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Whatever reason you're visiting my profile for, welcome! I'm phantomlaytonR, my username obviously tells that I like Rhythm Thief and Professor Layton. I like Sonic the Hedgehog too. Here's my fan character's bio, also my fan character's look is my profile pic for now.

SkyWing the Hedgehog bio:

A black hedgehog with blue stripes on his spikes and rings around his wrists was born one day. His family had a tradition--Once a hedgehog was skilled enough to defend his/her self, he was set free and got seperated from family. SkyWing was born so powerful already that he was set free while he was only 1 years old. 16 years later SkyWing is 17 years old and has no clue who he is or what his name is. An Echidna named Phantom the Echidna(also a fan character, who is black and red with white gloves and blue stripes on his legs) found him laying in Green Hill Zone and they befriended. SkyWing explained how he has no clue who he is. Phantom went around sneaking into labs to get some data on SkyWing, and found out about his family's tradition and SkyWing's name and other personal data. Phantom tells SkyWing all about what he had found, and now SkyWing is Phantom's best friend and they always go on adventures.

SkyWing the Hedgehog abilities:

Can fly past the speed of sound

Stun enemies with a 10 second stare

Shoot a blast from each hand

Go invisible for a duration of time

All Chaos moves

Spin Dash and Spin Jump

Boost and Jump Boost

Power Rings(Last resort all out full power attack)

Can sense enemies or objects within 10 miles

Can also Teleport

So enough about SkyWing and Phantom.


Lets go over deleted fanfics!

Deleted Fanfics of phantomlaytonR:

Video Game Tournament. Reason: To many haters. HATERS GONNA HATE!

School kid James:Ace Attorney. Reason: The thought about kids solving actual bank robberies and murders seems a bit out of hand.

Yeah, so um. I guess that's about it. Peace to the peoples!



My name is now KnucklesNSonic. I still like Rhythm Thief and Layton, so don't worry. It is still Phantom LaytonR!