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{ This account is shared by two people: Emi, yours truly, and Britni, my lovely partner in crime and the master of all feels- yaoi, yuri, and otherwise. Bitches wish you could be as amazing as her. YOU WILL BOW DOWN-- }

{ Okay, anyways, we will be co-writing fanfictions for everyone to marvel at and drool over. Most of it will probably come from our roleplays, which will all forever be more awesome than any other roleplay in existence so don't even bother trying. }

{ And most of it will be Homestuck, because I'll let her bang my Karkat any day, anywhere, any way, any character. She gives me Sollux/Karkat, Gamzee/Karkat, and Kanaya/Karkat at the same motherfucking time, bro. And let's not forget our fantrolls-- I'm not sure if that's confidential information, though, so I'll just shut up in case it is. }

{ Oh yeah, and the fancy bracket things indicate that I, Emi, am the one speaking. }

{ For you nooksniffers who don't know what brackets are, they're the curvy-looking things around my text. Duh. }

{ I was gonna put information about us or something here, but then I got lazy and started rambling. So... }

{ Will do later. }

{ I'm such a lazy bitch. }


{ Emi out. }

[ Oh my Gog, Emi. XD I was finally able to get my computer to cooperate and log in here, and this... this is what I find. ]

[ Britni in. ]

[ The only person I want bowing down is you, my sweet little Cherry, and I want to be right behind you. Read the update? I'll give you so many feels all at the same time, you won't know what to do with them all. Feels will explode from overload, like Karkat's computer when he cracked the code-- ... I am not Dave Strider. Why was I half-attempting to rap just then? ]

[ Anyway. ]

[ As my wonderful and sexy partner has already said, we're going to co-write fanfictions. Our fantroll's are, in fact, not classified information, but we'll just stop at their names for now. Aevina is going to eat Nimora's cherry, babe, and I mean that in every way possible. ]

[ As of right now, we've got a long-term SolKar planned, and some with AevNim. Of course, there's always going to be some little side stuff that, if it's not total crack and we both like it enough (which, come on, let's face it, I always make sure she does), then we'll turn it into a fic and post it here, as well. ]

[ Not really sure what else to put here, except that we're human beings. --GASP-- Yes. And we have things we need to do. Some of us are married and some of us are going to college and working. We'll update as frequently as we can, but it may take us a little bit to get the ball rolling, so to speak. I can't speak for the both of us, but maybe we'll aim for... once a week? No idea. ]

[ Anyway, enough rambling. We'll have to get together-- in more than just the usual way --to figure out what we're going to do with our profile. Maybe we'll draw a picture for our profile, too. For now, though, I think I'll leave it at that. ]

[ later biitche2 ]

[ Britni out. ]

{ I fixed your typos. }


{ Heh. Innuendo. }

{ Okay gotta go college stuff bye. }

{ Emi out. }

[ Britni in. ]

[ Shit, were there typos? Sorry, my computer's keyboard likes to derp sometimes, I guess. ]

[ And you know that you love it, just as much as you love my ability to hold the ever-delicate title of Master of Feels. ]

[ Just wait for the things I have in store for you. You have no idea. ]

[ No... ]

[ ...Idea. ]

[ Britni out. ]

{ Emi in.}

{ ...oh gog wait no WAIT-- there was another typo-- I JUST CHECKED THIS OUT OF BOREDOM I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS DIDN'T YOU DO ENOUGH LAST NIGHT?-- This is turning out to be more like a blog. }

{ We should make one of those, too. }

{ I'm sorry I've just been Tumblr so much and I swear I'm not usually this spastic-- okay that's a half lie but still. }

{ I'm just. I'm gonna. go. yeah. }

{ HelpmeI'mstuckinmathclassandIdon'twantit-- }

{ Emi out. }

[ Britni in. ]

[ Ahhh... I swear, you are just so adorable. Yes, we should probably end up re-editing this into an actual profile, and move this kind of talk onto a blog of sorts. Maybe we'll make a group tumblr, where we can post art for our fanfics and such... I think I'll go ahead and get set on making that, actually. ]

[ Also. I couldn't help it, but with your last line before your 'Emi out', I specifically grouped the last three letters together... ]

[ I understand pride, Emi, but that doesn't mean you have to brag about them. ]

[ Love you! ]

[ Britni out. ]

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