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Hello there everyone. My name is Meru and this is my profile. Here you will find a guestimation of when I will or will not be posting certain stories, as well as a little news reel.


9/27/07 - I keep telling myself that I'm going to post the next Necessary Affections chapter, but I've found myself falling asleep on my bedroom floor with my face nestled right in the binding of my latest SAT II study book. I'll get to it. I just need to get half way through October.

7/31/07 - I had thought that I would have posted my latest chapter to Necessary Affections by now. However, that plan had been made before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It took me a week to even look at fanfiction, let alone try and write it, so I was a little cut short in my attempt to return to writing bliss. But I am back on the horse (with tears in my eyes) and am doing my best to keep going. I should be done rereading (in detail) soon and (while balancing my summer homework) I should have a new chapter up relatively shortly.

7/11/07 - Congrats to the people who got to see Harry Potter and the Order and the Phoenix. I was not one of them. In other news, since my terrible year of schooling is finally over, I've entered into that wonderful time called summer where the possibilities are endless (ie, i can do a lot more writing). The fact is, during the school year I have little to no time to do anything involving the words free and writing in the same sentence. I can write a darn good essay but I'm out of practice in the story department. Also, the question "do I need a beta?" has become rhetorical. I need a beta.

1/4/07 - A few days ago I had started on chapter 19 of Necessary Affections, however after doing a careful Q&A with myself, I decided that I hated how the chapter was turning out. I was straying away from the ambiguity that the story is characterized with and was moving back into blatant statements. So now I'm rewriting the chapter. At least it's improving, although I think I made need a beta.

1/1/07 - I can't believe it's already 2007. Another year gone by. I suddenly realized how behind I was in my fanfiction and am trying to get back to it. How stupid, right? Although I cannot promise too much, suddenly real life obligations have gotten the better of me.


Discovering Yoko- A story about how Hiei and Kurama met (although there is a real story... I just didn't know it until after)

More to life- a song fic... KenshinxKaoru... but not really, cuz it's only a song length long.

Silver lining- a story about Kai falling in love (that's what everyone writes about) What Now Is Gone- A Harry Potter fic, one shot. Harry thinks back on who he's lost over the years.

Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket - Tohru is thinking about her time at the Sohmas

Truth or Dare - A Fruits Basket story where you don't know the narrator. It's funny how one question can change you forever.

What is now Gone - Harry Potter thinks about what he has lost since his birth

Pebbles on the Water - A one shot that I have grown increasingly proud of for some reason. Draco goes for a walk and sees Harry sitting by the lake. It's a short one shot too, so it's easy to read.

Christmas in a Snow Globe - A one shot about peace in the middle of fighting. It's using an OC, but it isn't a pairing, I promise.

In the middle of:

Necessary Affections by CottonTail - CottonTail said she wouldn't be able to finish this, so me and my team of writers have eagerly taken up the task of restoring it to its former glory. It should be up here nearing the end of summer. We just want to get started first. Here is the summary: Harry becomes ill and doesn't understand why. Snape knows the answer.

1000 Paper Cranes - An attempt at writing 1000 short stories and drabbles about Harry Potter.

Coming soon:
The way things should be- (I dunno when this is coming either) a sequel to silver lining. Aura comes back, but trouble comes with her.

Project Eulogy - A project done with a group of authors where we take a story, pick a character, and write the perspectives of other characters during his funeral. Presently collecting for Harry Potter's funeral. (See the forum for more information)


Urameshi's 11: Based off of Oceans 11, it's about Yusuke Urameshi and his band of con-artists who want to steal from the biggest casino in LA: the Makai.

Black Heart Rising- FINALLY A NAME! (We came down to Black heart rising and dark heart rises -)It's someone else's idea, I just write it and fix it up. Yusuke becomes power hungry and decides to destroy and conquer(sp?). Hiei, in the meantime, has become stronger, and is the only one up to the challenge

What Matters More- Kurama goes to Israel on a mission. While there he meets an old friend and a new one that could potentially tear the team apart.

Harry Potter and the Staff of Slytherin- Wheee! I'm doing well with this one! It's doing better than black heart rising and Discovering Yoko, and that's saying something. It's an HP story where Harry's friend comes back into his life. This friend seems to be connected to a lot of strange happenings. What is her real secret? (dun dun dun)

Vicarious Life by Switch - This might show up in Switch's account. She said she didn't want to continue this, so the team is taking up this task as well. It might be appearing in her account though. Keep an eye out for it as time goes by. Here's the summary:One incident leads to another causing a horrible situation. Slash, angst, humor, mpreg; HxD Updated, kinda...

Walk Along a Spiral- The magic is going out of the wizarding world and everyone is in a panic. Harry had left the magical world behind after his graduation of Hogwarts, and when Draco shows up on his door step, begging for help, what is Harry to do?

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Necessary Affections reviews
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