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Hi hi I'm Princess Mae (Though I'm not a princess, lol.) Please call me Mae I'm a Artist/Writer. I accept requests for stories like Pokemon, TFM, MLP, etc... And P.S.: I don't accept those 'lemon' ppl used to say it...


Name: Mae

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Looks: Violet-ish eyes, brown hair, golden locket around her neck, a light yellow, pink, and violet dress, matching her shoes.

Personality/Life: She’s nice, friendly, and brave. She was originally born in a noble family. Her past seems to give inspiration to her to keep moving forward always. She always seems to be happy, but when nobody’s looking, she cries and sobs. She was bullied for the rest of her childhood because she’s short-tempered.

(will add more infos later)