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Um welcome to my profile If you're here it's probably because you like my stories,
Yaaaaaayyyyy :DD
So, uh... i guess i'll tell you some things about me,
My name is Juliette Snow (Yes srsly)
I'm a freshman... uh... I'm in Algebra 2 because i'm really good at math... because who knows why..
My curiosity is a bitch, My word choice is a little cray... I'm secretly Canadian and have some... interesting accents that come out of nowhere literally.
My ethnics: Armenian, Japanese, Who the fuck knows
My favorite bands, Get Scared, Skillet, BOTDF, The killers, Red jumpsuit appararus, BVB, Falling in reverse, Breaking Benjamin ,Fall out boys... and um... Everyband :3
Favorite song: Sarcasm, Get Scared

Basically my past is short and simple, i grew up in a house of abuse. I went through depression to the max, i even cut when things got real bad.
I had friends but they felt fake,
I kept feeling like i was in everyones way.
My brother and i met up one day and i moved away from that house to his.
Writing is my way of escaping all the pain and memories and music is my everything.
I had a boyfriend but he committed suicide after a one year marking. :c RIP AVIS.
About 2 years ago i accepted the label of "That Scene kid" At my new school,
I dyed my hair and even stopped cutting... i still want to sometimes, but i don't want to hurt my brother by doing it.
My hair at the moment is bleach blonde, My bangs are always in my face which is really fucking annoying.
My eyes are kinda strange, in the sun they are green.. legit. GREEN.
But they are a dark brown almost black not in the sun, my dads eyes were the same when he was younger and eventually they became green with some honey yellow. >:D I hope mine do that too

I'm a total Otaku and i'm not sure why i live in this world, but life is seriously shorter than you think.
So i'm going to be happy. I'm going to forget how pain feels someday and on that day, I'm going to understand. Who i actually am
I'm now going to end this with my favorite quote ever.

Thanks for reading

"It's a metaphor. You Put the thing that kills right in between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do it's killing."
Augustus Waters, The fault in our stars

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