Periwinkle and TinkerBell
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Poll: Well, I really don't know what to write about now, I mean TinkerBell, yeah but which plot? I want the winter fairies in it too so just pick one of these that you would like to read about! Thank you! Vote Now!
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Hi! I'm gonna write good * stories mostly about disney fairies!

my name is ..., and I love fairies, mermaids, Disney Fairies Books and other books, the king and queen days, space, and my iPad

County: USA. There's a party in the USA!

Gender: GIRL!;)


Sibling:Sister, age 19 older of course



Email: Email me! :D

Other websites: DeviantART: JanelArtFairy

Mom: MummyXD jk

Hair: Dark Brown and really, really long, like past my petunia. Rosetta says petunia instead of _ _ _ _.

Like to do: Draw/sketch, be on my iPad, play with my cousins(if they'er around), play four-square, write stories, play on my older and only sister's laptop, hehe, and make a game outta anything.

Favorite Online Games: Disney, and Wizard101.

What I wanna be when I grow up?: A astronomer, an author, an artist (witch I already am!), and I wanna make an animation movie or movies for Disney.

Favorite Colors: Blue, Aqua, Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink, Gold, Red, and Mostly All The Colors.

Favorite Movies: TinkerBell1,2,3,4,5, Tangled, Brave, Practical Magic, Alvin and the Chipmunks1,2,3, SpongeBob SquarePants the Movie, Twilight Saga1,2,3,4,5, Hocus Pocus, Toy Story1,2,3, Reck It Ralph, The Wizard of Oz, and a few that I can't think of right now.

Favorite Books: Any Disney Fairies ones, Amulet1,2,3,4,5, The Never Girls ones, Tiki Land1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Smile, Katie's Trunk, Philipa Fisher1,2,3, The Land of Stories, and a few others.

Favorite TV Shows: SpongeBob! and some grown-up ones.

Number Of My Friends:9

Number Of My Enimies:4

Crushes: Uh none. Well...

Your friends are only threw school. But your best friends are for Life!

How many long stories I typed:23

Ya know I have the wierdest dreams, but they're like so awesome!!!heehee!

Well that's about it!

Yeah well now is another part, don't why I'm writing it, but should come out good. Kinda, anyways! --

Do you know how much I LOVE fairies? Do you? Well maybe not. The thing I love the most is well my family (on my mom's side my dad left us when I was five now he got another family some where last time I saw him was when I was seven now I'm ten! Sorry.) yeah anyways next I love fairies! I mean they are like my life! Well I only like the Disney Fairies. And in the movies I can saeve very word before they even say it! I'm like that with Sponge Bob too! My mom thinks I'm crazy when I do it. but I can't help it! I have every song memorized in my head. At school, I get a big crow around me when Darrow fairies. Cause I draw so good. And once me and some boy what'd a small drawing contest, and we went up to the teacher and she picked my drawing better. I was like "In yo face! Haha!" Ok well maybe I didn't say that but I wanted to! Usually the teacher can't decide between students, but she picked ME! Hehe! And I dDarrohe the best in my class, everyone asked me how I draw so good and I'm like, "Uh I'm just was born to draw good. It's my gift from God." Everyone has a they just gotta find it! So yeah that's 'bout it! I'll write more if I find something else to write about more! So bye!


You don't have a four-head you have a five head. You don't have dreams you have movies! Hahahah! LoLz

F is for friends who kill off each other. U is for u r dead. N is for no turning back now! Here in the real world now, hey! LoLz


"Hey you man, ju think ju smarter than me?!"

"Excuse me?"

"Ju heard me, ju dummy"

"No ju da dummy"

"No ju da dummy!"


"ju dummy" (walkes away"

"dummy? Dummy?! Fudge! Where my dummy go?! ... DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Favorite TinkerBell quotes!


Fawn: Do think it's heavy?

Rosetta: No, it's light.

Fawn:(pauses, the laughs)


Silvermist: *gasp* She exploded?!?!


Iridessa: Wait, ok, if she's red raise the head, if she's pale raise the tail. Quick! Dose she look pale or red?!

Rosetta: She looks squished.

Iridessa: Oops, sorry. (drops Tink)


Terence: Woo, that was fun,

Tink: What?!

Rats come.


Lizzy: You were a funny looking baby?

Tink: (shakes head)


Tink: Your name's belowes?

Blaze:(shakes head)

Tink: Oh your name's Blaze!


Tink: Do you have any idea what I've been threw to get here? (Rambles on)

Leech: Who's Terence?

Tink: Well, he was my best friend.

Leech: Well your not very nice.

Tink: Hey! Don't you judge me! You two been yelling at each other since I got here!

Blaze: Hmpf! (crossings arms)


Tink: You collect Lost Things too?!

Peri: I call them Found Things!


Tink: Terence and I barely excaped the pirate ship.

Peri: Is he your boyfriend?

Tink: Uhhh...


Sled: Greatest Snowball fight EVER!

Everyone: Yay!


Slush: Livin' man.


Gliss: *gasp* They'er gonna see the Queen! Oh! Bring me back an acorn! A big one! Ooooh I can't believe I'm gonna get an acorn! Ooooh!


Spike: Well wait for me you guys!


Peri: That's Gliss!

Gliss: Come on Spike! Practice!

Spike: Ok, ok. (barely touches the leaf, to frost it) Praticeing!

Peri: Oh, and that's Spike. She um, a bit-


Dewey: I didn't know they would be doing the smoochy smoochity, guess they're tellin' peopl now!

And that's it for now. Reminder these a quotes were not in order.

Favorite Joke:

Boy: Mom, mom what day was I born?

Mom: July 24th

Boy: Hey that's the same day as my birthday! (Skips away singing)

Mom: (rolls eveys and shakes head)

Boy: Mommy I spilt the newspaper!

Mom: Huh?

XD the boy is dumb I guess, I heard this from my friend

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