter. That or I will simply ignore your comment and assume that your comment was as useful as your grammar skills.

Sorry...had to get this off my chest. I assure all non-guest reviewers of chapter one, your review were fine. I have left the "guest reviews" up for you guys to see what I am relating too. My editor and I had a laugh on many of them. Go ahead and take a look. Drop a PM if you have similar situations or just want to talk.

If you are interested on the update schedule for any story

New Beginnings: My first priority. Most often updated once every two weeks

(I have gotten several private messages and reviews asking me to update and I am trying to type with my limited time. I hope to post before the end of the month, please be patient.)

Embark: Second Priority. Most likely to come out maybe once every two months

Remnants of Standard: Least important. Will publish if I have the extra time.

Pokemon Revolution: Discontinued until further notice

Alter warriors: Discontinued until further notice

I plan to release a chapter for any story every two weeks. Unforeseen circumstances may speed up or slow down production.

I will not go over how Mahouka magic works as it is its own discussion. Basically Minato's persona magic can be performed and it bypasses the information dimension entirely. The is no need to rewrite the eidos at the specific location. It simply happens entropy and physics are ignored. This also means that his persona magic cannot be affected by cast jamming and gram demolition as there is no activation sequence to interrupt. Minato's skill cards and his new evoker however do require an activation sequence to use thus those can be stopped with the previous methods.

Before I get a comment on the following I will say this now. Just because Miyuki is the lovers social link does not mean she will be Minato's lover. I know this was obvious to most but I know someone will ask/complain anyway. I will keep the ranks unchanged from the newest chapter for 2 days to avoid spoilers.

Fool: “The group” lvl 4

Magician: Hattori Hanzou lvl 1

Priestess: Shibata Mizuki lvl 2

Empress: Fujibayashi Kyouko lvl 2

Emperor: Juumonji Katsuto lvl 3

Hierophant: Ichihara Suzune lvl 1

Lovers: Shiba Miyuki lvl 5

Chariot: Chiba Erika lvl 2

Justice: Watanabe Mari lvl 1

Hermit: Yoshida Mikihiko lvl 1

Fortune: Kitayama Shizuku lvl 4

Strength: Saijou Leonhart lvl 1

Hanged man: Mibu Sayaka lvl 3

Death: Ichijou Masaki lvl 1

Temperance: Nakajou Azusa lvl 1

Devil: Maya Yotsuba lvl 2

Tower: Morisaki Shun lvl 3

Star: Saegusa Mayumi lvl 5

Moon: Kichijouji Shinkurou lvl 1

Sun: Kudou Minoru lvl 0

Aeon: Shiba Tatsuya lvl 3

List of skill cards Minato has obtained: Dia, Media, Tarukaja, Sukukaja, Zio, Mudo, Bewilder, Bufu, Mabufu, Bufula, Mabufula, Rakukaja, Agi, Double Fangs, Cleave, Power Slash, Single Shot, Megido and Megidola

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