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Persica: Hi, I'm Persica. I had sworn I would never write fanfiction but-

Kyou: Then what the hell are you doing here!

P: Why, I would like to ask the same from you.

Yuki: (with Tohru peeping from behind his shoulder) Sorry, don't bother him. But yes, why are you writing if you had sworn not to?

P: Who else is here, who shouldn't be_'

(Lot of mumbling, shouts and all kind of voice effects.)

P: feeling faint Oh, no!

Tohru: Here's some tea. I hope you'll feel better soon.

P: My, thank you. Okay, I just got a strong idea of a story and one afternoon with too much time. If I had had the free afternoon some months earlier, I would be writing a 'Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi' -fic.

Tohru: Oh, I see. Please do your best. -

P: Thank you so much, I will! -

Kyou: You better write a good story!

P: ...


Yuki: Would you learn some manners so we didn't always need to feel ashamed when in public with you.

Kyou: Wanna fight, Kusonezumi!

Yuki: Not here. I don't want to be known as a barbarian.

Kyou: Are you scared, sissy boy?

Yuki: Kaguraa! Were you looking for Kyou? He's here!

Kyou: That's mean!

Kagura: (with shoojo-bubble effect) Kyou-kun~!

Kyou: Nooooooo! runs away

Kagura: (still all bubles) Kyou-kun! Where are you going? (No more bubbles from now on) You aren't running away, are youuu! runs after him

Yuki: There they go again.

Tohru: I wonder if they will be back for dinner.

Yuki: I would think so. Kagura likes your cooking.

Shigure: Yes, and that's no wonder. Tohru-kun's cooking is just divine. Someday she will be a wonderful bride. Oh, if I only could be her groom-

Yuki: Hits Shigure Shut up, you pervert!

Ayame: Aa, Yuki, my cute little brother! I have came from afar to meet you! You must have wated for me and cried yourself to sleep in my absence~

Tohru: Ah, Ayame-san, long time no see!

Yuki: No one called for you! Get lost!

Ayame: (not listening) Oh, you must be so happy to see me-


P: sulking a bit farther Why meee~ I give up this Bio... I should just have written that 'Chihiro' fic... T_T' stays aside while the FuruBa characters keep the show and watches a lone white and green dragon flying in the distant horizon

8. May 2005

Hello, everyone, who cares to read my bio. I have been awfully busy for... Well, check the last update date. If I haven't been running around like crazy I have been sleeping or just playing a vegetable. I would like to write this story to the end, but I don't know when I'll be able to do it... I'm working as a freelancer translator (translating manga!), getting out of high school and in to a university, so there is a bit too much to do in 25/7 - even if you don't sleep and eat. To make your agony even greater, I have the beginning and ending of next chapter ready, but there's a lot of important things missing in the middle. Sorry!

I have my old notes and should be able to write this fic to end without great drop of quality - at least after watching the anime once more. (I have it on DVD now! Wai wai! - )

Hoping to give a sign of life sometime in near future or so...

- Persica

PS. Oh, by the way, you might be wondering why I'm leaving this note in my bio. Well, I happen to remember what it feels like to see a new chapter after waiting for ages and then find out it's a Writer's Note. Yer, I stopped reading fics even before the last update...

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