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Gender. Male.

I like. Books, movies, music, politics, sports, traveling, meeting people, arts, museums, and philosophy.

Dislikes. Idiots, ignorance, weakness, profiteers, people who do not comply with the laws, popular culture, sensationalism, and corruption.


I love reading fanfiction to Harry Potter, Bleach and Naruto.

My favorite pairings of Harry Potter are. Harry / Bellatrix Lestrange Harry / OC Puro Blood Harry / Astoria Greengrass Harry / Daphne Greengrass Harry / Pansy Parkinson Harry / Hestia Carrow Harry / Flora Carrow Harry / Luna Lovegood Harry / Narcissa Malfoy Harry / Morag MacDougal Harry / Mandy Brocklehurst.

My favorite characters from Harry Potter are. Harry Potter / Bellatrix Lestrange / Gellert Grindelwald / Narcissa Malfoy / Luna Lovegood / Salazar Slytherin / Astoria Greengrass / Rowena Ravenclaw/ Amelia Bones.

Characters in Harry Potter, I do not like are. Ron Weasley / Dean Thomas / Lucius Malfoy / Dolores Umbridge / Cho Chang / Albus Dumbledore / Hagrid / Family Dursley / James Potter / Peter Pettigrew.

Houses at Hogwarts that I like most, are the order. Slytherin / Ravenclaw / Gryffindor / Hufflepuff.


Challenges of Harry Potter.

Disclaimer. I do not own Harry Potter or any of its associated characters; All rights belong to JK Rowling.

Because of an error: A Harry Potter Challenge.

Storyline. A choice. For fear of seeing your child be killed by Death Eaters in fury for the defeat of his master, James and Lily Potter with the help of Dumbledore decided to leave Harry Potter at the door of Dursley family home with only a note hoping to see her beloved son protected. That's all it took the child of prophecy go the way of darkness, and that would revolutionize the world of magic British and European to its former glory. Now eleven years later, Harry James Potter is ready for Hogwarts. Harry is full of plans and with his soul plunged into darkness, he hates the Muggle world and its rotten culture.

Rules. Dark Harry. But you can turn Harry into a gray character after the fifth year. Although, Harry must be ruthless with his enemies.

Harry is a member of Slytherin house. In the first year students of Slytherin will be neutral in relation to Harry, including Draco Malfoy. From the second year, Harry will start to gain recognition within the Slytherin. During the tournament tri wizard, Harry will be considered the prince of Slytherin (resulting in Harry form alliances with some pure blood students from Durmstrang school). From the second year, Harry, Theodore Nott and Daphne Greengrass will be known as the silver trio of Slytherin. The Greengrass family will be a dark family in this story (They are related to the Lestranges and Malfoy). In the first and second year students will be concerned only with friends and his studies, from the third year, students must start creating alliances of power and politics.

Harry will be strictly similar to Tom Riddle when he was the same age. Harry does not like to lose or is in second place. Harry does not believe in love or friendship, he only believes in power, and will use every means possible to grow strong in magic power and political respect. Although Harry in the fourth year, will understand that sometimes it's good to have friends, girlfriend, and a little confidence in its allies.

Harry absorbed the Horcrux when he was eight, after being hit by a car and stay in a coma for six months the dark power of Tom's Horcrux, mixed to the magical power of Harry resulting Harry's magic achieve a magical maturity, Harry ends up winning skills as natural Legilimency, understanding and advanced calculation of magic, and magic without the use of a wand . Harry had a miserable life, but when he realized he could control the minds of Dursley, he began using Legilimency to its advantage, bringing comfort to your life in the home of his hated kin.

Guidelines. Britain is living an internal cold war.

For territorial, economic and ideological reasons, sometimes causing armed conflict for political control between three different groups within Britain. many reasons to be behind this war, including the struggle for power, economic motivations, the imposition of ideas or culture, the confrontation between social causes, and ethnic reasons.

The three groups are.

The group led by Dumbledore having followers as Family Potter, Weasley Family, Diggory, Tonks Family, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, some Aurors, more than half of Muggle students, Minerva McGonagall, and others.

The group led by Voldemort having followers as Family Malfoy, Lestrange, Family Flint, Avery, Carrow, Yaxley, Crabbe, Goyle, Peter Pettigrew, Giant, Werewolves, and other creatures.

The third group consists of Families as Nott Family, Greengrass, Zabini, Parkinson, Bulstrode, Higgs, people like Amelia Bones, Harry Potter, and among others (This group will fight against the political and economic corruption, they will fight against the destruction of magic culture, they will fight against contamination of the culture of Muggles in the wizarding world. They will fight for the right to use black magic, they will fight for the right to organize wizard festivals in Britain as Samhain, and will fight for a strong Britain, and independent). Harry will become the leader of the group after finishing the seventh year in Hogwarts.

There may be internal dissent between the groups if you want.

James and Lily Potter had twin daughters, they will attend Hogwarts, during the third year of Harry. The twins are two years younger than Harry. Harry will be forced to live with the Potters until the fifth year after returning to the magical world, after achieving emancipation by Peverell line during the fifth year, Harry Potter leaves the mansion, and change its name to Harry Peverell.

Harry will be cold with their parents, and indifferent to her sisters.

Is Forbidden. Bashing on any character. Explicit material. Harry good.

Pairing. It has to be between these options, Harry / Daphne Harry / Pansy Harry / Astoria Harry / Susan Bones or Harry / Morag MacDougal. Any of these options are valid for pairing.

Me sends a PM someone who is willing to accept the challenge.


Challenges of Harry Potter.

The boy who survived Machiavellian: The Harry Potter Challenge.

Plot. Lily Potter had been called many things in his life, but stupid was not one of them. Lily saw the glow, in the calculations Dumbledore's eyes every time he looked at Harry in the meetings of the Order of the Phoenix. That was the moment she failed to consider her husband James, and when she began to adopt his plan.

What no one knows, nor James, is that Lily has a secret of family, Lily was adopted by the family of Muggles Evans after be kidnapped from their biological family, by enemies of their parents and sent to a British orphanage. The real name of Lily, is Morgana Grindelwald. Lily is the granddaughter of the dark lord Gellert Grindelwald, she discovered his ancestry three years before Harry was born after being called by Gringotts, and meet a supremacist family of Greece, who were allies of their biological parents, and were loyal followers of his grandfather Grindelwald .

Aware that she is likely to die in the war against Voldemort, and afraid of greed that Dumbledore has on your child, Lily decides to get in touch again with this Greek family, and both agreed in the case of Lily's death, they will be responsible for Harry. The night Lily and James were killed and Harry received his scar, the patriarch of the Greek family, arrived in Hollow Godric first of what Sirius and Hagrid taking Harry with him to Greece where he would be created by a very dark family, but, while loving.

Rules. Dark Harry / Harry supremacist / ambitious Harry / Harry Traditionalist / prodigy Harry / Harry Resourceful / smart Harry / Handler Harry.

Harry is a member of Ravenclaw house, and will immediately friendship with Perseus and Lyra Black twins, that were selected for the Ravenclaw (OC son and daughter of Bellatrix Black, Bella discovered after their children have been born, that Voldemort was not a pure blood of fact, she gave up to follow Voldemort. Although Bella will still be a supremacist of blood. Bella did not follow the Lestranges brothers to Longbottom mansion, which resulted in the death of her husband and brother in law, and in good health, and survival of the parents of Neville).

A month before going to Hogwarts, Harry will give an interview explaining that he was living with known biological family of his mother in Greece, it will inform you that your mother is actually a pure blood. Harry will not say that Lily is the granddaughter of Grindelwald.

Guidelines. Harry is addicted to black magic / Bellatrix is the head of the Black family.

Most members of the Black house are alive. Sirius was arrested as happened in the canon. Handler and meddlesome Dumbledore, but not evil. Neville was raised by his parents, he will take the place of Harry in Gryffindor.

Harry hates Dumbledore, have lived with a family of followers of his grandfather Grindelwald, is even understandable. Harry hates the culture of Muggles. Harry is a friend of Luna in Ravenclaw.

The Horcrux in scar Harry was destroyed. Harry does not have much respect for wizards and witches of British thoroughbred, Harry is aware that Voldemort is halfblood, Harry despises them whenever possible, they follow a Half Blood. The majority of the British population still thinks Harry is the symbol Light, Hero, the golden boy and apprentice Dumbledore.

Is Forbidden. Bashing on any character. Explicit material. Harry good.

Pairing. Harry / OC Lyra Black.

Me sends a PM someone who is willing to accept the challenge.


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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Angst - Chapters: 11 - Words: 125,272 - Reviews: 974 - Favs: 2,290 - Follows: 2,327 - Updated: 12/8/2011 - Published: 4/3/2010 - Harry P., N. Tonks
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Summary: AU Young Harry learns to steal as he is fed up from his deprivation of his wants and needs by his guardians. A Thief is born in Privet Drive.
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Harry Potter is dosed with Veritaserum by Dolores Umbridge. Afterwards his entire world is turned upside down. - Set during fifth year; Harry/Susan/Hannah
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AU, where nothing as simple as good vs. evil. A summer spent trapped in Number 4 and barred from contact with his friends leads to Harry accepting an offer to correspond with a Death Eater. The consequences of thinking for oneself are far reaching.
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Displeased with the future of the Child of Prophecy, The Shinigami interferes with his fate and by doing so, grants two people their deepest desires. One will gain the chance to raise a worthy heir, While the other will know what it feels like to have som
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 30,770 - Reviews: 347 - Favs: 268 - Follows: 255 - Updated: 6/11/2014 - Published: 8/20/2013 - Naruto U.
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