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JC: See these 3 people on the profile pic? yea, thts us, only i cut my hair recently and its short black hair...and im ugly


CINNAROSE: sigh...low self-esteem JC

JC: glad you know, and fine then, im farrrr from cute or pretty



(Extranote: actual drawing of us coming soon so just bear with us)



(I'm the one on the side with long hair in profile pic)

Name: Animepup1599
Nickname: Animepup (nooo, really?)
Gender: well obviously im female along with 99.99% of the population that write fanfictions
Age: It's a number
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Height: Taller than 0 cm
Weight: Heavier than 1 kg
Overused Phrase: "Uggh", "NYAAHHHH", "You're so weird (refering to JC, jc:only because you spend too much time with me)", etc
Interests: Drawing, Dancing, Anime, Music, Singing, Manga, and anything related to animals.
Obsession: Anime and Manga...biotch
Best Friends: MangaluverJC and my kawaii CinnaRose
First thought waking up: "Nng, 5 more minutes...*snore*"


(im da mofo with short ass hair on the side, and im supposed to be taller than animepup by like a few centimeters)

Name: MangaluverJC
Nickname: JC (what was your first clue?)
Gender: I'm an alien
Age: Why do you care...stalker
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Height: Shorter than something cm
Weight: Heavier than 100000000kg (that's right i'm that fat *smack*OW! animepup: HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU? YOUR NOT FAT cinna: *sigh*)
Overused Phrase: "I'm huuuuungry", "tch, whatev", "I'm going to kill you", "I hate you", "screw you", "DEAL WITH IT", "Why hello mofo", "wht up muthafucka", (the list goes on)
Interests: more eating... procrastinating...what else do you need?
Obsession: uhh...Mori-senpai? any hot anime guy with black hair. (I've got a thing for them :3)
Best Friends: ...No one, im forever alone *smack* DUDE! STOP THAT! animepup: stop saying stupid things then! jc: promises *smack* OW!
First thought waking up: I always wake up in the middle of the night so when i do and i check my alarm clock and i literally scream "YESHH, 4 MORE HOURS! WOOOP!" and wake my parents and sister up. It's a daily routine.
Known for: Being violent, for example, if you call me an ugly bitch, i would go like "kk, whatev, haters gonna hate" if you call my friends ANYTHING BAD, you better run for the hills cause i will hunt you down and...well, let's leave it there before i scar someone.


(im in the middle! so much love)

Name: CinnaRose
Nickname: Cinna(nice ta meecha!)
Gender: Female, durr
Age: Well, I am the fine age of (insert age here)
Eye Colour: Brown - so interesting, right?
Hair Colour: Brown (or a lovely shade of mud, if you’re one of those prissy types)
Height: Height: I’m short. SHADDUP!
Weight: Well, my weight ranges from 10 kgs to over 9000 kgs. Try figuring that out biiiiiiiiiii...scuit
Overused Phrase: “WOOT!”, “sigh”, “JC, DON’T DO IT!”, “okie”
Interests: Video games, Youtube, sleeping, reading manga, being awesome (as usual)
Obsession: KPOP WOOT WOOT! and hot anime/manga guys, of course.
Best Friends: Animepup1599 and MangaluverJC of course! (jc:...who da hell are you? *smack* ow! animepup: be nice!)
First thought waking up: A BRAND NEW DAAAAAAAAAAAAY! That I’d like to sleep through...


Hey animepup1599 here with my "friend" mangaluverjc and my bestie CinnaRose

jc: yo

cinna: hieee

animepup: shut up, anyways, we are new on fanfic...well CinnaRaose and I am anyways, but critiques are welcomed to..well critisize our work, but be warned, jc here will kick your ass if you write any flames

jc: *cracks knuckles*

animepup*shudders*we will be having a few OC's in our stories, other then that enjoy! jc, do the honors please

jc: we don't own anything...for now...except our OC's and if you don't know what an OC is... go search it up, im too busy being a lazy bum to tell you


Earl and fairy OC's

Alice Clemmons:

Hey! My names Alice! If you think that I am very "elegant" and "lady-like" and all that crap, boy, are YOU wrong! I am going to be the biggest klutz you will ever find! I have absolutley NO sense of direction, and I'm almost ALWAYS daydreaming... or so people told me *tee-hee* I grew up with Lydia Carlton, and I have absolutely no memory of my past. Since Lydia is a apparently a Fairy Doctor, she told me I'm HALF fairy *giggle* doesnt that sound silly? Some say that I'm cheerful and too forgiving for my own good *cough*JC*cough* But... what do they know? Being optimistic isn't THAT bad...right? But back on track, I've lived with Lydia for as long as I can remember, WE'RE PRACTICALLY SISTERS! (But not actually BLOOD-RELATED...) I can see fairies just like she can, and they never cease to amaze me... We had a pretty simple life, Lydia, me and Nico (our... well... talking, drinking cat friend) When Lydia's dad invited us to visit him in London, never had I imagined what that would bring...


Scarlett Thorne:

Okay, enough of that lady, time for the spotlight to shine on the next character...ME! Thats right, this awesome badass chick is named Scarlett Thorne AKA: me. But before you know about me and how I became badass, you need to know about my past a bit. I was found on the streets by Ermine...when she was still alive in HUMAN flesh, just a bit after Edgar (my new master) took Ermine and Raven in. Since Ermines...gone, I'm like a second sister to Raven. I'm proud to be his sister i mean...ISNT HE JUST THE CUTEST LITTLE BOY EVER!? *ahem* But if you ever mess with the people I care about, you. will. pay. dearly. Like Raven, I also have a sprite as well living in my large scar gash on the right side of my neck, but unlike Raven, I can control it. Its usually not visible, unless you REALLY piss me off...but I guess my "toughness" is a way of hiding my greatest fears and weaknessess...WHAT THE HELL AM I TELLING YOU?! YOU HEARD NOTHING! Last piece of info, when I'm fighting, I will give off super natural powers. But who knew my life was going to be turned upside down when I got assigned to protect and befriend Lydia and Alice...


Ouran Highschool Host Club OC's

This is what they look like! Drawing curtosy of moi (animepup) and more drawings coming out in the future!

Akira Yamamoto:

HEY YOU! Yeah, I'm talking to you! Enough of those fairy people, I mean, they were from the freaking middle ages! It's time to move on to a more modern generation! That's right, Natsumi and I are starring in Ouran Highschool Host Club (also known as OHHC)! Anyways, my name is Akira Yamamoto, I'm a first year with the Hitachin twins, Haruhi and Natsumi. Ummm... I hate garlic and anything that's too sweet... But other than that, I like anything edible and... OH and Mori-senpai I mean isn't he just hot?! :3 But I hate Tamaki *dark aura* and the way he treats Haruhi. I am the oldest child in my family, so I WAS supposed to be the heir of my dad's company, but my grandmother, who always disapproves of me being "unfeminine" or "stupid" or "fights too much". Once she even told me I was a mistake... So unless she dies, her authority is the most valued, and at the moment the company belongs to my younger brother. Oh well! My dad actually encourages me to "be myself", but due to my grandmother, I can't, that's why I always "disappear" for a while and spar with Mori-senpai. Haruhi, Natsumi and I are childhood friends from way back. But then, one day we had to move to a "rich school" and leave our friend behind... But now, we are reunited. YAY! But as soon as we see her again, that idiot breaks an 8, 000, 000 yen vase *sigh*. So now we are working in the Host Club to help pay her debt (since she refuses to accept "charity"). We don't need to cross dress since we are apparently the "two hottest girls in school", so we gain male and female costumers. But enough of me, without further ado, here's Natsumi! *glares at you* be nice to her.


Natsumi Suzuki:

Ehehehehehe... sorry about that guys, Akira has a threatening/protective tendency, please ignore that, she is actually really quite nice. I am Natsumi Suzuki, a first year, pleased to make your acquaintance! Just to let you know, people always tell me I'm too blunt and straight forward, so... yeah... Anyways, both Akira and I have the complete school uniform, which is surprisingly different from what the other girls wear. *sigh* no matter how many times I lecture Akira, she refuses to wear her uniform properly. Both of us would always escape and "crash" at Haruhi's because of our family issues. Since I'm the youngest in my family, (also the only girl) I always get compared to my perfect brothers. Kaito-nii chan (my oldest brother) is the only one, other than my mother, who I was really close to. Whenever my father or Ren-nii chan (my second older brother) yelled at me for being a "useless, stupid, little girl", Kaito-nii chan would always comfort me until I cheered up. But ever since I entered highschool, and Kaito-nii chan went to America for medical school, I lost all contact with him. It's probably because my dad says I'm a bad influence, since I don't have excellent grades and he doesn't want me to effect my brother... The Suzuki Company is a rivaling company against the Ootori Company, since we provide the best concoctions and medicine and band-aids, etc. But the Ootori family refuses to acknowledge our products, so in other words we "hate" each other. I just met the youngest son of the Ootori family this year, and I really don't get him. Maybe that's because I've never really interacted with him that much, but since I'm working in the Host Club now, perhaps I'll understand him better! One thing I don't understand... why did Kyoya-sempai accept my help so easily? I'm not popular and gorgeous like Akira, and I DEFINITELY don't have good grades *sigh*. It's a miracle that I actually get quite a few costumers! Oh well, it's not really important as long as it helps my friends!


Katekyo Hitman Reborn OC's

Yuki Watanabe

I don't have much to say...I dress up as a guy even though I'm a girl. I don't know why I should do this but Reborn is making me do this...I like to eat sushi...I'm a musical prodigy, or so I am told. I think all the guys in the Vongola family are stupid...uh...I am very protective of my few friends and am not afraid to stake everything to protect someone...I am known to be very cruel...and...yea. I play mainly a flute I carry everywhere with me. It's expandable and can contract, it turns into a scythe...I have black hair and blue eyes which I can change to a different shade of blue by will. I don't go looking for fights, it's just that they come to me. I am Sawada Tsunayoshi's cousin, I came to live with him after someone killed my parents. I have a friend named Mizuki, but she'll come along later. *yawn*

this is what Yuki looks like as a male

even as a male, Yuki looks me at least...*emo corner* thts so sad.

but here is the current, female version of her

look at her, all smiley and shit

future yuki is fabulous

Mizuki Hashimoto

Hello there Unlike that party pooper Yuki, I have lots to say about myself! (jc: keep it short Mizuki animepup: let the girl talk! jc: *sigh*) *giggle* Thanks Animepuppy! Anyways, I am 15 years old, birthday is in August, my eyes change colour from silver to brown to even purple at times, favorite food is anything sweet! I love to shop and I'm basically your practical "girly-girl" or the "girl next door". However, get on my bad side and you will personally regret it for life! You see, when you get on my bad side (which is not very often, so you should thank the lord for that), I won't kill you, cause to me, that is a bit too forgiving, no I will torture to no end and refuse to let you die until I think you've had enough *giggle* It's beneficial to me because I enjoy your pain Yuki always calls me a sadist for that reason *pout*. I just sound like a psychopath to you right? Wait, there's even more! I normally don't do that type of thing but I will if it is my very very very very very very very very VERY last resort. I often enjoy the thrill of getting into fights, especially with strong opponents! That reminds me, where the hell is Hibari? Anyhow, I love the feeling of adrenaline coursing through my veins, feeling danger surround me and seeing death right beside me! My oh my! I must sound insane right? Don't worry, it get's even better. I don't like cheese. I know, you probably hate me right now, oh well Fun fact time! I hide my guns under my skirt, the contents are a revolver, and parts of a gun so I can easily build a bigger one when needed. I also hide my bullets under my skirt, how do I do that? That's for me to know and for you to never find out How did Yuki and me become best of friends? Even we can't explain that! But one thing is for sure, I loooooooooooove her to bits! She's so cute when she was dating that boy...Which reminds me I have to hunt him down and kill him. Anyways, despite my sadist and slight masochist personality, I'm a sweet, fun-loving person! Hope we can be friends in the near future assuming I didn't scare you with my..."reasons"!

this is what Mizuki looks like...yayz?

I know, dang she's a sexy thang

future mizuki doe...

Yeah, i kinda just gave up on the other photos for like everything...sry?

Digimon Frontier OC

Yuki Amano (yes, I know she has the same name as the Yuki in KHR, but they are 2 different people, kk?)

Age: 11

Legendary Warrior of Water



This is the drawing of Yuki I did. have a younger sister, Amano Ai age 6, and we lost our parents 4 years ago. After that, we spent about 2 years bouncing between all our relatives before finally settling down with my grandmother. At school, I was known as the "cool beauty", why, I'll never know. Life was pretty simple, and possibly a bit boring. School consisted of lectures, homework, and tests then repeat. Oh, but there was this... "interesting" guy in my class. His name was... Kikura? Kamuri? Kimura? Kimura! That was his name! I think...Its was, um, Kimura... something... Anyways, I got this text message one day, then... my life turned upside down...

Free! OC

Kobayashi Sora

...(jc:...well? Talk already! animepup: dont rush her!) ... (jc: ... animepup: ...) ...(jc: why i oughtta-) Hello. I am the heir to Kobayoshi products. Nice to meet you...Go read the story... (jc: ...*sigh*emo corner* how did i create such an OC!? animepup: *pat* its ok, the readers can find out more in the story)

well, no point in dawdling, this is wht she looks like...just with straighter hair of course.


jc: there are going to be more OC's for much much much much much...

animepup: OK WE GET IT!

jc: sheesh, are you pmsing or something? anyways before animepup starts to lecture me...

animepup: *lecturing*

jc: *sigh* too late, but we are going to write more fictions for different animes, mangas, cartoons, you name it!

Anyways, MangaluverJC out

animepup: anyways, look forward to our stories together such as "The Red Thread Of Fate" an Ao No Exorcist Parody or "Ouran Highschool Host Club" Cheezy titles, I know but as jc always says to me in real life "DEAL WITH IT" *sigh* I really want to know what's wrong with that girl...

jc: *yelling* A LOT OF THINGS!

animepup: Just look forward to the story pls :3


Animepup1599 and MangaluverJC and CinnaRose out

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