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PLEASE NOTE: The texts previously published here are and will remain available on AO3! Find me there as LauraDove: https:// www. archiveofourown. org/users/LauraDove

For years now, FFNet has purposely made it harder and harder for legitimate users, including the very writers providing it with content for free, to access its site. I now have reached a point where I simply refuse to continue fighting for the "privilege" of offering them my work. Not to mention I don't support businesses which practice discrimination and ableism: their captcha and browser check fails for a variety of human-operated devices, and they don't care.

As a consequence, I am fully migrating to AO3. If you enjoy my writing, check https:// www. archiveofourown. org/users/LauraDove

My stories are also available on my personal site: http:// www. Espezon. org/SF/fanfic/