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Author has written 9 stories for Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Yes, most of my stories are time travel. I don't like to mess with the original timeline so I just make my stories a new one.

Also yes, I try to use as much canon as I can always. So I am a canon pairings writer.

I know I have been slow lately but I am still here, quite busy but still here. I will keep updating but it won't be fast, sorry. Also I think my covers can improve a lot, have a good idea of what I want but I am a terrible fan artist. If anyone is good doing fan art and wants to give it a try just PM me, I'll give full credit and maybe some good hints to where some things are going.

I want to thank all of the betareaders that are helping me with my stories:

-@Ana-DaughterofHades for her valuable help with "Back In Time: The Lightning Thief"

- @SilverySparks who is the current reviewer of "the War Hero". Also thnx to @Jetsun119, @WhoCanRemember and @RosaSilvermist who helped with the first draft of chap1 & chap2.

- @Ana-DaughterofHades and @LilyAmeliaGranger for the great ideas she's giving to "Ron Weasley and the Philosopher's Stone" as well as to @Ravenpuffer who helped me a while back with the first draft for the first chap

- @Inkzy and @Jayelyyn for helping with "Harry Potter and the Halfblood Weasleys"

- @PeridotPi for the help provided to "Harry Potter and the Gatekeeper's Book"

- @Inkzy and @Jetsun1119 for the great advice with "Harry Potter and the Son of the Legend. Also to @weirdnessunleashed who helped with the draft for the first chap.

-@Ana-DaughterofHades who is currently helping me with "James Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". And to @TheFreedomStock who helped me with the first draft.

- @TheMuggleBornPrincess for the help with "The Founders' Scroll". Also to @RosaSilvermist and @Fogira who gave valuable advices with the first couple of chaps.

-@TheMuggleBornPrincess for the help with "Harry Potter and the Waters Of Time"

I have heard that the disclaimer is irrelevant here but either way... I do not own anythings and thanks to Ms Rowling and Mr Riordan for giving us such amazing stories and characters. I might write occasionally about characters created by me but they will be set on someone else's world so not getting any use for them other than fun.

UPDATE. AUG 5. 2015. I have a lot of work lately to keep up with my stories so almost all of them are going to stop until Ihave the time to move them forward. There are 2 exceptions that I am making. @Ana-DaughterofHades is a marvelous reviewer and always quick to answer, the Percy Jackson story she's helping me with is almost entirely sketched... so that one will continue. @LilyAmeliaGranger is also a very good reviewer so I am going to stay with her for the meantime also. She's currently helping me fix some details about Ron Weasley and the Philosopher Stone, once that's over not sure if I'll ask her to help me with one of my other stories or if Ron Weasley part II is going to start. Hope you understand, I appreciate a lot the reviews but I just don't have the time right now.

UPDATE. SEP 5. 2015. So I have some new reviewers helping me. @WhoCanRemember is helping me with The War Hero, and @PeridotPi is helping with the Gatekeeper's Book. @Jayelyyn is helping with the Halfblood Weasleys and @Jetsun1119 is also aiding me with the Son of the Legend. Those are back on track, hopefully will get some new chaps sometime soon.

UPDATE. SEP 26. 2015. Maybe you haven't notice since I haven't published many new chaps lately, but I have been quite active in the last couple of months here. Mostly I have found reviewers for most of my stories and going through them with their help. I do believe the stories are improving considerably, in plot flow and readability.

This update is mostly to let everyone know that I'll be changing some minor things in some of them, this to fit the most recent changes to canon based on JK Rowling's comments. It's not like I will change the stories completely with every change, but I thought, since I am already going through them why not fix a few things here and there. The things I am more taking into consideration are:

-Ron leaves the auror department for a job at George's joke shop, around 2000. Ok, I'll try to change this for HP & the Gatekeeper's Book, actually I think it can work quite nicely. Don't think it will be difficult, to do the change for some of the other stories since they barely mention Ron's job. For RW & the Philosopher's Stone, I will adapt it halfway,... he is still an auror there but will put mentions to "George having offered a job... and that he is thinking about it..." still this story is set around 2003 and he is still an auror... so yeah small time inconsistency. Can't change that since Ron being an auror is crucial for the story, and changing the year would be a huge impact there.

-The Potters are an old pure-blood family, but not that pure, and their wealth is not that old. This one is the newest, it came with info about the real names of Harry's grandparents. This is a bigger change for me since I imagined the Potters' wealth as being quite old in my stories. In my chaps, I have a Potter manor, and a vault very deep in Gringotts... that will have to change for a big house (but new), and a big vault (but not that deep). Changes planned for the War Hero and the Gatekeeper's Book. Son of the Legend and others are affected too, but since the chaps affected haven't been published yet there's no such a big issue there.

Well, that's it for now. See ya!

UPDATE. MAY 29. 2016. Ufff been slow with the updates I know, sorry, been awfully busy. I'm still here though and going through a major revision for the War Hero since I'm planning on expanding it soon. Thanks to @SilverySparks who is helping me beta.

UPDATE. JUN. 10. 2016. Put most of my stories on hold. Working only on War Hero and Percy story at the moment. Sorry, too much at the same time.

Current Stories:

Ron Weasley and the Philosopher's Stone

Ron always gets thrown to the background and I'll try to make him meaningful without changing his character, he will be the same Ron being Ron. It will start as an AU set on 2003 but as you had guessed it will eventually deal with Time Travel. Hope to hear comments good and bad.


Harry Potter and the War Hero

Have beta. Going through the story at the moment.

Next Chapter: A Harsh Welcome (Ginny's POV)

Harry Potter and the Son of the Legend [ON HOLD]

Need to have a beta check the chaps that I have before I put new ones.

Next Chapter: Wardrobes, Whiskers and Wheezes (Hermione's POV)

Harry Potter and the Gatekeeper's Book [ON HOLD]

An unconventional time travel story. Working with travel to the future instead of the past, we'll see how that works. Harry's POV

Next Chapter: Skybox Number 5

Harry Potter and the Halfblood Weasleys [ON HOLD]

Time travel. Usually a lot of kids come from the future in other fics so decided to just use a couple of them.

Next Chapter: The Disinhibition Potion (Harry's POV)

Harry Potter and the Founders' Scroll [ON HOLD]

Time travel. GOF time.

Next Chapter: Missing Badges

James Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [ON HOLD]

Time travel to the future. POA time.

Next Chapter: A Trip Through The Future (James's POV)

Back In Time: The Lightning Thief

Unexpected time travel to the past

Harry Potter and the Waters of Time [ON HOLD]

Time travel to the first year. Cool twists. Harry POV.

Next Chapter: The Unexpected Visit

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