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- "Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them - in order that the reader may see what they are made of." Kurt Vonnegut's 8 Rules of Writing -

(If you're wondering where I've been lately: I haven't been reading much fan fiction lately because there hasn't been much that interests me, and since reading other's fics gives me motivation to write my own, I haven't been writing very much. If I do post any more fics, it'll likely only be for The Door Home. I've tried working on Pray for Rain, but it's so slow going I'm not sure I'll even finish one more chapter.)

Here's me: female, 31, half-Japanese, half-American, Loki-obsessed, Avengers-obsessed, crazy Vulcan.

So, here's what I like: Loki, Avengers, h/c, Loki-whump, angst, Thor/Loki bromance, overprotective!Thor, pre-Thor!Loki, adventure, scary stuff, did I mention whump? Did I mention Thor/Loki huggles? No? That too, big time. Humor's great, so is drama, crack is fine if well-written. And, y'know, LOKI.

Here's what I dislike (hate is such a strong word, init?): romances (I've liked maybe two romance fics), OCs (I just don't care for them in fanfiction, I'd rather see these original characters in, well, original fiction!), "canon" OCs (like Sigyn), kid!fics (like when Loki/the Avengers become children/babies), tragedies, MPreg (I do have exceptions, tho), excessively AU stories, and...Lokane. I'm not sure why this ship kinda annoys me, lol. Reading ThorxJane (Thane?) doesn't have the same effect. LokixSigyn kinda irritates me, too.

And since I've been reading fanfics for a good long while, it was inevitable I eventually would begin to hate some things, so here's that list: fem!Loki (loathe might be a better word), Mary Sues.

So why am I blabbering on about what I like/dislike? I've always personally hated getting 5 chapters into a story and then realize I dislike the story because of the way it's written, or the content, or that Mary Sue that popped out of nowhere, etc. So here's me telling what you're likely (or not) to find in my fics. :)

(Bolded words for your convenience ;)
To that end, here's some things that you might wish to know before reading any of my stories.
I don't write smut, but I may write some trigger-y things, like non-con (but I don't like getting explicit) since I like angst. Torture is a definite possibility, although how graphic I get will depend on the story. Even so, hurt/comfort is my bread and butter, so don't feel too bad for the characters. They'll (hopefully!) get better soon. Pretty much all of my stories will be Loki-centric, but I like all of the Avengers. Other than h/c, my favorite thing to write is Thor/Loki bromance. So to sum up, all my stories will have some element of h/c or Thor/Loki bromance. However, I don't want to box myself in so there may be exceptions.

Also, I always give warnings. If not at the beginning of the story then at the beginning of the chapter. I hate spoilers but I know some people don't like being surprised by some things.

In case all of that doesn't give you an accurate picture of my tastes, here are some of my favorite stories (not really ordered in any way):
everything written by Takada Saiko & Gabrielle Day (bromance FTW!)
LulaMadison's 'Teamwork series'
Rehabilitation and sequel Family - by YIWT (potentially my favorite story on here)
A Villain State of Mind - by Mikkeneko (superbly written and quite unique)
Stitched Up - by brokenunicorn
Shawarma for Loki - by Kagetora no Tsume
With Friends Like These - by Padaloki (previously Sergeant Hiddles)
Helpless Monster - by theangstmachine (nice username, ehehehe)
Syrgja - by Lady Charity (I don't think I can acknowledge your existence if you haven't read this story)
A World Apart - by deanandhisimpala (one of the few that combines h/c and humor successfully; one of the funniest I've ever read. Yellow Face!!)
Silence is the Loudest Cry - by MarionTheEvilLibrarian
From the Heart In Exile - by rockpaperscissor
Tony Stark's Tower of Terror - by Alitote (it doesn't match my usual tastes, but I love this story so much; good fun plus Halloween = me likes)
How the Mighty Have Fallen - by MistakenMagic (I put this here as an example of a romance plot that I actually like; and I like the story besides)
Fangirl'd - by Flame Within Ice (just LOL)
Hospitality - by Mikkeneko (combines adventure perfectly with angst; an awesome three-shot)
In the Hours Before Waking - by PastelWinter (definitely a favorite, if only because it reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe's work; wonderfully creepy)
A Father's Love - by Padaloki (love this so much. No other words necessary)

Story I have a love-hate relationship with: Capturing Starlight by Shi-koi. Read just the first chapter and tell me you kinda wish you hadn't read it. I'm convinced the author likes TORTURING EVERYBODY IN EXISTENCE...especially us readers. It's like Million Dollar Baby all over again, ugh. Still, very well-written.

On Fallen Star by Alydia Rackham: Why is it not listed in my "favorites" section above? Well... Let's put it this way: I really think the story is great, well-written, all the good stuff. Even so, it's simply not my cup of tea. It's one of very few straight-up love stories I've actually read and liked (probably for the angst and adventure bits). But! It's still not anywhere near my preferred genres. (I also consider Lokane one of my NOTPs).

You know what annoys me? When really awesome stories, that have been out for months, don't get enough reviews. Sometimes, I read them and I'm like "WTF?! This story is awesome, why no love?" For some reason, I'm just weird and I get angry (or mock anger, whatevs) at the injustice of great stories being unrecognized! Bah! Blasphemy! So here's me trying to fix that a lil' bit. (So if you're a lurker like me, only here to peek at my "Favorites" section for stories you might like, hope you like this section of my profile!)
Thus, to the under-appreciated, I salute you!

First, the one-shots, because let's face it, people just don't review one-shots:

If I Fall, I'll Fall Apart by hana-akira - I really have no idea what to say about this story, other than: WOW. (it's too good to have so few reviews)
O Blessed Abyss by KungFu Jedi - This story is just...unique. Hilariously clever with superb dialogue.
Sleipnir by cip - One of the few instances where I didn't mind the mpreg; very well done, and even mythology canon to boot! Very Thor/Loki bromantic.
Tony Stark's Tower of Terror by Alitote - This makes me roflmao every time I read it, and yet, so few reviews! You don't have to read it on Halloween!
From The Heart In Exile by rockpaperscissor - Without a doubt one of the best and most...thoughtful stories I've read. It's not for those of you with ADD, it builds slow, but like many things in life, it is very much well worth the wait.
How Two Asexual Gods Got By by madwriter223 - I seriously laughed the entire time I was reading this. If you want a good chuckle, give this a try.
Arrival of the Asgardians by Confused-But-Insouciant - prequel to A Good Man, but it has less reviews. I can't decide which one I like more, but that's probably because, despite both having humor, they're different in tone.
Hospitality by Mikkeneko - A three-shot and a retelling of one of the Norse myths, and quite expertly, too. It perfectly adapts the original story to work with the MCU, how many times has that been true? Definitely a favorite of mine.
From Mischief To Mayhem by T Stark - I really just feel like this one-shot needs more reviews. It's well-written and presents the 'Loki's not himself in the movie' idea quite nicely, and somehow more realistically than a lot of fics; I'm not even sure why, really.
In the Hours Before Waking by PastelWinter - an absolute favorite of mine, reminds me a lot of Edgar Allan Poe's work. I think there's not enough horror-centered fics out there and this one delivers exactly my type of horror (in more the old-fashioned sense of the word, it's not gory). Very unique.
The Forge's Heart by Rene Austen - "brilliant" doesn't quite cover this work but I have no words sufficient enough to praise it.

Now the multi-chapter ones:

Virtually everything by Takada Saiko (and co-author Gabrielle Day) - I am, of course, referring to their Thor/Avengers fics. Most of their fics are not one-shots, and yet they get reviewed about as often as them. I have no idea why this is. I actually need to review all their stuff I've read, but I didn't do it the first time around because I was too busy pushing "next chapter" to remember to do that. (Maybe that's what everyone's deal is, too?) I'm currently reading through their series again so I might as well remedy that this time around XD.

And We Fall, And We Rise by Lady Charity - gasp! something by Lady Charity is on this list?! Uh, yeah. That's my reaction, too. It has a good number of reviews, but imho, not enough to do this story justice. It's one of the most original ideas for a story I've seen, and it's as well-written as everything else she writes. So awesomely bromantic, Thor and Loki at their best.

Quite a few of LulaMadison's stuff - I don't care for everything she writes, but I'd venture a guess and say if you've been on this website for any length of time, there's a good chance you've read something of hers. I really think her 'Teamwork series' needs more love, it's such a great series.

Redemption by Ebonrune - Now this one is going out to all my fellow h/c/angst fans: have you read this story?? I'm not sure I've ever seen Loki written this way, but I find it quite endearing for some reason. It's...well, adorable and...kinda sad. The poor thing just seems so...hugable. Yes?

Well, I'll add more later...

About my stories


Let's Meet In the Middle, You and I - A one-shot, woo! I didn't think I would be able to write one-shots since I love long stories, but this little idea popped in my head one morning when I was still half asleep. A more detailed explanation of where I got the idea is in my A/N for the story (at the end).

This Grace Upon My Brow - Post-Avengers one-shot that came out of nowhere. Fairly short, kinda angsty.

Memories at the Back of My Mind - Sort of a 'shawarma scene' replacer, or maybe just an addendum to it (with some changes). Some Thor and Loki fluff with a bit of h/c. Just a little one-shot for fun.

Waiting for Perdition - angsty, whumpy, somewhat bloody, may-freak-you-out fic. Proceed with caution if you're faint of heart. Centers on Loki, Tony, with some Bruce. Post-Avengers.

This Battle, Won - Don't you just love one-shots that come out of nowhere? ;) Just a short one that's got some brotherly bonding. Pre-Thor.

Duty Bound, In Love and War - Pre-Thor. This is technically in the same continuity as This Battle, Won but since they have nothing to do with each other I think they're still one-shots. Those pesky not-related-to-TDW dark elves have captured Thor and Loki! Oh nos! Eh, yeah, some drama, whump, protective!Thor and other fun stuff here.

My Brother's Keeper - Post-Avengers. Poor Loki's always being silenced in some way, huh? Kinda different in this case. Some brofluff and confusion on Loki's part contained herein, because wthela is going on with Thor?

Point of Return - A "what if" fic that takes place during TDW.

Because You Stopped - Takes place somewhere between the Avengers capturing Loki, and Thor taking him back to Asgard. Something of a hypothetical "AU" extra scene. Pure bromantic h/c for the most part.

Longer stories:

*Important Note!: All of my multiple-chapter stories are on hiatus until further notice. Chapter 16 (an A/N) of Pray for Rain explains it better. My one-shots (and other shorter stories) may continue since I tend to write them at random.

Ex Nihilo (complete) - My first story! I have no idea why I decided to start with a horror and suspense story when my favorite genre is hurt/comfort. It's probably because I got the idea on Halloween and I thought it was an interesting idea, lol. A bit more gory than I usually prefer, but it's really just one part that's kinda gross (and let's face it, horror movies nowadays are way worse).

The Sanguine Wood (complete) - An adventure/hurt/comfort story that takes place long before Thor. Centers on Thor and Loki.

Pray For Rain (in-progress) - Post-Avengers, multi-chapter, h/c, angst. Loki, Thor, all the Avengers. Just my excuse to write Avengers/Loki in a domestic environment mixed with serious angst and brofeels. Might be a little disturbing if you think too much about it. (But really it's just an excuse to cram in as much Thor and Loki brotherly huggling as I possibly can XD. Shhh, don't tell anyone.) On indefinite hiatus.

The Door Home (series, in-progress, episode 2 completed) - Pre-Thor. Adventure, h/c, bromance, whump, fluff, creepiness, some humor, some angst- basically the kitchen sink of fics (centering on the first four of those). Features only Thor and Loki (which makes sense in context). This story is something of an exercise to see if I can write something while ignoring my perfectionism. Not to say it's not a real story, it is, but I'm writing it without being OCD about whether or not everything is perfect. It's a collection of "episodes", most in the 5-8 chapter range, that are tied together with a central story arc.

Line In the Sky - A very long multi-chapter story that has Loki and all of the Avengers. Action/adventure, some sci-fi elements, h/c, angst, Loki-whump, etc. Major trigger warnings attached. Please read them before trying this one out. On indefinite hiatus.

What Grows In Darkness (complete) - Pre-Thor Halloween special. The ol' creepy house in the middle of nowhere trick that Thor and Loki inevitably come across.

Ordinary Lives Seem So Dull (technically incomplete, but it works quite well as a one-shot) - A humorous, partly comic book inspired/partly AU fic with h/c, fluffy bromance, and ridiculousness. Features all of the Avengers. Reading the comic books gives me some crazy ideas, and really, Marvel had some hilarious stuff going on in the Thor comics back in the day so why not take them and amuse everybody with my own interpretation?

Upcoming stories:

Nihil Sub Sole - Started writing a sequel to Ex Nihilo. Not exactly in the same genre (ie not horror), but in the same continuity, at least (still has elements of suspense, though). If you've read Ex Nihilo, and you've got some questions pertaining to it that you'd like answered in the sequel, just PM me and maybe I'll work the answers into the next installment. (For a better explanation, see the edit I made to the end A/N on the epilogue of Ex Nihilo.) (Sadly, as of mid-2017, may not ever get completed, but maybe some day...)

I don't really care for putting one of those "If *insert whatever here* then copy & paste this into your profile!" things, so I'll just put this because I read way too much fan fiction and I like lists of things.

What Loki is (or is not)...

Here's some things I've noticed that Loki is (or is not) based on what I've seen in fan fiction; they're basically "Loki fan fiction tropes." Some of these are my opinion, some aren't, and some are just observations. I'm also poking fun at all of us, even myself, don't get offended:

Loki is often a cat.
Loki is sometimes a woman.
Loki always gets his mouth stitched shut.
Loki is sometimes raised on Jotunheim, not Asgard.
Loki often- no very often -cries.
Loki has a sweet tooth.
Loki can birth children, and sometimes they're freaky.
Loki gets tortured. A lot.
Loki doesn't like hugs, but still gets hugged a lot (mostly by Thor).
Loki and Thanos are totally not BFFs (ignore Thanos' Facebook page, he hacked Loki's account).
Loki is sometimes in heat.
Loki often loses his memories.
Loki falls in love with random mortals.
Loki falls in love with random SHIELD agents, and especially if they're mutants or have powers.
Loki loves Sigyn... sometimes.
Loki loves Darcy Lewis (even though he's never met her or even knows she exists).
Loki loves his brother a little too much (and maybe Thor loves him in return, too)
Loki loves all of the Avengers, at one time or another. Umm. Wait. He loves everyone, everywhere at one time or another.
Loki sometimes falls to Earth (sorry, Midgard). That whole "cube incident" never happened. Who gives a f*k about the cube? (That was totally "frak" by the way)
Loki hates Odin, but loves Frigga. (Because Frigga is BOSS.)
Loki's eyes are green. No, no, no, they're blue. No wait! They're green. Definitely green. But... well...
Loki sometimes gets stuck somewhere with Stark; they just have to learn to get along (don't pretend you don't know what that means).
Loki often has nightmares; guess who comforts him? (If you guessed 'Nick Fury', you need to rearrange your priorities and get your head checked.)
Loki loves Tony Stark the most, or maybe random women who don't appear in canon.
Loki might love his brother as much as Stark (but I don't think so; unless you're looking in the Thor fandom, instead).
Loki never has a good time when he meets SHIELD.
Loki is often carried by Thor, bridal-style (you know that's what first popped in your head)
Loki sometimes meets Jane Foster before Thor does.
Loki's skin is cold.
Loki sometimes gets raped.
Loki often gets hit by cars- or more specifically, by Stark in cars.
Loki is sometimes a child, or slowly becomes a child.
Loki likes to sleep in late.
Loki can't live without Thor, even though he supposedly hates him.
Loki doesn't like Midgardian food, but likes ice cream (mint) and sometimes coffee (or maybe he loathes coffee).
Loki sometimes smells like mint (because that's how the world works. He likes green, and mint is green, therefore, he must smell like mint! No logical fallacies here, move along!).
Loki is sometimes a virgin.
Loki frequently has PTSD.
Loki sometimes gets sunburned.
Loki really, really doesn't like the Chitauri.
Loki put the Asgardian glamour on himself as a babe... or did Odin? Oh who cares, he's pretty either way.
Loki is an omega...or a beta... or an alpha? No wait, scratch the last one.
Loki can't use his magic if he can't speak. We don't care about movie canon. You suck, canon.
Loki sometimes crash-lands on Stark's tower (yes, he has good aim).
Loki loves to turn everyone into babies/kids. Sometimes himself, too.
Loki sometimes sprouts cat ears and/or a tail, and he's so cuuuute! No wait! Stop! That wasn't...right. I was supposed to say something condescending... *Distracted by flicking ears* Err... forgot.
Loki can get bromantic with anyone. Yes, even the women.
Loki is a hilarious drunk.
Loki birthed all of his children. Angrboda who?
Loki is sometimes seen by Laufey when he turns blue on Jotunheim.
Loki is always getting arranged for marriage with his brother, or Stark.
Loki, despite being an adept sorcerer, always messes up his spells. Consequently, he has to stay near one of the Avengers. Probably Stark. Or Steve. Whatever.
Loki is sometimes a human. There's this thing called "AU"... oh, I'm not explaining it, just go read some stuff with "AU" in the description.

I'm degenerating into sarcasm now, so this is where I stop. Yada yada... you get the point.

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Only to One by YIWT reviews
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