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Author has written 18 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Batman, Batman Beyond, Redwall, Rise of the Guardians, Watership Down, How to Train Your Dragon, Warriors, Teen Titans, and Lethal Weapon.

Age: 20

Favorite Color: turquoise

Likes: heavy metal (think Metallica, Nightwish, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Scorpions, and my favorite band Disturbed); rats; making AMVs; video games; parodies (as long as they do not seem too disrespectful: I prefer spoofs directed by Mel Brooks for that reason); Redwall books; the show Batman Beyond; Phineas and Ferb; and the film Watership Down.

Dislikes: the Twilight saga (the films: I haven't read the books yet to say if I like them or not) (but I do like parodies of it); the color pink; most country music; and most rap music. But hey, those are just my opinions.

About Myself: I am a metalhead (look at my likes list to know what bands I like and to get an idea of what metal sub-genres I like); a picky yet experimental eater (however the heck that works); an animal lover (with the notable exception of coyotes: those things are just disgusting! Well, except for Wile E. Coyote of Looney Tunes fame); a history enthusiast; and a cancer-survivor, having battled neuroblastoma at the age of one year (I say this for the sake of honesty, not to gain sympathy).

YouTube Channels: Watership's Nightwish and BatScorpion95

Videos on YouTube include:

Redwall: Redwall Randomness

Martin and Matthias--'Die Dead Enough' by…

Redwall - Blood of Heroes

Matthias Tribute- -'Warrior' by Disturbed

Felidae: Francis (Felidae) Tribute--A Touch Of Evil

Watership Down (a lot of videos in this category): Nightwish-Over the Hills and Far Away-Wa…

Watership DownNIMHOnision= Hazel's…

Watership Down--'I'll Get Even' by Megadeth

Watership Down -I'll Get Even (Remake)

Hazel, Fiver and Bigwig--'Far Cry'

Rabbits of Watership Down watch Lethal …

Watership Down--'The Night'--Disturbed

Watership Down - Bring Me To Life

Watership Down- -One Last Breath

Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow Tribute--'Soon Enough'

'Escapist'--Nightwish--Shadow Tribute

Shadow the Hedgehog Story Spoof

Batman Beyond: Batman Beyond Terry Tribute--New World …

Batfamily - Men in Tights

Batman Beyond -Falling Inside The Black

Batman Beyond AMV- -Blackout

The Adventures (and Misadventures) of Batman Beyond

Batman BeyondCircus for a Psycho

The Lion King: Kiara and Kovu Tribute--'Rock N Roll Children

Lion King 2- -Realize We Are One (Open Your Eyes)

Dreamworks Animation: Rise of the Guardians- -Dream Warriors

Jack Frost- -Moondance

Lord Shen- -Public Enemy No. 1

Treasure Planet: Treasure Planet- -Jim Tribute- -The Curse

Treasure Planet AMV -Crystal Planet

Treasure Planet- -Ocean Soul


Avatar: my rat Shadow (RIP) sitting in his little house.

Pets: I have two rats (Cornflower and Teresa) and a dog (Styks).

Random Stuff Section:

I took a couple of online quizzes one night: one superhero, one celebrity. For the superhero, I was the most like the Punisher (I'm not even that violent!), but I was the most like Betty White in the celebrity one. How is it that I can be most like two completely different people?! Then again, billionaire Bruce Wayne is the crime-fighting Batman. I could be more like Bruce Wayne than I ever thought! O_o Sometimes even I surprise myself! A couple years ago, though, when I took a celebrity quiz I was the most like Angelina Jolie. I think I would've been the most like Spider-Man in the superhero quiz back then. Hmm... .

Now for some facts about some of my original characters (OCs):

Coba Brooklyn (also Bluepaw): Species: human (cat as Bluepaw). Height: 4' 6" (obviously smaller than that as a cat). Age: 13, 14, 15 (six moons as Bluepaw). Appears in: all of the Batgirl of the Future stories I have written (I haven't found any other stories with Batgirl of the Future as the title, but that doesn't mean that they probably aren't out there) as a human, Batcat Beyond: A Warrior Reborn as a cat. Likes: inventing useful items (like an animal communicator), hanging out with her half-brother Terry McGinnis and helping him whenever possible, learning about history from Bruce Wayne (and by herself), listening to heavy metal music, and knowing that her family members are safe. Dislikes: Justin Bieber's music, Derek Powers, Fixx, criminals, Nelson Nash, fighting with Terry, and losing the lives of loved ones. Song that fits her: "The Curse" by Disturbed.

Sepia the Mouse: Species: mouse (duh). Height: 1' 4". Age: eternally 13. Appears in: Sepia the Mouse: A Shadow of the Past. Likes: being around Shadow the Hedgehog, keeping others from being harmed, inventing technological things, and talking to Tails about movies and inventions. Dislikes: Doctor Eggman, putting others in danger, Eggman's robots, and fighting with Shadow. Song that fits her: "Remember" by Disturbed.

Thlayli: Species: rabbit. Height (standing up and including ear tips): 1' 2". Age: 8 in rabbit years. Appears in: Lethal Rabbit. Likes: joking around about danger nearby, playing with his father Bigwig, and having flayrah for dessert after dinner. Dislikes: being in real danger, getting in trouble, and when Bigwig puts him after his job on his schedule. Song that fits him: "Bridge" by Queensrÿche.

Bem: Species: lion. Height: 2' 5". Age: 12 in lion years. Appears in: The Lion King: Kopa's Return. Likes: attention from his parents, grandparents, great-grandmother, and his sister. Dislikes: being ignored, being in danger, and being put after his sister Thuraya. Song that fits him: "When You're Young" by 3 Doors Down.

Thuraya: Species: lion. Height: 1' 10". Age: 9 in lion years. Appears in: The Lion King: Kopa's Return. Likes: being able to prove to her family that she can do anything she sets her mind to despite her age and size, and knowing her brother Bem is safe (although he sometimes gets on her nerves). Dislikes: being in danger, being scolded, and being annoyed by Bem. Song that fits her: "Headstrong" by Trapt.

Shomari: Species: lion. Height: 4'10". Age: 40 in lion years. Appears in: The Lion King: Kopa's Return. Likes: to be in charge of his followers, to kill those who oppose him, and winning wars. Dislikes: being outsmarted, being overthrown, anyone in Simba's family, anyone in Zira's family, and when his plans do not work. Song that fits him: "Kill the King" by Megadeth.

Tertia: Species: rat. Height: 5". Age: 11 seasons. Appears in: Son of the Warrior. Likes: good food, good friends, and knowing everyone is safe. Dislikes: being persecuted for her race, being attacked, seeing others suffer, and having to deal with the deaths of those she cares about. Song that fits her: hmm... I need to think about that one some more...

Notes concerning some of my stories (there are some spoilers in them, so read at your own risk):

The Lion King: Kopa's Return:

Inspiration for this story came about while I was reading different stories about Kopa, Simba's son, on FanFiction. In the stories I am referring to, the ideas of what happened to Kopa and why the Outsiders were banished are revealed.

Nonetheless, this was not the only factor in my decision to write this story.

The story's idea came into mind while I was trying to think about what to draw. I wanted to draw something Lion King, but I was not sure of what that 'something' would be. I suddenly began thinking about the Kopa stories I had read, and I also thought about what Kiara and Kovu's cubs would look like. I know several people have come up with their own ideas for the couple's cubs, but I wanted to come up with my own ideas for the cubs. It was then that I set about drawing, coming up with my own plot for a story as I did. And although the title says "Kopa's Return," Kopa is not exactly the main character: the main character is mostly Kiara and Kovu's youngest cub, Thuraya, and her struggles to carry out her quest given to her by her great grandfather (Mufasa)'s ghost.

Practically needless to say, I am approaching these topics in a different way.

And yes, the book cover is the drawing that helped inspire me to write this story.

Son of the Warrior

My first Redwall fanfiction story, also the first fanfic ever that I started writing. As you can tell by the way this was written, I was still a newbie (and still am, but I'm now more experienced thanks to those who took their time to review my stories and tell me how I could write them better), so this may be a bit tougher to read than my newer stories.

Inspiration for this story came about when I was thinking about how Matthias's origins were unknown- -except for the fact that he was orphaned at a young age and wound up at the Abbey gates- -and how Martin II appeared as Redwall's Warrior in one book but no real back story for him (how he became Warrior, I mean). Then I wondered, "What if Matthias journeys to his birth place with young Martin and a few others, the events shaping Martin into a true Redwall Warrior?" I also wanted to have a rat in it and have him or her be good, so there's how I came up with Tertia.

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10 year old Warriors fan, Emmy Grace Cherry was a warrior fan and had warrior spirit. Emmy and her parents, Dana and Jimmy Cherry, were killed in a tornado in February 2007. On Wands and Worlds, a fantasy fiction forum, several fans agreed that she deserved a warrior name. One fan performed the ceremony and named her Brightspirit. Other fans agreed this was the perfect name. The Erins' placed her along with her parents in the book Long Shadows as Brightspirit, Braveheart, and Shiningheart.
Please pass this message along by copy and pasting it into your profile and adding your name to the list of people who will always remember a true warrior: Wolfgrowl, Rainshimmer, Hawksky, Leopardheart, Winterthaw, Scarheart, LarkThatSingsAtDawn, Dawneyes, Wildstorm, The Song of Falling Feathers, Keeralie Starflight, Watership's Nightwish Rat

Random Warriors Meme Time!

1) What's Your Villain Name? (Take the first half of your favorite characters name and the last half of your least favorite character):

Jaystripe (Jayfeather and Darkstripe. Jayfeather's awesome! Darkstripe... not in my opinion...)

2) What's Your Kittypet Name? (Take your favorite warriors name and mix the letters up.):

Threefair (Fireheart. He's so awesome! Except when he tries to keep Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw apart... the way he tried just wasn't very ethical.)

3) What's Your Depressed Warriors Name? (Your favorite forest animal plus dark.) (originally said "Suicidal Warriors Name," but I figured "Depressed" would be less graphic):


4) What's Your Half-Clan Name? (Take something to do with one clan and add something to do with the other clan):

Moorstream (WindClan, RiverClan)

5) What's Your Rogue Name? (First Random object you think of):

Radio (I'm a rockin' rogue, XD)

Another random meme! XD This one I saw on deviantART (I hope that doesn't break any rules!)

This one came out rather interesting.

1. Coba Brooklyn/Batgirl Beyond (Batman Beyond)
2. Thuraya (The Lion King)
3. Rockeyes (Warriors)
4. Tufani (TLK)
5. Eaglefoot (Warriors)
6. Poppyjay (Warriors)
7. Toril (How to Train Your Dragon)
8. Vali (HTTYD)
9. Shomari (TLK)
10. Ian Logan/Changeling II (Batman Beyond and Teen Titans)

1: [2] finds 7] crying. What does [2] do?
Thuraya: Is something wron--oh my gosh! IT'S A VIKING!
Toril: Huh? Oh, it's nothing...
Thuraya: *Holds up a poster of Toril* Can I have your autograph?! PLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEE??????
Toril: *Sigh* Fine, crazy lion cub... *Signs poster with a pencil and suddenly feels better after signing it for the cute cub*

2: [1] and [6] are out on a date when [4] spots them. How does [4] react?
Tufani: Why is my human self dating a member of a different species?
Coba: We're not really dating...
Poppyjay: Because cross-species relationships are the new thing!
Coba: We're not dating!

3: [3] walks in when [8] is changing. What happens?
Rockeyes: *Stops on seeing Vali changing* What in StarClan--?
Vali: GET OUT, STUPID CAT! *Throws sword at Rockeyes*
Rockeyes: *Runs as fast as her leg will let her and evades the sword* Crazy Two-legs...

4 : [1, [2, [4, [5, [7, and [10] are in a car. What's going on?
Coba, Ian, Toril and Eaglefoot: Whoooaaaaaa, we're half-way theeeerrrrre.
All: Whoooaaaa-OOOHHHH!
Tufani, Thuraya, Coba and Toril: LIIIVin' on a Pray-AIR!

5: [6] walks in on [1] and [9] in a bedroom. What happens?
Poppyjay: Step AWAY from my girlfriend!
Coba: We're not in a relationship!
Shomari: Dude, we were just talking about how her stories get more production than mine.
Poppyjay: I don't want my girlfriend with a killer!
Coba: We're NOT in a relationship! Besides, I have to be around killers anyway. It's part of my job, remember?

6:While [3, [5, and [10] are cleaning, they find a photo book full of embarrassing pics of [2]. What happens?
Rockeyes: What the...
Eaglefoot: *Covers eyes* I won't look at something bad of the opposite sex!
Ian: I will! *Snatches photos, and is stunned* Wait, is that Thuraya twerking?
Thuraya: What are you doing?!
All three: Nothing!

7: [8] and [4] are playing a video game. Who wins?
Vali: How in Thor's name can you win when you don't have any thumbs?!
Tufani: *Smirks smugly* Telekinesis, Two-legs.

8: [9, [7, [5, [2, and [6] are having a race. Who would win?
Shomari: I would!
Thuraya: Because you'd be cheating.
Shomari: Shut up and keep up, furball!
Toril and Poppyjay try to keep up, then take the lead, then everyone is overtaken by Eaglefoot.
Eaglefoot: Like flying like an eagle, mouse-brains!

9: [10] kisses [3] in front of [8]. What happens?
Rockeyes's eyes widen in surprise as Ian (as a cat) kisses her.
Vali: *Scowls* Dang cats! Knock it off!

10: [1] and [6 ] are now tagging four people to do this meme. Who do they tag?
Coba: Hmm... I choose... *someone*. Because she's cool.
Poppyjay: *Someone else, I choose you!
Coba: What? You really think they're a Pokemon?
Poppyjay: Calm down, babe, I'm just kidd--
Coba: *Turns into Bluegaze and claws Poppyjay* I'm NOT your babe!

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