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Stay a while and listen!

Hello, I’m your normal 20 year old kid who likes anime, like it wasn’t painfully obvious… My interests go in all directions, which could reflect on my fics… I like… a lot of immoral, socially-unacceptable or just taboo things… sue me.

I didn’t approach this site because I’m really enthusiastic about showing my terrible writing skills or anything… or do I dream of becoming one in future. I’m insomniac….

When you dive into my works you must know what my primary theme usually is – madness that is, each and every form of madness. Sometimes my madness is for sheer laughter, it’s generally put in innocent way, but sometimes it can take a route you may not like. I won't say I'm mad or anything, no matter what that doctor sad... I take my pills seriously. And please, never, absolutely never take me seriously.

What I’m currently working on:

The Perfect Pilot – story of non-manly, non-righteous Ikari Shinji with mouth dirtier than porn star doing the same thing Ikari Shinji from series did… I guess. It’s mine, I can do whatever I want… I really like where this is going. I may lack a beta, but I’m still pleased with this. I mean I received so much positivity on my first work. I feel really good about this so I’ll really try-hard with this one… but not too much.

Crimes I’ve committed against this site:

Kaworu's Magic Pills - Story so shitty that you’ll find yourself asking if the reading it was even worth it. You will demand your 10 minutes of life back. This is not reverse psychology, sadly. A friend from my native Eva community asked me if I dared to write something shitty, Kaworu based and publish it. So, I did. I really wanted to make something of it, so I actually did some characterization at the start. I even used spell-check – super serious stuff. Then I kind of fucked up the beginning but continued anyway… and ended up in the worst situation possible. I just added some sloppy humor and marked is as a job-terribly-done. Read if you dare…

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The Perfect Pilot reviews
You know how it goes – same old story, quite different Shinji. Instead of righteous and manly, I went with rational and… ugh…I don't really have a proper word to describe Shinji that can say 'fuck' in 20 different languages. :3
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