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A fan of Yaoi.

'Nuff said.

Getting back to the proper introductions, I'm currently studying in a Secondary School, which would also be equivalent to being in 10th grade of High School. I like to read, write, and play my beloved instrument called an '二胡'. The 二胡 is a Chinese two-stringed fiddle and is the Chinese equivalent of the Violin. And yes, I'm Chinese. But do keep in mind that there is a difference in being Chinese and being a China citizen.

Now, although I said I was Chinese, it's true that I am a quarter Japanese so I guess I'm a mixed blood. I guess that's all I can think of about me for now. On to my peeves(which is only a few) and whatnot.

Things that normally irks me

1. One liner reviews are one thing, but one word reviews are another.

2. When people constantly favourite the story, favourite the author, put the story on story alert and put the author on author alert and not even leaving a review. It's kind of hard not to notice that when a jumbled bunch of notices appears in your email.

3. I generally dislike it when authors decide to write a Yaoi pairing and then viola, the uke is suddenly turned into a girl. If it's temporary, it's all good. But if it's permanent, I wouldn't read it unless I'm really drawn into the plot. If you're going to do a Yaoi pairing, do it right. And conversely, if you're going to do a straight pairing, do that right too. Turning a yaoi fiction into a straight fiction just screams 'sexist' to me. It's just my opinion though.

...And even though I say all these, it's not as if I'm a really good authoress with equally high expectations whatsoever. I'm rather a novice, actually.

Things that have me screaming my head off in happiness

There are many things in this categories.

1. You can probably guess, but, reviews. They can make any author be on cloud nine.

2. Candies or Chocolates. I'm rather addicted to sweets and pastries. Chocolate fondue. Yum.

3. Being able to watch or read Manga/Anime.

4. Playing my 二胡

5. Being able to read an awesomely written fiction.

6. And I'm leaving this at that.

To me, each and every fiction is like a small universe in my mind. The story, uncompleted or not, is alive in my mind and it hold a certain sense of nostalgia when it's completed) and suspense(when it's incomplete). Kind of like a thousand of alternate universes. I wonder if it's only me...

Pairings that I like

Anything All27, really, but my favourites are F27, R27, 6927, 1827. (KHR)

Yullen, Laven, LaviXLenalee, Poker pair (D. Gray Man)

NastumeXMikan (Gauken Alice)

RikuoXRihan(coutersy of someone who got me hooked to this pairing after reading her fanfiction), RikuoXYuki Onna (Nurarihyon)

Drarry (Harry Potter)

And well, I would be lying if I said that was all. But the rest are not really big pairings that I like, so I'll leave it here.

And before I sign off, hail all classical music. Oh, and hail good seiyuus that can sing too. They're like ear candy in a way. Eargasm.

Signing off,


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April Feels reviews
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