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My name is Caleb. I'm 22 years old, and I freaking love writing. I love it so much, that often times I put this site way before other things, which wasn't very kind to me. As dramatic as this sounds, this site truly has changed my life for the better. I've learned that I'm capable, and I'm smart, and I really should trust my instincts when it comes to writing. This site has also shown me a really ugly side to people that I've never seen before though, and like all good things there comes a time where they need to end. I want to thank you for your continued support throughout all my stories. The reviews and PMs I got in the last couple of days have filled my heart with so much joy. I'm glad that people have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. More than anything, I want you guys to know that you're the reason that I kept writing. Without you guys, I wouldn't be able to have the motivation to continue. I was just another teenage boy (when I started this site) with anger issues that needed to let some stuff out. I leave here an adult, who probably should have left a long time ago if I'm honest (lol), but with resolved feelings thanks to the stories I've been writing. Crash Landing will be my last story, at least for awhile, and I'm so grateful to the people that are submitting and being a part of it all still. After this story, I'll be exploring writing outside of Fanfiction.net and that's probably the best thing I can do for myself. I do want to write a legit book after all.

To Jenna, Red, Ansley, Sally, Chayse, Tracelynn, Tigress, LadyC, Haley, Abby, Lindsay, Will, Ben, Megan, Alyda, Stella, Alison, and David

Thank you for making this site what it was for me. Without you guys, it would have fizzled out for me a long time ago. I wish you guys nothing but the best, and to live long and prosper, and all that stuff when you're saying goodbye for awhile.

To all the authors that I have a tribute in their story, I will read and review until my babies are dead, or you become inactive. No worries.

Keep it classy, sassy, and in their faces,


"I started as a light drizzle, but you forced me to be a hurricane."

Because they are who they are


Red Tracee

LadyC Abby Chayse

Ansley Platrium Tigris Haley

William Benny Linds Stella Alyda

My Tributes in Other Games

Brings the Party: Genevieve Kalantar, 30, New York, Days of Futures Past

Compulsive Tendencies: Caroline Pardy, 18, Canada, Crashing In

Brains over Brawns: Jane Ashward, 23, Havenite, Circle of Death

Chess Player: Nevaeh Glorianna Villanueva, District 1 Female, 18, Vini, Vidi, Vici

Back and Better: Galilee Schwartz, 18, District 1 Female, Reality Ressurection

Redemption: Everette Hastings, 18, District 1 Male, Eclipse

Surprise Asf: Reign Graceland, 16, District 1 Female, Same but Different

Culty: Bliss Michealson, 18, District 1 Female, Champion of Destruction

The Forgotten One: Aurora Maran, 18, District 1 Female, Set My Chains Free

What doesn't kill you: Annaleigh St. Cloud, 18, District 1 Female, Cards of Mortality

Queen Bitch, but with a backstory, you know?: Peridot Jones, 17, District 1 Female, Hear The Wind Blow

Yikes: Romania Smythe. 18, District 2 Female, The Last Petal

Gold Digger: Ellie Carver, 18, District 4 Female, Invictus

Latina Sensation: Stormy Gilmore, 18, District 4 Female, Overlooked

Future Mayor: Shelby "Shelbs" Mckenna, 18, District 4 Female, Monument of Sins

Little Leader: Oakland Bradshaw, 12, District 7 Male, Overlooked

*if I've deleted a tribute it's because the story is inactive.*

My Victor's Village

Utterly Venomous: Kenna Rockwall, 17, District 8 Female, Power Within, Placed 1st

Kenna was my first tribute ever to win. She was also the most surprising. I never really submit to anywhere other than career sports, so when I was working on submitting to different spots, the first tribute I send that isn't a career wins the games? She had a wild story. She was only in the third Hunger Games, so she was able to remember a bit about America. Her dad was a social climber, and her mother's family had ties to the mafia. Her mother taught her about poisons, and that served Kenna exceptionally well in the games. Kenna was well liked because she was so relatable and that was the point of her character in general, to make someone believable and relatable. Kenna will forever be my favorite tribute I've ever made.

Free Spirit: Tahan Jacobs, 16, Oregon, Home of the Brave, Placed 1st

Tahan was the first tribute I sat down when making and thought "Okay, how do I make her an arcable character." I started making her personality off of people that I knew, and her backstory came from my obsession with prison television shows (I made it up myself, no worries), and from there a character was born. I knew when I submitted her that she would go deep. Did I think that she would win? No. But I thought I'd at least get a second place. When Rose summarized the story I didn't get to see as much of Tahan written, but I decided to write my own version of Home of the Brave featuring Tahan, and because of that, I feel I, and everyone else, knows her better.

Tomboy: Blake Armani, 18, District 1 Female, Child's Play, Placed 1st

Blake was the most detailed form I'd ever written. The ending of the form tapped out at the third PM I sent. I was literally obsessed with this tribute. She was fun and had a lot of room for development. but then my whole life stopped when I realized I subbed her in voting games. I really had to scheme and plot for her to make it as far as she did after a certain point, but I was blessed that in the first part of the story people liked her. She was interesting, and unlike the District 1 girls I had submitted before, and also gave me the ideas to branch out of what I knew and focus on writing District 1 girls that had more to offer than just a bitchy exterior. Blake won by 2 votes, and that was a rough couple week period trying to secure those last few votes.

Runaway Bride 2.0: Dove Savage, 18, District 1 Female, Ressurection Story: Dove's Tale, Placed 1st

Red messaged me and told me they had a surprise for me, and when I saw what it was I nearly fainted. Dove was one of my favorites I submitted. Not Kenna, but surely a top 5. When they killed her in Glass Glade I was literally so surprised. I thought I had written my first District 1 victor, and then she placed 8th? Dove was analytical and straight forward. She had a complete identity crisis when she found out she was adopted at 17. It was so tough on her the only thing she could find comfort in is the games, and in the end, they were her first downfall. Red wrote a story where she was pulled in through a time warp that sent her through another Hunger Game. There she did her best to keep her ally, Athena, alive but at the en, Athena didn't pull out the victory. I was so excited that Dove finally got the ending she deserved, and I'm SO grateful to reader for making that happen.

Proven Worthy: Lakely Holt, 19, District 4 Female, We Remember- The 125th Games, Placed 1st

Holy cow, Lakely Holt. I created Lakely because I was going through a weird transition period. I was just positioned in a leadership role, and I was taking over someone else, and my dad was the one who appointed me. There was a lot of feelings if I was worthy to be in the position I was in, and I didn't quite feel supported by those around me. So the Victor that no one liked because of how they won was born. Lakely poisoned her Career Pack alliance and then killed them all in the final 8. She was hated and mocked by her District because she took the cowards way out. She volunteered for the games the year after she won, and low and behold my girl pulled it off again. It was a sweet victory to see her winning the games as I finally established my footing in the role that I was assigned to. Lakely will forever hold a special place in my heart for that alone.

My Placed Tributes

My Sister's Keeper: Sophia Thorne, 17, District 4 Female, Carousel, Placed 2nd

Saved by Grace: Judah Pocks, 18, District 10 Female, Dawn of Light, Placed 2nd

Stress Eater: Galilee Schwartz, 18, District 1 Female, Garden of Roses, Placed 4th

Still a Victor: Marissa Vixon, 16, District 2 Female, The All Female Career Games, Placed 5th

Kind of dumb: Creek Langston, 18, District 4 Male, Meaningless- The 998th Games, Placed 5th

Southern Spitfire: Elouise LaBelle, 16, District 10 Female, Make me a Match!, Placed 6th

Runaway Bride: Dove Savage, 18, District 1 Female, Glass Glade, Placed 8th

Prepper: Kerensa Oddette, 18, District 1 Female, Show No Mercy: The 104th Games, Placed 10th

Dependent: Rhiannon Hughes, 15, District 4 Female, Power Within, Placed 11th

Strategic Mastermind: Charming Goodwin, 18, District 1 Male, Survivor: The Fourty-Seventh Hunger Games, Placed 12th

Low-key Slut: Parvati Hallows, 18, District 1 Female, Second Chance, Placed 12th

Born in Blood: Avery Billings, 15, District 10 Male, Secrets Inside, Placed 13th

Dreamer: Cavander Jones, 15, District 8 Female, Heart of Darkness, Placed 16th

Bow Peasants: Carter Abrahms, 15, District 3 Male, Second Chance, Placed 20th

End the Stigma: Burgundy Lumimeer, 17, District 8 Male, Garden of Roses: The 79th Games, Placed 22nd

My Sister's Keeper: Riley Hughes, 15, District 4 Male, Power Within, Placed 23rd

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