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My name is Niam-Nouis-Larry-Lilo-Ziall-

I am a 19 year old male and I am homosexual. I ship all bromances as well as NOSH. I think the most realist are Niam and Larry.

Reasons for Niam: When ever Niall hugs Liam he hides his head in the junction of Liam's neck and when Niall cries (Hardly ever and all the boys hate it) Liam offers his shoulder to cry on. They are very close and are forever holding hands. Also Niall said 'I would rather sleep then get a girl' there was nothing about boys, I think Dani might be a cover up or 'Beard'. I think they would have a romantic relationship rather then a graphic one because I think Nialler might be a bit to innocent to be in a graphic relationship. He is A leprechaun after all.

Reasons for Larry: When at Interviews and things they are so comfortable around each other that they rub each others legs. Also when Louis had a tantrum (All the time and the boys find it entertaining except Harry) Harry is the only one to calm him down. All they do is have fun together like the other boys don't exist sometimes and like no one else matters. I think El might be a 'beard' too because they don't seem to like each other to much. I think the relationship would be more Graphic then romantic because they seem to touch each other alot... Also Louis is rather perverted because his audition piece was 'It's what you do to me' and he had that weird perverted smile of his.

The way my favorites go. 1. Niall, 2. Liam, 3. Louis, 4. Harry and 5. Zayn. This is because I just prefer Niall because he is Irish, not that I am but I have a similar personality so I think I would get on well with him. Don't get me wrong, I am not Racist, One of my best friends is Muslim and he is Awesome, and Zayn's voice is probably the best in the group, but I think if I was in the same room as him we might clash or I might hit him because people get on my nerves easily. I have this personality problem you see. One side of me is Nate and the other Nathan. Nate is calm and cool but Nathan is angry and can just hit anyone who gets on my nerves. I am mostly Nate, a bad singer who loves attention.

Food time: My favorite food has to be popping chicken from KFC, it basically all I eat in my flat for one. All I do is eat and yet I am still always hungry. Well I don't eat all the time because I still have to do my Uni course in medical, though I probably wont get a job because of my personality disorder and my other personality is dangerous I will still try. Sam doesn't give up, Samuel does but not Sam. I enjoy what I do so why not stick to it? I also have mild dyslexia so don't blame me if things are spelled wrong. Or worded wrong. Sorry I hate confusing you guys with my weird sentences but I love writing and it happens. Anyway, back to food. I also love chips and pizza and chicken wing (BBQ ONLY) I can't eat yogurt with Caramel in it, it makes me fell ill. I also can't eat mayonnaise unless it is mixed with chicken and sweetcorn. I love sweets and I eat them all the time and I don't get fat. Thank you fast metabolism, I can eat all I want and not get over weight

Things I love: Food, Anime, Manga, One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, District 3, X-factor, I'm a celebrity, Music, Robbie Williams, Candy (Both the song and food), Dark Chocolate, Algebra, Bones, men, Abs, Bleach, Fruits Basket, and lots more..

Things I hate: Bullies, people who lie, Caramel Yogurt, White Chocolate mouse, Being away from my laptop for a whole week (That happened once and I cried till I got it back that = a lot of tears), Ella Henderson, Ryland Clark, Drums (To loud for my poor ears) Bad music like Shaggy it wasn't me, that is just nasty, people shouldn't sing about cheating on people or sex, that just puts me off music.

Style: I'm your typical Scater boy as you will see in my profile pic. I'm gonna put on the pic I made into a sort of IPone thing at

Mr Manager First in series in Niall Horan Fanfic reviews
Niall Horan is one fifth of the worlds biggest boy band 'ONE DIRECTION'. And starting today they had a new manager. Mr Manager is Nathan Cowell, nephew of Simon Cowell. He has fomally managed Ed Sheeran and Mc-Fly and is a rather talented 22 year old. He started out at 16, instantly getting to manage Ed Sheeran. But Niall noticed something no one else did. He was metally unstable!
Misc. Tv Shows - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 916 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Published: 11/24/2012