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Hi! I'm Zutaraforeveryay,but you can just call me Noriko, my OC's name.

Favorite Anime: Yumeiro Patissiere,Tokyo Mew Mew,Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, and Mermaid Melody,Among others.

Favorite TV Shows:Adventure Time, Avatar:Last Airbender

I do commissions and i'll review if you want me to:D


I Trusted You

1. Azula Prison Pictures

2. Jien. :D

3. Azula's traveling clothes.

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I SHALL DOMINATE THE EARTH!!!! Oh, and if you're wondering? I'm part Azula.

Azula went crazy for a reason, A few words to explain?:

Imagine, being abandoned by your only friends,
Because they like your brother more than you,

Your own Mother thinking you were a monster,
Then leaving,

Your dad is the only one who you think loves you,
But your just a pawn in his plans,

So the only way you could make yourself feel good,
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My favorite shippings are Zutara, Taang, and Sukka. I don't bash unless you make me mad.

And P.S. I'm the Review Monster. Like Cookie Monster, only WORSE.

This is Noriko, signing off, and remember, take over the world!>:D

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