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Ohayou minna!

I am an ART enthusiast, a wannabe WRITER, and a MUSICIAN at heart.

I like writing fan-fiction stories based on anime's like 'Naruto'.

I hope to do more stories that are of good quality and story line.

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Q: Who is Icha-Icha girl?

A: Please read the damn profile at the top. Thank you.

Q: Are you a character of the Icha-Icha series?

A: Hell no!

Q: So why choose the name Icha-Icha girl?

A: As you all know Icha-Icha series is known to be a 'perverted' book in Naruto Shippuuden. The book is intended for 'mature' readers, just like myself who can handle delicate issues.

Q: Is that all?

A: Yes!

Q: Seriously, are you pretty?

A: I'd like to believe that I am...

Q: What did you ate this morning?

A: Nothing. Just a cup of coffee...

Q: Are you on a diet or something?

A: Not really... I just didn't have much appetite, that's all.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Teal, red, black, blue, gold, neutral hues and pastel colors

Q: Can you play any musical instrument?

A: Yes, the guitar.

Q: Are you good at it?

A: My skills are kinda decent. About average.

Q: Have you made songs?

A: Yes, but I never really jotted them down because most of it were silly.

Q: Do you have a band?

A: Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No, YES! LMAO!

Q: What's the name of your band?

A: Tear Here ... Hahahaha

Q: What's your position?

A: Mascot! :p

Q: Last video you watched on Youtube?

A: Ponponpon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Q: She's Japanese right? Do you listen to Vocaloid songs too?

A: Yes! Yes! Yes, I do!

Q: Who's your favorite Vocaloid character?

A: Megurine Luka. Though I like Gumi's voice more than Luka's.

Q: Are you as pretty as Luka?

A: No... She's way too gorgeous!

Q: Can I have your number?

A: You wish!

Q: Have you kissed under the fireworks?

A: No, but I'd like to experience it before my lifetime ends. I'd like for it to happen on Tanabata where we get to wear Yukata's. Oh, it's just so romantic!

Q: But you're not in Japan. You don't celebrate Tanabata.

A: I know... That's why I'm longing to experience it really soon.

Q: What curse word do you use the most?

A: Shit, fuck, WTH, WTF... Stuff like that! Lol!

Q: Are you really pretty?!

A: WTF?!?

Q: Name 5 famous people you want to meet before you die.

A: Michelle Phan, Kim Ha Neul, Jin Joson, Mauri of APOLON, and Mr. Nakanishi.

Q: Why them and not me?

A: WTF is wrong with you?!

Q: Flipflops or Sneakers?

A: Loafers

Q: Chocolates or candies?


Q: Dress or Skirts?

A: Jeans!

Q: What song would like to be played on your funeral?

A: Geez! I never thought about that... Maybe something fun and quirky, like "Fashion Monster" hahaha!

Q: If you had supernatural powers, what would it be?

A: Invisibility or the power of persuasion

Q: What is your motto?

A: No rice, no life... :P

Q: But you really are pretty, right?!

A: WTH?!? For the Nth time, YES! HAhahaha!

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