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Pairings: InuYasha/Kagome, Sango/Miroku, Koga/Ayame, etc.

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Summary: (AU) After years of torment, Kagome sent off to Juvy. It didn't bother her until she was paired up with roommates like a tomboy punk, a perverted romantic, and a wildly confusing and heartstopping hanyou.


Completed: (Finished) 10/03/03 with 30 Chapters / (Revised) 2/10/05 Chapters 1 through 7

Deadly Reasons

Summary (AU/Feudal) InuYasha's only friend as a child was Kagome, orphaned at birth. But as the two grow older and the friendship builds stronger, InuYasha falls in love with the graceful village priestess, Kikyo. Then one day after recieving the Shikon no Tama, Naraku kills Kikyo and takes the jewel. It's a matter of how far will InuYasha and the gang go to seek revenge and get it back?

Status Revising

Completed: (Story in Progress) 01/13/04 with 9 Chapters / (Revised) nothing

Define Normal

Summary (AU) Based off of the book by Julie Peters. Kagome has secrets she'll never tell, but when she's paired up with the troubled InuYasha in peer counseling, she starts realizing some feelings she never knew she had the time for.

Status Revising

Completed: (Finished)

Rogue Offense: (AU) On the brink of taking the Sacred Jewel back from the same man who took it and killed her family 3 years ago, Kagome finds herself accompainied by friends who have equally wounded hearts by the dispicable Naraku. As theives, assasins, and a computer wiz, they're all sure they can take down their formidable foe. But as luck would happen, the Miko Eclipse is drawing nearer and time is up, for on the Eclipse, Naraku can gain total control and wipe out the human race. InuYasha/Kagome; Sango/Miroku; Sesshomaru/Kagura; Koga/Ayame; and more! (1 Chapter)

Chapter 2: 1/2 Done.

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