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~~Fic stats~~

Smile! You’re on Kurama cam- Working on it, hopefully will be up soon

KitsuneSugarColaVodkaInsanity- on hold until i rewrite next chapter

Curse of A Hanyou- Working on it

Back to School- on hold

Klw; hey minna. Well you've receached my profile so i guess i should say a few things and btw i have two other screen names for aol: Darkflameyoukai and Kuramasdarkside . And here to help me is my brother Sasuke.

Sasuke: The only reason I am doing this is cause we're related and i like you and cause you're not a rabid fan girl. But I still would rather be pissing off the idiot than doing this.

Klw looks at Sasuke: which idiot?

Sasuke sighs: naruto.

Klw: Oooohh...

Hiei suddenly appears: Kuwabaka is more fun to piss of.

Gojyo also appears: No the monkey is.

Klw: How did you get in here?

Hiei: Back door.

Klw: Oh... Well any way this is stuff bout me


Human form

Height: 5' 7
Eyes: bluish-greenish
hair: brown
weight: That i am not telling
Age: Looks 13
Family: Sasuke
Friends: Miaka, Lydia, Mary, Kelly, Alexia, Katie, Monica, and the rest of you ppl that i forgot to mention
Friends on ff.net: Spin of Doom, Yayo, The-Great-Monk-Grl, Tears-of-Shadows, Animefanactic-11
likes: all anime/manga, bishonen, pixie sticks, and coke
dislikes: school, homework, grandma, and a person that shall remain nameless *coughcoughkathycoughcough*
Personality: Hyper, crazy( hiei", Mental." klw shoots Hiei a glare), likes to watch anime, read manga, draw, write fanfics. Could say or do anything while hyper. Also has a split personality that could take over at any time. When her other personality takes over, she is more stubborn than Hiei and Sasuke combined, does not like to play childish games, likes to spontaneously combust random things especially kyo( fruits basket) and yusuke(yyh) and kuwabara(yyh), hates moronic or stupid people
my fave song(anime) :yasei no kaze no( wild wind) a duet by hiei and kurama and the second opening of saiyuki
my fave song(non-anime): wait- earshot

~~Demon form~~

Height: 5' 8"
Eyes: red
Hair: deep blue
Age: 300
likes: same as above
dislikes: When someone pulls her ears/tail too hard
Description: has black markings on neck and on wrists, and hasfox ears w/ black tips and a silver tail with black tip
Attacks: fire, ninjitsu, uses a katana, arrows, and common sense(klw: what? most demons are idiots. take yusuke for example." Yusuke glares", Bitch.")
Personality: Same as human form
Family: distant cousin of Yusuke, very distant
Spirit form: could change into a kitsune

~~Fave groups~~
Black Sabbath
Marlyn Manson
Static X
Puddle of Mud
Slip knot
3 Days Grace
and more that I can't remember.. ^^''

~~Fave manga~~
Yu yu hakusho
Gensomaiden Saiyuki
Angel Sanctuary
Rurouni Kenshin
Shaman King
Cardcaptor Sakura
Ranma ½
Gunsmith Cats( I have 3 volumes of it in Polish)
Planet Ladder
Fruits Basket
Fushigi yuugi
Onegai Teacher
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Sailor Moon
Magic Knight Rayearth

~~Fave anime~~
Yu yu Hakusho
Gensomaiden Saiyuki
Rurouni Kenshin
Shaman King
Cardcaptor Sakura
Ranma ½
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Witch hunter Robin( still havent finished watching my friend's DVD)
Wolf's Rain( only saw one ep but it's good)

~~Fave Characters(boys)~~

Kurama/Youko- He is so hot and sexy
hiei- he's hot in both ways ^_~
yusuke- hot and extremely fun to torture
kenshin- kawaii and funny when he gets mad
sanosake- hot and funny when drunk
koenma teenage- without the pacifier he's hot
kakashi- i wonder how his whole face looks like
sasuke- so i like my own bro. if i weren't related to him, I’d be a fangirl ( sasuke sighs. Sakura with fire in her eyes", STAY AWAY FROM SASUKE-KUN!!!!!" naruto and lee smile", Take sasuke and I'll take sakura-chan." They glare at each other then get punched by Sakura", DAMARE!!!")
inuyasha( mutt-face)- he's also fun to torture
Seshomaru( fluffy)- his boa is so soft
tasuki- He's hot and on fire, literally( tasuki running around in circles because he is on fire.)
Chichiri- He's so cute, no da.
hotohori- The most prettyful ruler I've ever seen
Nuriko- He's hot
gojyo- drinks and smokes but who cares. his crimson hair makes him look so hot
goku- kawaii saru( goku", STOP CALLING ME A MONKEY!!")
hakkai- he's so sweet and cute
miroku- a hentai but a cool and hot hentai
naraku- hot evil dude
yue- he looks so sexy especially in the moon light
kouga- he's funny, but clueless
ryouga- he's funny especially with that bad sense of direction
ramna- he's cool
matt- MATTY!!
Seeu- Gotta love that dude's attitude
Setsuna- he's such a cutie
Seto- You gotta love his cold attidute
Yami- He's much better then yugi.

~~Girls that are cool~~

Keiko- yyh
Yukina- yyh
Mukuro- yyh
Lirin- Saiyuki
Dark Chii- chobits
Sango- iy
Kagura- Iy
Kaoru- Rk
Kaguya- Plant Ladder
Akane- Ranma ½
Shampoo- Ranma ½
Robin- Witch Hunter Robin
Sakura- CCS
Tomoyo- CCS
Sakura- Naruto
Hinata- Naruto
Usagi- Sm
Mina- Sm
Haruka- Sm
Kari- Digimon
Anna- Shaman King
Sara- Angel Sanctuary

~~i hate~~

Megumi- She ain't taking Sano or Keshin
Ino- stupid pig
Light Chii- too happy in the anime
kikyo- evil bitch
toguru(older)-evil basterd
gyokumen koushu- ugly old bitch that must die
Tea- too happy and preppy

~~~ favorite pairings~~~


Hiei/reader( Hiei goes good with every girl)
Koenma/Botan( my fave pairing of the series)





~~Ranma 1/2~~


~~cardcaptor sakura~~


~~rurouni kenshin~~


~~Sailor Moon~~




~~Shamen king~~


~~Angel Sanctuary~~




~~~Least fave pairings~~

Kurama/Hiei- yyh
Kurama/Yusuke- yyh
Kurama/Kuwabara- yyh
Hiei/Kuwabara- yyh
Hiei/Yusuke- yyh
Kurama/Botan- yyh
Sasuke/Naruto- naruto
Gojyo/Hakkai- saiyuki
Hakkai/Sanzo- saiyuki
Sanzo/Goku- saiyuki
Goku/Gojyo- Saiyuki
Kyo/Yuki- fb
Sakura/Tomoyo- ccs

Or to put it simply I hate all yaoi and yuri pairing that are not supposed to be in an anime cause this is my opinion on yaoi and yuri: If it's supposed to be in an anime, as in you see two guys making-out when watching the anime, I don't mind but when the author specifically states that there's no yaoi/yuri pairings in that anime/manga then I don't like it.

And Kurama and Botan are not a couple. There is no such thing as Kurama's and Botan's date or yy2 or a Valantine's Episode. Believe me, I checked so they are NOT a couple. I prefer to see Kurama and Maya together then to see botan and Kurama together. Maya USED to be Kurama's girlfriend but they got attacked by a demon and Kurama erased all of her memory and that is how Kurama broke up with Maya. Hn.

~~~~~~~Fave Quotes~~~~~~

don't talk it makes you sound stupid.- yusuke

hn- hiei

and all this time i thought you were a brilient stratigist when really you were just a lucky fool.- kurama

if there were a someone with out a scar on his heart they'd be a shallow soul- hiei


but im still hungry-goku


vampire vixen aka miaka's beautiful poem-
Peace pot Tequila shot
Jesus loves u stoned or not
Sex Drugs Rock & Roll
Speed Weed Birth Control
Party Hardy Drink Bacardi
Smoke a Bowl and Have a Party
take a shot bang a whore
we are the class of 2004 !!!!

you dont make bombs go boom in your face- jin

What's worse: Losing to an old man or a clown?-hiei

Santa is a damn fucking lie!- me

holy hell- yusuke

tell me what's it like living in the constant haze of stupidity- hiei

Suicide is not the answer. There is neither honor nor redemption in that- Kurama

This day did start out weird... I went to school.- yusuke

I'm surrounded by idiots, but they mean well.- hiei

Ugly people shouldn't be allowed to smile that much-yusuke

To think they could one day be in-laws- Kurama

I've been under a lot of stress, killing you would be a perfect remedy.-hiei

Please be near by... oh it's far away. Typical.-yusuke

It's a shame that you couldn't have faced him instead and left Kurama to deal with the small child and his yo-yos.-hiei

face it your all lame" rinku
nice way to put it rinku" Touya
and you. you lost to kurama and kurama lost to a dead guy. How that for lame" jin

you can't argue with the guy, he's just as stubborn as a mule- yusuke( talking bout kuwabara)
almost as stubborn as you.- kurama

You're a team player, a save-the-day superhero. I hate people like you.- Hiei

Kurama, how are you doing?-Yusuke
I'm fine, almost recovered entirely, tomorrow I'll be on 100.-Kurama
Yeah, right, stubbornness.-Hiei
Well, I'm no match for you in the category of stubbornness.-Kurama

what is that ridiculous appendage growing out of your head-hiei

Sorry I don't have time to be arrested- Kurama

Why didn't toguro kill him?- hiei( talking bout kuwabara)

Koenma: Don't worry everyone, just stick close to me.
Botan: You're so brave Koenma-sama!!
Koenma: And I will stick close to Yusuke.

Kuwabara: I have the feeling that I'll win!
Hiei: And I have the feeling that you'll die...

Kurama: Yes, Yukina's brother, sounds like a noble cause, we should assist her too Hiei.
Yusuke: Yeah, you could even lend an eye!
Hiei: Will you shut up?!
Kuwabara: Hey what's so funny?

Hiei: Janken? What in the world is that?
Kuwabara: Gee man, you really didn't have a childhood, huh?
Hiei: I pursue strenght. I do not have time for your trivial-
Kurama:It's a human game. Scissors is beat by rock, rock is beat by paper, and paper is beat by scissors.
Hiei: Pitifully simple.
Kuwabara: So you ready to get beat?
Hiei: Try me.
Kuwabara: Ohhhh, Never played before and he's already cocky! First timers can't use rock, by the way.
Kurama: Don't listen to him, he's pulling your leg.

Kurama: Come join us Hiei we're practically a family.
Hiei: KURAMA, Don't make me pull out your precious voice box!

Driving along in the desert or whatever
gojyo: the more stupid they are the more they try to blame it on somebody else
Goku: then tell me this fat head how do you get four aces three times in a row? HOW? HOW? BY CHEATING THAT"S HOW!

one again driving in some desert
goku looking bored
we hear a can openening an goku looks at gojyo
gojyo*drinking a can of beer and puts it down* goddammit this one's hot. Goku get me another beer.
goku* gets pissed* Get your own beer jerk off!!
Gojyo: * gets pissed*okay your gonna get me another beer or i'm gonna take this can and shove it up your winny little ass you got that!!?
Goku:you just try and see what happens to you shit head!!
gojyo: Oh yea
goku: Your just looking for an excuse to touch my ass arent you!!?
sanzo*in a bored voice* Please
gojyo: You little fag, dont project your fantasies on me!!
goku: Alright thats it! pull over! I'm taking him out!
sanzo* really pissed: Your little unrequited love affair is starting to get on my nerves! Get a room!"
Gojyo and Goku shut up and look at sanzo strangely
Hakkai: Good move there aa... Sanzo
sanzo grins: I thought so thanks
hakkai smiles: Oh my. Awful quite back there guys, are you making out
gojyo: Shut up Hakkai
goku: Yea shut up

~~From school~~~

you ate it?-marcin* guy from my class and we're talking bout a candy cane
you ruined christmas!-marcin
then i did my job-me

In religion class with the deacon
Christan: Oh look at me im Jesus and i got the sexiest body.

In social studies class we're talking about what movies were made to remember battles and things like that
Karl and shamus: remember the Alamo
Johnathan: the gas station?

Again in social studies class
Johnathan got up and Mr. Vomish, we call him Mr.V. started to yell at him
Johnathan: but i need a piece of tape.
Mr. v: you need it on you mouth

in science mrs. kelly was talking about something
Mrs. kelly: do not listen to me.
class laughs
Mrs: kelly: i mean do not do anything to these tests.

once again in social studies we were talking bout the last hawaiian queen
Mr.v: she wanted to preserve Hawaii and it's customs. She wanted hawaiians to wear hawaian clothes not american clothes.
Christan: that's why they have nudist colonies there

in social studies again
We were talking about Adam and eve and their kids.
mr.V: So if they had two sons, how could there be more people?
Adrian: They'd do their mom.

In science again.
The kindergarten had finished singing a song in the classroom next to ours.
Mrs.Kelly: Do you want to hear my 8th grade sing.
Mr.V and mrs. Dorman(sub) peek into our room.
Class starts singing: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u w x y and z.
Mr. V :very good.
B( that’s what we call him) continues singing: Now I know my abc's. Next time won't you sing with me.

Again in science
Mrs.K: Now the first thing you're going to write is.
Karl: Our name.
Lucas: And number.

Science class once again
we were talking about the terra nova tests with Mrs.k
Felicia: What are the people that aren't taking the test gonna do?
Me: Go to the Bahamas?

Science class for the fifth time
Mrs. T was watching us.
B: They should make a movie about my life.
Shamus: That would be one bad movie.
Mrs.T: And short.
B: It should be rated x.
Karl: For violence
Batman: And crude sexual content

With Deacon George in religion class
Deacon: Just remember, a man can be raped too
Shamus: Im prison
Deacon: In your garage

Again with deacon
Deacon*talking to Karl: Who do you need to improve your relationship with?
*four people raise their hands*
Karl: Umm... well for people raised their hands
Arthur: How bout John
John: I love you Karl
Andrew: Yea, remember the garage?

B- I can't remember what happened this morning
Batman: I can't remember what happened this weekend
Karl: Well, I know that we didn't have school
Mrs. K: You're brilliant
Karl: Only when I wanna be.

Shamus: Not attired- priceless

When me and magda were watching feardotcome
Me: That dude’s gonna die
Magda: He can’t die, he’s the main character
10 minutes later
Me: I told you he’d die

When me and magda were talking about eric griffen
Me: The mysteries of eric’s crotch

Sasuke: Wow. You really re-did a lot of things.


Sasuke: Next thing you’ll do is give the people a Japanese lesson.

Klw: ^_^ GOOD IDEA!!

Sasuke*smacks himself in the head*

Klw: So here’s a short Japanese lesson for you:

Ai- love
Baka yarou- stupid basterd
Kanashi- sad
Kudasai- please
Zettai- never
Yoshi- alright
Dou itashimashite- you’re welcome
Hai, so desu- yes that’s right
Ame- rain
Daijoubu- Ok
Daijoubu ka?- Are you Ok?
Reon- lion
Ryuu- dragon
Shi ne- die

Klw: I know more words, way more, but I don’t want to bore you.

Sasuke: You already have.

Klw: Damare yo!

Sasuke: Fine.

Kds: So anyway ja ne minna-san

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