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ZeroLilyXXVIII: The official collaboration account of IXResoleon and AceThompson17.

ZeroLily on Deviant Art:


"Hello, everybody! IXResoleon here and welcome to our collaboration account! This is where our ideas will come to life in the hopes of making you guys have a good laugh and enjoy yourselves reading our stuff! We are very excited that you took the time to read our profile even though, it's not interesting to look at. So anyway, welcome to our collaboration profile and we hope you'll have a good time browsing through!" -IXResoleon

"Greetings. I'm AceThompson17 and welcome to our collaboration account. This is where we'll put our ideas together and hoping that it will come out good and enjoy reading our stuff. We appreciate reading our not-so-interesting profile. We hope you'll enjoy reading what we have here." -AceThompson17

About ZeroLilyXXVIII...

We're basically two humble people who write for fun and enjoy talking to each other very much. We met up in a forum owned by IXResoleon and we soon realized that we have similar personalities and ideas and we enjoy having conversations with each other. We've interacted with each other for about two months before finally deciding to make this collaboration account.

We came up with the name from combining the two distortion moves of Noel Vermillion and Rachel Alucard. (Zero-Gun: Fenrir for Noel and Baden-Baden Lily for Rachel) A little inspiration never hurts, right? Good? Good.

We are BFFs. In case you don't know, that means Best Friends Forever. We are not ashamed to admit that we love each other from the heart and we honestly don't care what you think of our love because we're not ashamed of ourselves for loving each other as best friends.

What else can we tell you about ourselves? We're very similar in many ways as we're extremely emotional and random. If you have a problem with randomness and dare to look down on us and belittle us for it then we can honestly say that you need to find a better hobby. That's another thing about ourselves, we're very easily offended and if you try anything with us, we're just going to block you, simple as that.

Our ideas are going to be basically random stuff like we said. Possibly, we're going to include our original characters in them and if you don't like stories with Original Characters in them, our stories might not be the ones for you to look at so here's your warning and please don't hold anything against us if we didn't say we didn't give you warnings. Because we did and chances are, we're going to tell you in our author's notes of the stories we write.

So here some things we've listed that you can expect from us. They are as follows:

-Good attempts at writing.

-If we see constructive criticism that we think is worth noting, we'll take it into consideration as we make more stories together.

-We will try our best as to not make our Original Characters stereotypical Mary-sues that people frown upon. We will try our best to make our Original Characters, if they're included, a necessary addition to the story but not make it the very thing the story revolves around. We know how it works, trust us.

-Humor, because that's what random is.

However, there are somethings you can't expect from us. They are as follows:

-Review your stories (It makes no sense to review as a group when we can just do it on our solo accounts on our own times.)

-Favorite your stories (Same reason as above.)

-Favorite authors (Again, same reason.)

-Answer PMs (Ask one of us on our solo accounts instead.)

-Alert your stories (Yet again, same reason.)

-Alert authors (Yet again, same reason.)

-Lemon (We don't think making love has any relevance to the plot, whatsoever unless it plays a part in revenge somehow.)

-Incest (We don't think it's right and it's just...frickin disgusting.)

So please be clear on that.

If, for any reason, you'd like to borrow our characters, ASK THE RESPECTIVE OWNERS FIRST ON THEIR RESPECTIVE ACCOUNTS FIRST! We cannot stress that enough. If we see that you are using our characters for any reason, without our expressed consent or if we refuse to give our consent to allow you usage of our characters, we will take great offense to this and will not hesitate to do whatever it takes so that you don't commit the same insolence again.

Fandoms we are likely to write for:

Blazblue (Boycotted and will be put on ZeroLily on Deviant Art)

Fire Emblem


Blazblue Story Links:

Mometary Talk (Ragna X Rachel Implied Pairing Material.) (One Shot)

IXResoleon "The best person to cosplay as is yourself."

Hello, everybody! I'm IXResoleon and I'm obviously a member of ZeroLilyXXVIII along with my partner and BFF, AceThomposon17. I LOVE playing Pokemon and Starcraft! I can't say the same for Blazblue because I suck at playing it but I am very good at writing stories for that fandom. I am very good friends with my BFF, obviously and I am looking forward to posting our ideas together. Ha, ha, ha!

Loves: Writing, Pokemon, Starcraft, Blazblue, AceThompson17, meat dishes, seafood, humor, love, water, living, Yu-Gi-Oh.

Likes: Computers, anime, manga, games, sleeping, dreaming, being random, constructive criticism, Yaoi, Yuri

Dislikes: Arrogance, being looked down upon, smart comments, not spending time with AceThompson17, loneliness, frustration

Hates: Flame, insults to AceThompson17, unreasonable harsh criticism, trolls, racists, chauvinistic people, bigots, homophobia, pedophilia, excessive gore, plagiarism of anything associated to my works, hate targeted at literature, people who shove opinions down the throat and claiming that it's the absolute golden rule.

Official Original Characters:

Name: Elise

Age: 14

Height: 4'2

Gender: Female

Skin Complexion: Pale

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Silver

Weight: 87 lbs.

Personality: Hyperactive, innocent, pacifist, loving, affectionate, loves makeup, loves to eat fruits, loves to ask questions, impetuous and silly.

Well, that's all about me! Thanks for reading!


AceThompson17 "Being yourself is being who you are."

Greetings. I'm AceThompson17 and a member of ZeroLilyXXVIII along with my BFF and partner, IXResoleon. I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. Especially Soul Calibur and Pokemon. Although I like Blazblue, I terribly suck at it. I'm very good friends with with my BFF IXResoleon, and I'm looking forward to posting our ideas together.

Loves: Video games, Soul Calibur, Pokemon, Music, IXResoleon, food, humor, friendship, random, parody, reading fandoms, Yu-Gi-Oh, favored pairings.

Likes: Writing, anime, manga, sleeping, Twitter, eating, dreaming, being random, constructive criticism, Yuri, Yaoi, liked pairings

Dislikes: Not spending time with IXResoleon, being looked down from others because they're better than me

Hates: Boredom, insults to IXResoleon, flames, racists, discrimination, being popular, incest, hated pairings

Official Original Characters:

Name: Jaypee Kaplan

Age: ?

Height: 5'4

Gender: Male

Skin Complexion: Tanned

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 100 lbs.

Personality: Innocent, shy, pervert, random, idiotic, clumsy, careless, loves video games, loves Yaoi and Yuri, loves listening to music, loyal to friends


Name: Athena Phoenix

Age: 21

Height: 5'6

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Violet

Weight: ?

Personality: Childish, loves contests, loves making contests, loves Yuri, loving, outgoing, friendly, sweet


Name: Chad Kaplan

Age: 16

Height: 5'4

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 100 lbs.

Personality: Cool, calm, collected, quiet, careful, loves video games, stubborn


Name: Rita Shinigami

Age: ?

Height: 5'4

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 100 lbs.

Personality: Loves messing with Jaypee, pessimistic, annoying, takes advantage of Jaypee's pervertness, arrogant

That will be all. Thanks for reading.


Miscellaneous Section!

Here's the thing. Because we're very random people, we like to put random stuff in our profile. So whatever we post, you'll know because we put our names beside what we post! Although something that Ace is going to be the one who'll be pasting a lot of stuff. Ha, ha, ha! Enjoy!

Chaosonic1's Youtube Profile for Pokemon: -Pasted by IXResoleon

Pokemon Team Builder!: -Pasted by IXResoleon

AceThompson17's Twitter!: - Pasted by AceThompson17

IXResoleon's #1 Favorite J-Pop Song: -Pasted by IXResoleon

AceThompson17's #1 Favorite Taylor Swift Song: - Pasted by AceThompson17

AceThompson17's #1 J-Rock Song: - Pasted by AceThompson17


"Well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for viewing our profile. We hope you got a kick or two out of our stuff and we hope you'll enjoy our stories to come! NO FLAME REVIEWS PLEASE! THOSE WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT SECOND THOUGHT! With that being said, enjoy our stories." -IXResoleon

"So, that's everything that we have with our profile. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Oh, please, no flaming in our stories. That's all." -AceThompson17

ZeroLilyXXVIII: The official collaboration account of IXResoleon and AceThompson17.

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