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RuKa: HIHI!!! ^_^ im RuKa and this is my muse InFiNiTy!!! We are new to this site and just discovered it so please be nice or my smart-mouth muse will hunt you down and kill you. hehheh. ^_^

InFiNiTy: HIHI!!! 'sup yall? This is our bio! um...yeah.

RuKa: oy. idiotic muse.
i WILL make a a year or two...O_O;


RuKa: why don't you?


RuKa: FINE!!! ok, here it is!!!


race: BLACK AND PROUD!!! (InFiNiTy: should we have really told em' that one? RuKa: I think race is important. InFiNiTy: o_O; OOOOK, if you say so.)

age: 13!!! (RuKa: yep!!!)

fave color: (RuKa: black. InFiNiTy: SILVER, ALL THE WAY!!!)

fave food: (RuKa and InFiNiTy: BURGERS!!!)

what RuKa looks like: (RuKa: YAY!!!) black hair, brown eyes, wears nothin' at night but some pajamma shorts and a sports bra! (Ruka: THAT WAS A SECRET!!! INFINITYYYY!!!!
InFiNiTy: *runs away*)

what InFiNiTy looks like: (InFiNiTy: YEAH!!!) silver hair, golden eyes, (InFiNiTy: im so pretty! *cries*)wears a sign on the back of her butt that says *feels sooo good, makes you wanna slap yo' mamma!!!* (InFiNiTy: O_O WHAT?!? RUKAAAAA!!!! RuKa: *rents a plane and flys to africa*)

Fave shows!!!

Yugioh: (InFiNiTy: ALL THE WAY!!!)

Sailor moon: (RuKa: ^_^;)

Card captor sakura: (InFiNiTy: it's nice, i watch it sometimes...hell, ALL the time, maybe even 24/7...hmm... RuKa: o_O;)

Teentitans: (RuKa: YEAH!!! InFiNiTy: it's ok, i guess. but writing fanfiction's about it will be the fun part!!! *evil grin*)

Fave books!!!

Harry Potter: RuKa and InFiNiTy: YEAH!!! and that's the ONLY book we read. ^_^;

Fave games.

Kingdom hearts: (InFiNiTy: YEP!!!)

Crash bandicoot: (RuKa: ^_^;)

spyro the dragon: (InFiNiTy: the hell? RuKa: heheheheheh!!! InFiNiTy: i swear!)


RuKa and InFiNiTy: YEAH!!!!

RuKa: well...we like to do...


InFiNiTy: they get the point. we accept anonymous reviws!

RuKa: and are fiction's are mostly rated pg-13 to R!!! OK THAT'S ALL!!!

InFiNiTy: finally! wait? pg-13 to R?

RuKa: ^_^;; to be on the safe side, i know how you write. hehe. that's our bio!!! we will be writing fanfiction's soon that you can say-

InFiNiTy: SiLeNcE!!!! (her mystical power word to silence anyone for 5 mins! watch out!!!)

RuKa: O_O!!!

InFiNiTy: NOW, to tell the world RuKa's most dark secret! MUAHAHAHAHAH!

RuKa: O_O!!!

InFiNiTy:. . . . . .JUST KIDDIN'!!!

RuKa: x_X;;:

InFiNiTy: BYE EVERYONE!!! you will be expecting funny stories soon!!! *waves* ^_^!

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