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Hello then.

I'm Xenia.

I'm a comic book nerd, and no one seems to understand how exactly that happened. (Marvel rules and reality drools.)

I've come to love anime, mostly because of the influence of my older brothers, and now I've been sucked into the never ending awesome that is Naruto. And, unfortunately/fortunately, I've been sucked into the vortex that is MultiSaku. Yes, yes, I ship Sakura Haruno with everything in that universe that I think is worthy of her awesome. And, no, I don't have anything against Ino, as other Sakura worshipers seem to be. I just see her as Sakura's best friend. Which obviously didn't happen much when they were about eleven but this is the fanfiction world. I can certainly do what I want.

I'm heavily into reading a lot of books, and therefore got into writing books as well. I've been pushed into writing original material because of my cousin and am now writing about three novels. Which is probably why I don't have enough time to really update on my other fanfics, and I would like to apologize to any of the readers of my fanfics because... well, it's inevitable that I'll keep you waiting. And add in the horrible bitch that is reality, with her school work and drama and issues and, worst of all, enforced social criteria. I am forced to be preoccupied until times like summer (where the heat is unbearable and the birds who usually chirp happily in the morning die early due to being suspiciously roasted to a crisp by the sun), sembreak (where students run wild and young and freaking free, well, unless you don't have any money. In which you are forced indoors because you have no allowance), and winter break (where everyone is jolly and feel the need to act like they're in High School Musical).

I like painting, and drawing. And singing, and I'm on my way to playing the guitar. Call me a full-fledged Janus, if you will. But, no, I am not like the annoyingly, well, annoying Jonah Wizard, even though he seems to have toned down the douche that is flailing inside him.

I have a lot of 'grammar nazi' moments, but I know I make mistakes in my stories too. Most likely because I only ever have time to write at night and, while I am always, always, not in my right mind when the sun goes down and the stars come out and all that counts is here and now, my universe will never be the same-- oh wait, that's a song. Got a little carried away, oops. Long story short, I write my fanfics while I'm all bleary-eyed and groaning like a zombie and I end up posting them during said moments of insanity and zero-presence-of-mind-ness. And I hope you would forgive me for such mistakes and also hope that you inform me of them before I see them for myself and start choking myself with self-loathing. It would be greatly appreciated.

I'm interested in photography and I like taking pictures of my friends, always with a theme (Red Riding Hood, 40's black and whtie, etc) and they seem to like turning it into their facebook banners and profile pictures.

I have two very annoying older brothers whom are both very prone to being douche-baggy and pricky, one ever present weird uncle who taught me photography, two parents who will never stop breathing down my neck until I graduate law school and a Slytherin cousin who'll help me go through my plans of world domination after she puts down her math text books and stOPS STUDYING FOR ONCE. -breathes in-

How does you look in real life?

Well, I'm pretty average. Medium length dark brown hair, an unfortunately tiny stature (I'm working on changing that very soon), big brown eyes (No, really. They're big. I've been told that I looked like a puppy because of them) and other body parts that obviously state that I'm female. I don't think you'd want me to break into details in that department, huh?

Well, then what's your age?

Asking a lady her age is rude, haven't you heard? I've got a bruise from the last time I've asked another female her age and I am sure you wouldn't want that to happen to you either. Be grateful that I'm not my grandma. You'd be a-cruisin' for some bruisin'.

Is that your real name?

That's top secret information. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

What's your favorite ship in the Marvel universe?

I actually adore Superhusbands, mostly known as Stony, or if you still don't know what that ship is, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark. Yes, yes, there is such a thing. And I'm particularly fond of Clintasha and Science Bros, consisting of Hawkeye/Black Widow and Tony Stark/Bruce Banner, respectively. Thorki's okay too, I guess. And SHIELD husbands, which consists of Hawkeye aka Clint Barton/Phil Coulson. HE IS NOT DEAD, OKAY? Nick Fury's just a liar. A liar with secrets. A liar who has secrets that has secrets that has more baby secrets. He's a pirate too. Those are the kinds you have to watch out for, the pirate liars.

What do you think of Twilight?

Oh, I shamefully admit that I have the whole set and have read every bit of it. Yes, Stephanie Meyer has her faults, but people shouldn't judge her for practically putting herself into a book series with a love interest like Edward Cullen, a lot of people have done it before (stares at the Twilight section of FF.net), and people should stop comparing Bella to Hermione. Twilight is a book set on romance, not the adventure and fantasy Harry Potter was built up on. And I am so not going anywhere near the cesspool that is Fifty Shades of Grey. Nope. Nada. Never.

Do you have a tumblr/twitter/facebook/blogger/DeviantArt/etc account?

Why, yes. Yes I do. Don't expect me to share them, though. I like keeping my private life, well, private.

Are you as socially awkward as you appear to be?

Um. Well. On a scale of one to Emily Owens MD, I'd say I'm... Neville Longbottom. Yeah, it's pretty tragic.

I'll try and update most of my stories as hard as I can. That's a promise right there.

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He breathed in again, looking at Peter in the eyes, "Now, son, I'm only telling you this part of our story because life can do terrible things." The tears pricked his vision, and he let them stay as he fiddled with his pencil with shaking hands, "You'll learn one day, I'll hope and I'll pray that God shows you differently." songfic Superhusbands Stony Superfamily Oneshot
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Found reviews
Bella looks for their meadow, and finds herself witnessing three superheroes ready to rip each other's throats. She, being the undeniable klutz, trips and hit her head pretty hard on a rock. The three heroes find her and Captain America himself decides to not leave her on the forest floor with extensive injuries, Tony's unwillingness be damned. DISCONTINUED. SEE AUTHOR'S NOTE.
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