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June 26, 2013


Hopefully I'm coming off as less spazzy as time marches on. I guess I'm getting used to this whole throwing-stuff-at-the-internet-and-seeing-what-sticks-thing. This seems as good as spot as any to blab for second. RL stuff has been kinda gettin' me a bit down, not to the point where I'm gonna start whining about it here, but it's been draining me of the will to try and write anything, and what I have been writing has been a bit... well, dark. Kinda. A little angry, too. I say this b/c apparently some people want to see "Lilly Quits" get finished, and I will, and actually soon, too. I just don't want to try and finish it quick, so it ends with everyone suddenly getting cancer as an orphanage burns down during the apocalypse... or something. WITH DEAD KITTENS EVERYWHERE. AND THEY WERE DRUNK KITTENS, AND THEIR CARELESSLY DISCARDED CIGARETTES BURNED DOWN THE ORPHANAGE.

And then, the cannibals arrive.

Their chieftain walks up, looks at Lilly, and says, "So, what's eating you?"

Ok, I'll stop now.

On the plus side, a good chunk of the "Lilly Quits" ending is finished, and most of the work is in terms of polishing it up. "Beautiful" is going to be a bit longer than what I have been doing lately, but not too big. Updates will take longer though. And I might toss up another HSS for the lulz.

Also, I would like to thank everyone that has favorited and followed what I have done. Usually I try to shoot these thanks through PMs, but b/c I've been busy being all mopey n' such, I've let them pile up. So, thanks! Hope you're enjoying yourselves.

Agust 15, 2013


Holy crap, it's been almost a month. I'm very glad I didn't actually put up any dates on when anything was getting done. The only thing I've screwed up on is the length of "Beautiful"; the damn thing is turning into a monster. Seriously. I've, or more like I'd, reached a nice little groove where I could churn out a story in about 6000 words or so. Just a quick thing that you could read when on a break or just to kill a little bit of time.

The next chapter of "BP" is 4800 words and counting.

It also needs to be extensively edited.

I don't have nearly as much time as I did when I started posting on here, so things are going to get a little bit clogged up, it seems. However! That doesn't mean that I am not going to do what I said what I was going to do. So, patience, please. And I don't mean to be insulting, not at all actually; I'm actually kinda glad people don't hound me. Not that I'm probably worth hounding, but whatever! Yay! No pressure except the pressure I put on myself! I just feel I owe anyone who cares an explanation. Oh, and again, sorry for not replying to favorites and follows and such. Thanks to you all, in the most generic way possible to boot! Yay!

I've also thought of something else for the cannibal chieftain to say:

walks up to Lilly, gets on knee*

CHIEFTAIN: Now, I really don't do or like blind dates all that much, but for you, I'd make an exception. How about I have you for dinner?

Dempsey runs for cover as people stop throwing tomatoes at him and start throwing cinder-blocks instead*

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