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2013 TMNT Fanfic Awards

Here's how I fared, I am truly honored:

Best Romance: 2nd place: Hidden Light 2
Best Leonardo: 3rd place: (tie) Relic
Best Donatello:1st place: Hidden Light 2
Best Canon Ally: 2nd place: Hidden Light 2
Best Happy Ending: 1st place: (tie) Hidden Light 2

Not too shabby, hey? Thanks to all those who participated, and congrats to all the other writers that placed - what an amazing list of stories there were this year!

Story News!

1. I'm at the present moment banging out a new story! Gasp! Shock! Horror! However, I'm a pretty slow writer, so it will be another few weeks (make that months) before it goes up. It's going to be a longish one-shot, so maybe I'll break it up into chapters, but if I do I'll probably post the whole thing up at once. Sha sha, netflix style...depending on how fast i proof my junk, yo. Anyway, I hope that you will like it, I'm always a little post nervous, y'know, especially with brand new stories. Afterwards I'm hoping...but not yet guaranteeing... to write another multi chapter that may or may not take place after HL2 but more encompassing of other characters. Not sure about it yet. One broken egg at a time as they (never) say.

2. A lengthy M-rated one-shot "Cupid" featuring Don and April is now up! Cameos of the Mikey, Raph and Leo. Set sometime after HL2. Please be of sound age and mind to enjoy, or else give it a skip :) Thanks so much to anon reviewers to whom I cannot reply! Here is similarly rated pic over at DeviantArt: http://fav.me/d74n9w4

Pics of Fics

The multi-talented SleepingSeeker was kind enough to draw a beautiful pic straight of HL2 Chapter 10. Check it out at Deviantart (sleepingseeker) called 'Cygnus', then do yourself a favor a check out her awesome fics here on FF. I mean it...GO READ 'EM! Hop over to: http://sleepingseeker.deviantart.com/art/Cygnus-in-COLOR-392457184

Finally the awesomely gifted JasmineAlexandra did the most wonderful pic of Donatello and April based on Hidden Light 2, it is simply stunning, you must check it out! It is a thing of beauty, and I'm not at all biased. Transition wavy line style over to: http://jasminealexandra.deviantart.com/art/Donatello-April-HiddenLight2-405426229

Thank you so much for your art, love you guys!

A Quick Rundown of the Universe

The TMNT universe I generally write about is loosely based on the 4kids show (2k3). Basically, the turtles are a fraction older than they were when we left them after Turtles Forever. In essence I usually have the 2k3 characters in mind, but a little more subdued and mature. The situations are a little less sci-fi/fantasy, but I try to make it interesting. Well, I hope so.

And Finally...

If you dare I have some scribbly nonsense, tmnt related, over at DeviantArt (terraformrex). Not a lot up yet, as I'm still pretty new to the place. My "city" pics, if you know what I'm saying here. Some Don and April goodness may be heavily implied. Even did some kinda based on HL2, check it out: http://terraformrex.deviantart.com/art/Happiness-404149249, and: http://terraformrex.deviantart.com/art/Advanced-Methods-402984774...Honestly, check the other two artists above, they're far better than me.

And if you want to read more heart wrenching tales of Don and April, I strongly recommend anything by the phenomenally talented Novus Ordo Seclorum, most currently, 'A Hallmark Holiday'.



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