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Hello my this is SxDsX.
Don't ask how I got my pen name, it just happened.
Anyway I'm a guy, 18 years old, and my first name is Devon.

Thats enough personal information, for my liking.

Three years have passed since I last published a chapter onto my story, but I have come back with more knowledge and grammar. Well, maybe not. But my knowledge is more bigger than it was three years ago. That I am sure of. Anyway, I'll be continuing it. If any of my old readers come back to read it. You have my thanks. Anyway, the ship I sail is ZeldaxLink. That is the only ship I sail because. I'm still driven to the fact that they belong together. HOW MANY TIMES HAS LINK BEEN UGH. I was ship sailing other pairings back then, but I don't feel passionate about them any longer, not as passionate as I am with Zelink but you get the point.

One last thing, I love lemon meringue pie. That is all.

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AU Zelink: "I will protect you for as long as I have too. I will run where you need to run, I will hide wherever you need to hide, and I will fight anyone you need to fight. I swear on these words and if I break them, may Death drag me down himself."
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Through the Years by Queaky reviews
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Its Finally Over reviews
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