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Author has written 8 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and Detective Conan/Case Closed.

pet peeve: you

That's a joke; I actually love you guys to hell and back. Anyway, if you're here reading this, I guess you're interested to know a little more about me? I guess? (I honestly don't think any of you would be reading this tho)

I started writing fanfictions when I was thirteen just because I wanted my favourite characters to, well, accomplish whatever things I wanted them to accomplish (which they didnt in canon, obv). It was a hell load of mary sues and cliched romances and really bad writing (thank god I improved lol) but one thing I really admired my past self for was the ability to be creative and imaginative. You guys should have seen the shit I came up with when I was young, man. After growing up (tho I'm still a kid actually), I got desensitized to many things and it's a lot harder to create plots freely without any unconscious self-imposed restrictions. If you get what I mean; it's rather hard to explain. It's kind of like a mind-block basically.

I still continue writing even now (which is why I'm still here), and when the occasional plot bunny strikes, I...try to write them out into a coherent story (when I do have the time). Life's hectic and sometimes I barely get enough sleep so I guess that's one reason for my horrendous updating schedule. Another major reason (no excuses here) is that I'm just a lazy piece of shit lol.

I'm also trying to improve my writing, hence you don't see much complicated and big words in my stories. My writing style also depends slightly on my mood and the genre of the story, but overall I'd like to think it's rather consistent. I write in simple sentences, mostly. Though it might seem childish (im working on that), it's slightly easier on the mind to read, but I guess you can read it for yourself and see how it works out for you. Do drop me a sentence if u have any comments about my writing style though, I'll be glad to hear it since I'm rather curious.

On a side note, do also check out Reina Adriadne's works, they're all pretty good too, heh.

You can also find me on ao3 if need be. I'll try my best to upload my works both here and there, haha. (im not kidding when i said im lazy)

Signing off,


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Metamorcy (126)