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So the last update of a story I did was just before I went away on vacation for a month.
Since then a few things have happened which have impacted my writing quite hard.

Firstly. I seem to have picked up something called a Girlfriend and for those of you who don't know what this is or who are a possible candidate for becoming one they've got a hidden, passive, function called "Black Hole of Spare Time". This means that all spare time which approaches gets sucked inside.

Secondly. My brain have become aware of the shitty quality of most (if not all) of my work. The stories feel hollow in some ways, I still think they're based on good or fun ideas, but I'm just not happy with the way they turn out after a few thousand words. I think it might be that the plot is moving too fast, it might also be the lack of description or a combination of the two.

Thirdly. There's been to few reviews, on average I've gotten 2-3 reviews for each chapter lately. That makes me feel like I'm the only one who cares for the stories. When I started writing some 18 months ago I didn't do it for myself but rather I begun to write for the rest of you to read. So when no one reads and return their thoughts through reviews I myself lose interest in the stories. I've tried to increase the number of reviews through different means but to no use.

Fourthly. I'm having a huge writers block right now which makes it hard to write anything really.

Due to these things I'm considering a) either stopping the updates to my current stories and leaving them as is permanently or until a time that I can get them up to a better standard or b) taking down all my material from the site and start over, possibly putting my current stories back here when I've fixed them.

I'm also having thoughts about c) leaving as a writer on the site permanently (removing stories and if possible account) to simply read what other writers put up here, d) leaving this account untouched and un-updated for the rest of time, e) leaving this account as is and starting over on a new account with no reputation or stories or f) taking a pause of none specified length to come back later with new energy, potentially talking years or decades here.

None of the above actions are going to happen any time soon, at least not before the new year has begun.

If anyone's actually reading the above text and cares enough what happens to me or the stories send me a PM with your thoughts and I'll take them into consideration.

Currently writing:

Stargate: The Million Year War season 2 episode 15 Daniel's Adventure Chapter 14 Drake and the Lantean-Wraith War Chapter 3

Percent done:

S02 E12: 100% S02 E13: 100% S02 E14: 100% S02 E15: 0% S02 E16: 0% S02 E17: 0% S02 E18: 0% S02 E19: 0% S02 E20: 0% C15: 0% C04: 0%

Release Time:

S02 E12: When S02E20 is done. S02 E13: When S02E20 is done. S02 E14: When S02E20 is done. S02 E15: When S02E20 is done. S02 E16: When S02E20 is done. S02 E17: When S02E20 is done. S02 E18: When S02E20 is done. S02 E19: When S02E20 is done. S02 E20: When it is done. C15: When it's done. C04: When it's done.

I hope you like what I write, if not send me a PM so I can understand why.

Happy reading.

Unpublished things:


LIT: 50k words. 5 Chapters SGU:MT 7k words 7 Chapters. Devastation: 2 Chapter. SG: IU SG: R SG: AM


Unnamed story: 7.8k words.
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