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Author has written 2 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter, and Avengers.

Once upon a time, I came upon the castle of Hogwarts, with passion and anxiety, i stepped through the doors of this menacing place. I was greeted stiffly by a young woman, and upon that, the students surrounded me in a large jumble. I tilted my head back and gazed up to the roof. More pushing and shoving, i felt my legs beginning to tip backwards. But I never hit the ground, instead, i could feel small arms holding my mid-back, supporting me. And it was then that i looked up, that i made contact with my enemy.

Hello, I'm Kira, but call me Neon/Fenrir. For a long time, I had always had ideas of stories i could write, but alas, my writing capability was poor and a simple sentence always had a mistake, However, Aging gains wisdom, and with said wisdom, i gained a higher quality of writing. I do hope you enjoy my stories and if you ever have constructive criticism do not hesitate to state it, as i, as young as i am, still am progressing into the higher stages of writing masters. I am taking requests(only up to 5 chapters) PM me anytime, I will answer late(Highschool) but I will try to write just for you. I'm very open minded so don't be shy to ask for your yaoi couples. The worst i could say is "I have never watched that" or "I refuse to write about femalexMale relationships)

Gender: Female, however you may call me he, him, his, you, fag, etc, i don't care.

Age: Old enough that i'm still in highschool.

Birthday: June 4

Location: Wouldn't you like to know?

relation: Pansexual

Religion: Pagan and Atheist.

Chronically depressed haha

Brand new Google Chrome mac book, i shall start writing as soon as possible.

Stories in progress: Welcome to poison; HaremXHarry potter, AU M, Multi-chap,On chapter 2

Into the woods; SlendyXJeff, M, One-shot, Word count: 1057

Dragons chosen; HarryXVoldemort/Tom riddle HarryXFenrir(Harry is uke), multi-chap, word count: Haven't started\

Interested?: HephaestusXPercy (percy is uke), Multi-chap, word count: posted(chapter 3 in progress)

So Here are some quirks from me.

I HATE: Idiots, poor story writers(no offence but, some of you really need to practice writing, like i know i'm not perfect either but no one should write like this: Character: ) Bad story line(Like a get all the shit like that but if you're going to write a story, stick with the story line!! I've seen people go off course way to many times.) Incorrect genre(Here i am reading about romance and all of a sudden a main character death with NO WARNING. Not even angst or tragedy, WTF people.) Song fics(Especially the really short ones) Genderbender(WHEN I SEARCH FOR A GUY AND ANOTHER GUY, I EXPECT BUTTSEX GODDAMNIT) Stealing(Like really people, are you so unimaginative that you steal someone else's story? pathetic.) Smoochers(People who kiss my ass, i will not accept that.) Flamers(Just because you say my story is bad, doesn't mean i'm gonna go stop and cry my eyes out, you don't know me, will never know me and if we do, prepare to get 10 years of kickboxing on your sorry ass) OC x A character(No no no no and no.) Hardcore yuri(I'm not very fond of the way people write it so no.) Bashing(For gods sakes do you hate the character that bad? It ruins the fucking story!)

I LOVE: Mpreg(Yup, i find it very appealing and might write it someday.) Crossovers(I really really love it, surprisingly, i'm not as picky.) Gore(As long as the main characters don't die then HELL YEAH GURO) Sex(Totally) Yiff(Not really love but i can totally deal) Hardcore yaoi(seriously) Softcore(dem cute moments)

I'm a really nice person, trust me, but get on my bad side and i'll be your worst nightmare. Seriously, laugh, but you'll regret it.

Legend of Zelda couples: GanonXLink(gonna write an au) LinkxDark link(any link color i don't care)

Pokemon: OMG RedxGreen

Yugi-oh!: YugixYami

Inuyasha: SessxInu(fucking cute incest)

How to train your dragon: ToothlessxHiccup/Human!ToothlessxHiccup

Harry potter:(A lot) TomxHarry/VoldemortxHarry, Fred/GeorgexHarry, SnapexHarry, SiriusxHarry, RemusxHarry, CedricxHarry, FenrirxHarry, LucuiusxHarry, DracoxHarry,DracoxRon(i'm so evil)

Avengers: LokixTony, ThorxTony, StevexTony, Science bros,(and maybe if i'm SO bored i'll read any other male couple)

Durarara: Shizaya(fuck ya'll i love it)

Super smash brawl bros: IkexPit, LinkxIke.

Homestuck: KarkatxJohn GamzeexKarkat, GamzeexTarvos, GamzeexDave(such a whore gamzeeHONK)

Hetalia: AmericaxEngland, FrancexEngland, RussiaxAmerica, RussiaxPrussia, RussiaxCanada, JapanxChina, GermanyxItaly, RomaniaxSpain, IcelandxGreenland(and a lot more.)

Fullmetal: EnvyxEdward, RoyxEdward, AlxEdward(Teehee incest)

Deathnote: LxLight(any uke or seme)

D-greyman: AllenxKanada(any uke or seme)

Kuroshitsuji: SebastianxCiel, LauxCiel, UndertakerxCiel

Code Geass: LelouchxSuzu(any uke or seme)

Loveless: SoubixRitsu

Percy jackson: NicoxPercy, HadesxPercy, PosidonxPercy(heheh) ZeusxPercy, AresxPercy, HepheastusxPercy(posted a story) ApolloxPercy, DionysusxPercy

Twilight: JacobxEdward

Creepypasta: SlenderxJeff, JeffxBEN, BenxJeff, HoddiexMasky.

Kingdom hearts: RikuxSora, TerraxVentus, AxelxRoxas(like best friend's fucking their younger friend in 3 generations)

Supernatural: Wincest, DeanxCastiel(either uke or seme) LuciusxSam(LOL)

Rise of the guardians: BunnymondxJack, PitchxJack

Thats about it.

If you're a skilled roleplayer pm me okay?


-Fenrir, prince of yaoi(i'm a girl btw)

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Interested? reviews
summary: Percy has a knack for building things, Annabeth notices this and asks her mother for guidance. However sent away, Athena talks to the only known person who warned her of this, Aphrodite. Together, She and Aphrodite will bring an odd pair together. Warnings inside.(I guess this is AU but maybe not? *shrugs*)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,872 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 62 - Follows: 85 - Updated: 9/18/2013 - Published: 9/3/2013 - Hephaestus, Percy J.
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