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Good Evening.

Hello. I'm Examun. Duh. I write mostly humor and general fanfiction. However, I dislike romance. As a matter of fact, I hate it with a vehement passion. I dispise it so much that if I had the choice between granting the world eternal peace or destroying all romantic fanfiction, including all that Mary-Sue sh...stuff, I'd think about it, then I'd give the world eternal peace. But the fact I had to thinkabout it should tell you something.

I can only think of three reasons why you're here.

1) You found my website through some message board I frequent.
2) I have reviewed your little work and you're curious about who the hell gave your romance fic such a terrible review.
3) You're my editor. Hi Mom.

But for some reason you've actually, if it's possible, READ my fanfiction, I thank you and advise you to stay away from the FotR parody script. It's old and kind of moldy.

Write on,

October 18th, 2005

EXAMUN IS NOT DEAD. She only sometimes wishes she was so she would have an excellent excuse of why she isn't updating.

If you're going to ask about A Pirate's Daughter? know this: I have Gwen'sstory (somewhat) planned out, I'm having problems with plot points. I need to do research, (Does anyone here know it would have been socially acceptable if a girl raised in a 18th century Carribbean Catholic orphanage would havean averageknowledge of Latin? Anyone?) and straigten out the plot holes.

I'm planning a complete overhaul of the works I have saved here. I need to either figure out how to save that damn FotR script, or just delete altogether. It's bad, cliche and probably illegal. I need to re-write summaries, brand the words "Pre-OotP" or "Pre-HBP" on my HP stories. Need to start weeding out the badfics. Replace them with worse ones.

That's all for now, dear readers (Who on earth is reading this?). And please, stop threatening to do homework unless I update. I have a British Literature essay that is trying to kill me. I would only laugh at your pain.

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