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Author has written 3 stories for Pokémon, Rise of the Guardians, Teen Titans, and Frozen.

I guess I should fill this space and maybe I will in the future, for now I don't know what to write :P but you are probably here to learn more about me so... My Tumblr is midnight1339, same as my pen name, not my user name.

Anyway, if you are wondering about my stories...

Teen Titans, Meta Warriors is complete, as it says but I will address that guest anon here in case I never update Season One again. Beast Boy is not a My Little Ponies fan, Menagerie was the name he had in a cannon, AU version of the Teen Titans comic books in which he could only turn into mythical beasts.

Teen Titans Meta Warriors Season One is quite obviously on hiatus. I have started the next chapter but it's really long and not even close to being done. I have no beta and when I think about how I kind of failed and how I'll have to start keeping up the updates when I do post the next chapter... Well it's very daunting. I also lost the data I had on who has which Pokemon, I have to work on getting it back but it's going to be a pain and I don't think I have time at the moment.

I do hope to get back to this story and I have a lot of ideas, several of which include legendary Pokemon which I am very excited to write, but I don't want to botch them. I think I need to learn how to write shorter chapters first. I was going to do an episode a chapter (my own episodes) but if I break it up I might be able to focus and update again. I don't know though, I need to focus on my new story first.

Dreaming Disney, A Super Six AU is my latest creation and I have no intention of dropping it. Then again I didn't plan on losing my grasp on Meta Warriors either so oops. To those who reviewed that I should update quickly, mere hours after I posted, thank you. I know there are a lot of High/boarding school AU's out their for these guys but many of them were missing things to me. Mostly trivial things but will be in my version nonetheless. So again thank you, even though I would continue writing this story, it's nice to know some people like it. The same goes to those who favorited and/or followed me, Thank you.

Anyway, to those begging for an update, chapter four is done, it just needs the Beta needs to finish reading it, then I will update. Or after a week, whichever comes second sorry ;P. You guys are great but, again, I have a problem with writing long chapters and I don't want to go insanely long without updating you so I'm forced to do it this way to keep myself motivated. To prove my point, chapter 1 is 4786, chapter 2 is 6211 and chapter 3 is currently 8955 words long. Also I'm REALLY bad with commas so the Beta is really necessary. Also, chapter five is almost done but it's not nearly as long as 2 and 3 so I'm getting better... But if the long chapters continue I may have to start waiting a week and a half.

Chapters 6 and 8 will probably be doosies.

Some people have been wondering when Jelsa is going to happen. I promise, they will meet in chapter 8, technically chapter 7 but that's going to be an author's note. Just hang in there, it's coming, I swear. I do love them and while they will probably take up the majority of the story, I really don't want the focus to be solely on them.

Also, to Shimmer Shine, I also love Jelsa, it's one of the reasons I'm doing this. But you have quite the wait ahead of you. Just keep reading and you'll get there eventually, I promise.

In conclusion, if you guys have any questions you can PM me but if they're about the story I'm probably going to tell you to read on. I know there was a lot unsaid in that last chapter but all things will be explained in time.

Wow didn't think I'd write that much. It's totally because I'm procrastinating :D. Not the stories but my home work. Although I won't work on the stories until my homework is done so... yeah that too!

Finally, if you guys want to review, I live for them. I have been updating the "moderate reviews" every day just to make sure so please review if you want to/have time. You know, that'd be great.

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