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Hey! We hope you guys enjoy our fanfic. We are working really really hard on it. Please review! We do read our reviews constantly, and take any suggestions into consideration. Please check out our site for even more Fushigi Yuugi stuff! It's If you have any questions or anything at all please email us we will respond ASAP.

Oh, by the way, you may realize that under our favorite stories list it's like FY, FY, Titanic, FY, FY...well that's because one of my (by the way this is Nyan Nyan) friends wrote the Titanic fanfic, and even though I'm not a big fan of Titanic fanfics, I love this one! So please check it out! It's awesome!

A little something about us...
We both LOVE Fushigi Yuugi, you could easily call us obsessees. We are best friends and talk to each other almost every single day. This fanfic is our life. We love writing it and we love people reading it. We had this idea in April 2003 and have been working every chance we can get since.

Mrs. Tasuki's fav. character: Tasuki (duh!)
Nyan Nyan's fav. character: Hotohori.

Music: We both tend to stick to music on the rock spectrum.
Mrs. Tasuki's favorite band: Drain STH (But she usually listens to punk, like Dead Kennedys, Lower Class Brats, The Sex Pistols, Black Flag, etc...)
Nyan Nyan's favorite band: Linkin Park

Movies: Mrs. Tasuki is into horror and artsy flicks, but Nyan Nyan is into comedy.

IM US: nyannyan321 and mrstasuki57

Things we hate:
1. Yaoi- We can't stand them. (Sorry for all of the Yaoi-lovers out there). This may be because our favorite characters are the two most oftenly put into Yaois.
Nyan Nyan: Just because a guy is beautiful doesn't mean he's gay, AND he loves a GIRL. 'nuff said.
Mrs Tasuki: Tasuki is not gay. period. Just 'cause he says "I hate women," does NOT make him gay. In the gaiden Genrouden he says "I hate men even more."
2. Miaka and Tamahome- we can not stand them. In our opinion,Miaka is a horrible interpretation of a 15 year old girl and Tamahome is the classic hero-boy. But do not worry, we will TRY to keep them into character in our fic.
3. Reading fics that do not even try to keep the characters "into character"- we are trying really hard to not do that to ours, and hope it shows!

Hope you guys like our fic!

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