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I an OC maniac and will live up to the title and try to update as much as I can, Peace Out readers!

Current Story's

Massively Slaughtered, Chapters 1-15, WIP

Mass Dead Effect, Chapters 1-12, WIP

Harry Potter and the Big Glowey Stone, Chapters 1-18 WIP

Boy'N Elf: Familiar's of Zero, Chapters 1-2 WIP Pretty much Permanent Hiatus

Lazy Daze, Chapters 1-2 WIP

Reason For Tears, One-Shot Collection, 2

SAO: Twisted Paths, Chapters 1-4 WIP

The Blacklight Pirate, Chapters 1-6 WIP

Possible Future Projects - Contact me if you you wish to use one yourself.

Tales of Vesperia Story, When a kid is thrust into the world of universe travelling creatures and they make it up for accidentally taking him from his world by letting him choose where to stay until they can sent him back, PS, Themes are OC Insert, Dimension Travelling and Multitude of Badass Powers.

Left 4 Dead/Familiar of Zero Crossover, I don't know who I am, why I sit in any dark corner crying my life away, I could walk when I tried hard enough, but I quit doing that after people hurt me, why does my brothers and sisters not comfort me? I thought I would stay in this existence forever, but why is there a green light next to me, it hurts, IT BURNS, PS, Themes are Witch Familiar, Gradual Curing and Witch/Louise Pairing.

Harry Potter Story, What if the Horcrux of Voldemort that is attached to Harry attracted a collector of sorts? And what if after the collector was done he decided to adopt Harry and teach him the business? Thus we have the newest addition to the wizarding world, PS, Themes are Useful Magical Tools, Knowledgeable Harry and Dwarfs.

Saints Row Story, I am a writer, I was meant to write other people into stories, not end up in one, join me as I end up in the most worst dimension I could end up, don't get me wrong, I used to love the slap-stick comedy in a gangster styled world, but why don't you try loving a place that could end up to be your grave the next day, and don't get me started on the drug junkies..., PS, Themes are Self Insert, Complete Redo of Current Body and Slow Decent into Gangsterhood.

Sekirei Story, I don't know what happened, one moment I was trying to cheer up this guy who flunked his exam into a school, and the next I was a victim to a body crashing into me from above, then, I was sucked into the world of Sekirei, in which I became an Ashikabi, which is troublesome enough since I have to kiss them to 'wing' them so to speak, and I am not into girls that way... at least I don't think so..., PS, Themes Include Female Ashikabi in Place of Minato, Girl/Girl Harem and MORE Sekirei to Wing.

One Piece Story, Hello, pleased to meet you, my name is Barron, and I am the God of Storms, now, you would wonder why I am writing in this journal, as to why an immortal being would want to write a record to his infinite life, it is because I have (sighed lovingly) f!allen in love, what more, with a young mortal girl with a thief spirit, and when she had gotten into trouble, I would be DAMNED if I let those bastards do anything they wanted to her or her family, so here I am, living in the same world as my precious Nami, and I will happily kill for her safety, PS, Themes Include GodOC/Nami paring, God in Mortal Body, and LIVING BELEMERE!

Ranma Story, Fuck my life, seriously, FUCK MY LIFE, I woke up one morning, I thought it was going to be as boring as ever, and when I had went to the shop for a pack of biscuits, some weirdo in a mage get up hits me with, get this, an actual SPELL! And then I wake up as, not an experienced well-off martial artist, not a powerful god, not even a decent existence as a cat (AHHHH!) SHUT UP RANMA! ...yes, I am in control of an idiot's other half... as I said, fuck my life, PS, Themes are Self Insert Into Same Body as Ranma, Possible Girl/Girl Pairing, and Torturing Ranma with Cats, YAH!

Okay, no prettying up the idea, I'm just going to say is, Saika from Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan, and Saitama from One-Punch Man, if you know what these names are in the world of manga and web series, then I applaud you, both have supremely powerful... powers, and extremely bored of that power, even if they differ slightly, with Saika born as a Psiman while Saitama worked towards his superman-in-the-sunx10 strength, but seriously, wouldn't it just be a treat for them to meet somehow? I'm just putting this idea in a bottle and sending it out to sea, so please consider it if you have time.

Ghost Application

Name: Real one, before death and all that, perhaps they don't have a real name if they are one of the exotic spirits explained in the 'Type of Ghost' below.

Ghost Name: Just like Cape names, but mean as much as it does to New Wave, it is more of a title amongst themselves or to whoever knows their existence. Keep in mind that simple names such as Boo, Shivers and Quiver are from the original Ghost Master game, I will inform you if you purposely or accidentally do so, simply because I might actually use some of these characters later so it is good to keep them open. This also includes any similar background or description of said ghost.

Appearance: What they look like, how many limbs missing? Do they even have skin or muscle left? You can go near wild with this category because GM has a lot of choices, there is this one ghost called Terror-Eyes, which is basically an illegal experiment that only has its brain and eyes stalks left, so yeah, and animals aren't excluded, the classic 'bed sheet' ghost with a few distinguishing features, monsters beyond the plain of existence, famous legends like the Headless Horseman, dreams that turned into ghosts after the sleepers death, even ghosts with the resemblance of cartoon characters like Wily Coyote are canon, keep in mind however, that those are conditional.

Personality: What are they like as a person? Reactions, thoughts, fears and goals in life are appreciated, and what they thing of Taylor and her ideals is also an optional piece of help.

Type of Ghost: Alright, now HERE is the big bombshell, the 'Type of Ghost' is basically like the descriptions from above, only in categories and sub-categories, a full list from the game will be beneath this, keep in mind that the subs aren't limited to their categories in this story, for instance, the Hoard one can still be under a Horror category under the right circumstances, so try to fit yours in these main categories, but feel free to make a sub-category of your own, just add the description of that category and I'll accept it, you can also make 'duel' categories if you wish from what the descriptions say.


Mostly minor nature spirits and animal ghosts, lowest tier of Haunters.

-Gremlins/ An animal usually killed by a type of Technology, usually have the Electricity fetter, may usually affect technology, plus other possible abilities relating to their nature.

-Hoards/ Basically, ghosts that control and spawn other forms of life, commonly insects but not limited to crows, bats, different vermin and so on, can also rapidly grow and manipulate plant life.

-Wisps/ From the popular 'Will o' Wisp' of legend, they are said to be balls of light that lead wayward travellers off the wayside into graveyards and swamps, this is because wisps derive pleasure from having mortals watching them, this in turn gives the power of attracting human attention, directing it, unnerving them, and appearing before them.


They are low key kind of ghosts, primary focused on early and material things, a step above Sprites.

-Fetches/ Best known as mortals that died with a big hard on for themselves, vain till death and loving how they look, their fetter being mirrors to distort the reflection and trick Mortals who gave into it.

-Manes/ When one meets an untimely death and get caught inside their own corpses usually isolated from anything else, they need another mortal to possess and escape, usually their abilities include possessing Mortals and affecting whatever about their bodies.

-Poltergeists/ Chaotic swirls of light and colour, making odd incoherent sounds and are incapable of regular speech, affect the area around them in classic fashions such as juggling items in mid-air, or the experienced filling them room with puddles of blood, their main fetter is children and the child themselves are incapable of feeling fear during the possession.

-Sandmen/ Anything connected to powers over those asleep or dying while asleep, some are even dreams who's dreamer died, can manipulate the dreams, thoughts, nightmares and mental state of any sleeping mortal they are attached to, when possessed, the Mortal may not wake up easily.

-Spooks/ The stereotypical cartoon ghosts with one limb and bed sheet skin, skilled in a wide variety of powers, only common strait is making noises and chasing people around.


The next tier above Disturbance, these are ancient nature spirits based around the Greek elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water (Leave all Avatar jokes/ideas at the door).

-Air/ With Air, they can usually control the weather with huge gusts of wind, or subtly with imitating voices to drive Mortals to insanity, usually bear resemblance to fairies.

-Earth/ With the control over plant life and the environment, to the power of earthquakes, as well as the added addition of limited control over the human body, are seen as piles of rocks with the shape of a dwarfed human.

-Fire/ Anything that burns or smoulders they control, the greatly experienced even have control over electricity which is essentially a small, very concentrated flame, are basically the mythical salamanders of legend.

-Water/ Despite the name, they have control over all liquids, not just water, controlling the weather is the least of their abilities, even calling down fish and blood from the sky is easy, they appear as smooth skinned women with webbed feet and hands, water nymphs really.


Vengeful and angry spirits are usually in this one, power within every word and movement and rarely are subtle, a step above elementals.

-Apparitions/ Ghosts of murder victims, specialising in powers to make Mortals think about and obsess over objects, especially towards their related fetter, some can control temperatures in the room, to the point of freezing those around them.

Banshees/ From fearful shrieks, to vengeful screams, to despairing wails, the banshees best weapon is its voice, but have been known for their power of unhinging the human mind and controlling the weather. Are usually the spirits or vengeful and angry women…

Thunder Spirits/ A high-end Elemental, controls the very storms and is best used outside, brings thunder and winds in its wake, but can be used with technology in doors.

Wendigos/ The mythical Native American spirit of cannibalism and madness specialising in cold, icy environments, making noises to shock and disturb, driving Mortals to madness, but it's most notable ability is limited time travel…


The second strongest tier, they are thoughtful, cerebral and psychological spirits.

-Phantom/ Highly eccentric type of haunter with unconventional minds and methods, either insane, highly creative, and likely both, manipulating the human psyche, inducing fear, stirring up noxious smells and moving objects physically is a few of the skills they work with.

-Wight/ Are known as guardians of places, especially related to their own burial sites, based around the mythology of the Barrow-Wight, powers based around their early grave, burial, decay and the instinctive fear of graveyards.

-Trickster/ Consist of nature sprits with the appearance of anthropomorphic animals, bearing resemblance to cartoon characters, their powers are more in the line of mischief, more in line with their own humour than scaring people, but their ability to take on a Mortals form can both surprise and unhinge any mortal that observers them, as nature spirits, they also have control over plants.

-Shadow/ Basically, the big bad, spirits of killing and murder, they are in Worm terms, the incarnation of a Jack Slash, revolving around the human psychology, they take it, twist is, shake it, bend it and turn it into something much darker and sinister…


The best/worst type of ghosts you can ever hope/despair to meet, spirits who lived destructive or evil lives, or were killed in particularly horrible ways…

-Spectres/ Ghosts that have lived very violent, dark, and grisly lives, their powers revolve around fear, intimidation and control, able to twist of body of Mortals into their plaything.

-Wraiths/ The deaths of these ghosts were incredibly gruesome and horrific, their forms are likely marked from their deaths and show an affinity with their element, and their best scare is showing their damaged forms to mortals.

-Headless Horsemen/ The rarest type of ghost, only can happen when a one is decapitated while riding a horse, they have an innate talent over the fears of being chased or hunted down, with the added benefit of great control over fire, the head does not require simply slashing of the neck, it can also be blowing the head off, tearing it off, and any other possible attempt as long as it's done with him still on the horse.

Alright, with all of those, we have the types you can use or build off of if you want to make a ghost.

Powers: With the above list as a guideline, you can choose a host of powers to help in the way of spooking the living, this can include but not limited to control over the weather, fire, earthquakes, temperature, the human body, mind, fears, needs, making noises, smells, sights, feelings, tastes, putting to sleep, controlling dreams, nightmares, making them sleepwalk, making Mortals nervous, unhinging their mind, driving insane, chasing around the house, summoning hoards of creatures, rare time travel, possessing bodies, making bodies, twisting the mind, freezing people solid, burning them alive, going through walls, floating, invisible, becoming visible, becoming horrifically visible, becoming very seriously terrifying beyond belief visible, scaring physically, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, and clearing the area of ALL Mortal presence, results and effects may vary J

Their Fetter/Element: What can they bind to, but also what is their mojo in their being, a fetter is something a ghost can 'Bind' to and then are able to use their powers, these fetters have district features such as-

-Air/ Like balloons, tyres, air conditioning units and fresh air.

-Child/ Any young child of at least fourteen years of age, any older are debatable on their overall maturity.

-Corpse/ Does not have to be a dead body, maybe a body bag? A stuffed animal?

-Earth/ Potted plants, flowers, dirt, trees, anything nature related.

-Electrical/ Technology, whenever small or big, rooted in one place or on the move.

-Emotional/ Anything that a Mortal has gained a certain attachment to, as well as anything really emotional overall.

-Fire/ An open flame, to a raging bonfire, or just a smouldering lantern.

-Inside/ Anywhere closed off from the elements.

-Mirror/ A stable reflection, lakes are possible on clear days.

-Murder/ whenever it is murder related, a murder weapon, a place where murder has happened.

-Outside/ somewhere in the elements.

-Sleeping/ A Mortal who is asleep, unconscious is also an acceptable one to bind to.

-Thoroughfare/ Outside or rooms with more than one opening.

-Violence/ Can be anything capable or related to some form of violence, violent films, objects and other things involving violence.

-Water/ Water, plumbing, sinks, toilets, lakes, anything that means water.

Any other fetter you wish to add, please explain them, ghosts can have more than one fetter.

Earthbound: Earthbound spirits are basically like Drive-By, and the cat whose name will be revealed later, when a ghost is bound to a location, it is usually because of the classic reason why ghosts can't ascend to heaven, they have unfinished business, or simply don't want to leave, other factors can include being bound to there through the binding of spiritual humans, the magic charms and enchantments of Witches or Ghost Breaker containment technology. This effect manifests a chain connecting them to an object, usually related to them in some way, you basically write the reason they are bound there, and what to do in order to free them, sometimes that ghost themselves don't even know what to do to get free.

Brief Backstory: Anything about who they are, what they are, what they were doing in life, what they were doing in death, and so on, just something to build off of.

Extra: Anything I may have missed and you want to say, in here.

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