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Joined 10-28-12, id: 4331155, Profile Updated: 10-28-12 precisely am I supposed to write here? o.O

Oh well, I suppose I'll ramble...

I'm currently at school, in england, living out my monochrome life like the majority of the population. I do what most people my age do- sit at home on my computer, slowly transforming into an internet-dependant zombie. Unfortunately I lack the effort to do anything about it either- I'm already absorbed in the alluring world that is the internet. I also go on fanfiction from time to time (quite obviously by the fact I have a profile) normally to read random fan-fics (and I have to admit, a lot of that is yaoi- as, regrettably, I am a yaoi-crazed fangirl at heart) and who knows, maybe I will try writing some myself? By the way, I may also turn into an english grammar nazi and attack unsuspecting writers to aggravate everyone- so I'm just warning you in case I go out of control.

Sadly this is my first real experience on a website such as this- I'm not very good at forums and the like...-.- so If anyone actually reads this, (which I highly doubt, as I'm not really going to do anything worth attention on this site) please don't scream at me for whatever reason, 'kay?

Antitheus- your everyday, yaoi-crazed school girl _