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Well, I guess I might as well spend some of my time updating my profile, ne? ^^ I'm 15, and I have been playing on the computer since I was 6 and type at a 19 year old level, and love drawing fanart and writing fanfiction. I have long brown hair with natural blonde streaks down to my waist, forest green eyes in the winter, brown in the spring, sapphire in the summer, and honey yellow in the fall and sometimes have tan skin or white. My favorite charactors are Malik Ishtar (The light, I despise his darker half dearly..Look what he did to poor Malik-kun!) from yugioh, and Sesshomaru from Inuyasha. My top favorite quote is: If you love someone, put their name in a circle, not a heart. Because a circle goes on for ever, but a heart can be broken.

I'm a pretty easy girl to get along with, but there are a few things that really piss me off o.O:


Art thieves, graphic thieves, etc.

Guys who treat girls like prized possesions (now this one really pisses me off. So, be warned, if you dare try pulling something like this I'll rip out your guts and put them in a bowl. -_-')


People who spam, scam, etc.

Snotty girls

Nyah..that's about it..Now, for things I do like. (sigh, going to be a long ride o_o)

Sakura trees and petals

Drawing, writing, singing (not in choir, though..surprised? I sure am. o.0)

Hurting a guy's pride, and showing them girls are NOT weak.

Hanging out with friends

REVIEWS! (hint hint ^^)


Anime. Anime, anime anime. ^^


The rain


Not being at school

Playing on the computer, updating fictions, getting drawings from people, drawing pictures for people



Dancing (sometimes..though, I don't really think I'm that good)

Egyptian and Japanese stuff


Learning any kind of self defense/fighting techniques

Driver permits (pouts cutely) I want mine, damnit! Just..half a year..left..O_O

Category I belong in: Independant, cocky, cheerful, friendly (split personalities? o.o;;)

Description: Friendly, and usually easy to get along with. Maylia can be cocky sometimes, and loves acheiving things by herself (but she doesn't ignore help when it's needed). She's sometimes oblivious when someone likes her, or she likes them. Or, sometimes she just pretends she doesn't notice. She never refuses a challange, and loves singing, rollplaying, but most importantly, anime.

Enemies on this site: People who literally COPY other's fics, and flamers.

Friends on this site: Too many..but I love em' all to death. ;)

I wanted to say thanks to those who put me on their favorite author's list. ^^ Here they are: The Priestess kikyo Calista 'Narelle' Cameron Jin's Mate Forever SilvernFalcon Derrick the Shrub Sarah and Tamera Tashimono tiler ShadowzofChaos MistressMoonDemon kotori*fee Tiffy-yang Lostinashadow Sun-Princess2 SiriusObsession firewitch666 Midoriko1416 Bloodlust79 Seida02 Kagi-chan Sarcasm Girl8 Kawaii Saki-chan kaw@iyuzumichan SkyBlueSunShine vuvu luvs u imyourbutterfly16 GettingMad Koneko8844 I-LUV-FLUFFY-SAN46 Kai's Dragon Gothic Kag Also, thanks to those who put me on their author alert list. Here they are as well: SilvernFalcon Lady-Silverkiss Derrick the Shrub Mistress Nika The lady winged Knight ShadowzofChaos Story Weaver1 Jin's Mate Forever Mysthique bad-girl4 Yujin-chan aka Neko Megami sesshomarus-lady12 Tiffy-yang InuYashafan98072 Lostinashadow Sun-Princess2 chaosblizzard Lavender Valentine chibi kuro inuyokia LuckyKoorime IWorshipInuSesshyMalfoyLebeau Mourning-kun firewitch666 Inuyasha'sSouthernGurl kag+inu=love JoJo10 Xio the Dog Demoness Seida02 georgiea1 Kagi-chan Sarcasm Girl8 jediprophetessSchag Kawaii Saki-chan KenshinOtaku nytefyre15 silverspun kaw@iyuzumichan Bloodlust79 DemonWicca1 chibi kuro inuyokia Arteme darkmikodemon SkyBlueSunShine vuvu luvs u Kang-Lin Miko Sorrow SniperGirl Super Hyper Anime Lover PegasusRider spooky18 Sweet-single bratgoddess88 kagome-1990 ClumsyGoth Missyeru MiKoTsUnAmI99 Agent-Anime xAmayAx Amphitrite I-LUV-FLUFFY-SAN46 LAdyLightHeart CrystalTears22 pinkclove Golden-Eyed-Girl Llamachick ElvenYoukai Kagome lover 2009 bunniculasama bleedingwings666 Neko-Yuff16 inuyashalover4evr imyourbutterfly16 LightningRose Triligy little elfling yujia23798 Lynx Yamato TiarellaCordifolia Silent Nox aska19 inukagonly Kagome Goddess Of Light May 1st, 2004 - I'm really surprised at all the reviews I'm getting on my new story - An Angel Indeed. ^^ I'd like to thank those who are enjoying the story, and thank those who reviewed even more. Without you guys, I wouldn't be able to continue. Also, I noticed over 40 people have added me to their author alert - and I just wanted to say thank you for that also. If you want to talk to me, IM thunder19004. I usually have an away message on, but don't be shy..I'll still answer when when you send it. I put that on there when I'm doing something, that way if it's someone I'd rather not talk to at the moment if I'm busy, I won't have to deal with the message popping up while I'm working, so I can answer it later. :) May 8th, 2004 - I've made a new story called Uncommon Common Cold, and it is, as usual, an Inuyasha fic. Here's the summary: Inuyasha has the common cold! And with Kagome in her time and Sango and Miroku er..Gone, all that's left is Shippo to take care of him. What's a poor hanyou to do? Just sit back and let your desire for humor kick in. :) I recently saw anime called Wolf's Rain, and I was instantly addicted to it, all thanks to a friend of mine named Ito Chan60 when she asked if I could draw Kiba in his human form for her. Of course, I wasn't into it much yet, so I asked her what he looked like, and she told me. So I scrolled through the net and finally came upon a Kiba shrine, which also told alot about the series and thus began my addiction to Wolf's Rain. Of course, Inuyasha will always be numero uno..Followed by Fruits Basket..Then Yugioh..And..You get the point. Speaking of anime, I'm working on a new Inuyasha fic that should be post soon, and the summary will be here shortly, as well. ^^ May 27th, 2004 *sighs* It's been awhile since I updated this place..*coughs when she enhales some dust* But anyway, I'm back, with a whole new story - Reborn Ocean! Please R&R if you have the time. Also, check out DerricksRandomRamblings stories, too. He's a very close friend of mine, and I am sure he would appreciate some reviews. ^^ That's all for now! Tune in next time for the random updates of - Itoshii Hime Maylia Intusha's profile - a.k.a. the random zone!

June 9th, 2004: WAAAAAH! It's been almost 2 weeks since I updated this place! -sniffle- I'm so sowwy! I've been really busy with school ending and all..Anyway, it's summer vacation, and I promise to get my fics updated asap! -dodges a rotten vegetable thrown by an angery fan-

June 11th, 2004: Yay! One story updated so far! Others will be updated asap. ;)

July 14th (1:00 over here xP): -nearly faints- I feel so loved! Look at all of the reviews! Anyway, I've decided to direct my attention at finishing An Angel Indeed before I start anything else. Here's an idea I have for an upcoming fic: Kagome and Inuyasha are two of the best snow boarders in Tokyo, and two of the bitterest rivals in the world. No matter how hard they try, they always end up at the finish line in a tie. What happens when they're trapped, TOGETHER, in a cabin in the mountains after a blizzard - for SIX months? Will love blossom? Inu/Kag San/Miro Well..can't say I'm not trying to be original, right? ^^;; Oh more thing..steal my ideas for fanfictions, and I'll eat you alive, people. o.o;;

July 20th, 2004 Just made an Inu/Kag oneshot - I thought it was pretty good - plus I needed a bit of sweet fluff. ^^ Here's the summary: While in the forest with Kikyo, he calls her Kagome, and it is then that his true feelings for the miko from the future dawn to him. Will he admit his feelings for her, or continue to go into the forest, and tear Kagome's heart to shreads?

I hope you guys like it - I had alot of fun writing it. ^^

Maylia: -begins to sing Genie in a Bottle-

Feel like I've been locked up tight for lonely nights Waiting for someone To release me If you wanna be with me Baby there's a price to pay I'ma genie in a bottle Gotta rub me the right way If you wanna be with me I can make your wish come true Gotta make a big impression Gotta like what you do I'ma - *gets hit with a coconut- x_X Maylia: AHH! Why do you people always throw tropical fruits at me!? -pulls out a golden knife, which has letters engraved on it that says 'Ooh..Shineh!'- Die, tropical fruit throwers! -lunges at coconut throwers- Sesshoumaru: -pounces on Maylia before she can kill anyone- Stop, there's two suits around here somewhere..they're looking for someone to sue, stupid girl. Maylia: -struggling to break free, as if she could, and finally sighs- Fine. -_-' Maytala (my yami): -screams- MAYLIA! WHERE'S MY DAGGER!? I'm going to KILL YOU! -begins to chase Maylia- Maylia: -squeals in fear, and begins to run. After a few minutes, she throws the dagger down onto the floor- There! o.o;; Maytala: Daggie! -nuzzles dagger affectionately- Malik: Your yami has issues.. Maylia: Well, yah. But so does yours. Malik: True.. Bakura: -walks in, holding random sharp objects, and cackling insanely while singing Box Full of Sharp Objects- Maylia: O_O Bakura! What the hell is wrong with you?! And what's with the sharpies? Bakura: I'm going to kill some SUITS! -continues to sing- Maylia: Oooh..-smiles evilly- Two suits: -were walking by, but stop dead in their tracks- O_O Bakura: MWHAHAAHAHA! -lunges at suits- '.'.'.'.' Maylia: Sorry, couldn't let you see that. ^^ Malik: Yup, the gore was just too much. Bakura: -sets one foot atop the suit's corpses smirking triumphetly-

:.:.:End transmission:.:.:

I decided to add some of my favorite quotes from Inuyasha, to all who care. Feel special and read! :P

Inuyasha: I'm not either. Not exactly human, but not quite demon. I'm neither. I realized there was no where for me to go, and I also realized I was in my own world..except..I was the only one in it. That's all. Kagome: Inuyasha..thanks.. Inuyasha: -arches eyebrow- Thanks? For what? Kagome: You've never opened up to me before. I always thought to myself you were all bark and no bite, but I wasn't quite sure. I'm just glad you can talk to me about that kind of stuff..I've always wondered about your past, you know. Inuyasha: Feh.

Miroku: -eyeing a girl that's crying- Girl: me.. Sango: Miroku, don't do it,'s probably just another trap! Miroku: Sango! You know my life is devotED to helping people! I shall not walk away from a being in need..if this is a trap, I shall gladly walk into it! Sango: -_-' How incredibley unselfish of you, Miroku. Miroku: -rests arm on girl's shoulder- Now, tell me all that's on your - Sango and Miroku: -fall into a hole- Sango: I told you it was another trap..this is all your fault Miroku.. Miroku: My apologies.. Woman (which was actually a doll): -head snaps off-

(This one happened when Shippou was being challanged to a duel to the survivor of the Thunder demon tribe) Shippou: -edging towards the duel arena, which is about 3 miles away- Ehh..-walking about two inches a minute- Inuyasha: -twitches- I CAN'T STAND IT! -pulls out Tetsuseiga- Shippou: -squeals fearfully- Kagome: Inuyasha, what are you doing? o_O A few moments later.. Inuyasha: -pushing Shippou with Tetsuseiga's hilt- Shippou: I told you! I DON'T NEED HELP! Inuyasha: Yeah, except getting there!

Miroku: -holding onto a woman's hand again at dinner- (They were invited, because they had slain a demon) Will you bear my child? Old woman: -pushes younger girl out of the way and takes Miroku's hand while grinning- Let's get to it! Miroku: O.O AHH! Sango, help me! Sango: -eyeing Miroku- You finally found someone willing and able! You have my blessings.

Quotes from me and my friends "Mimi, help meeee! The crowd is SWALLOWING me!" "No! YOU save ME!" - Me and my friend when the bell rang after Math, and we lost each other in the crowd of students

"The maccoroni does not lie!" - Me

"Pardon me, may I borrow your eyebrows?" - Me

Shiggidy Shiggidy Shwa! - Friend got it from


"I'm so friggin' smart!" "Yeah, you keep saying that." - Me and my Iel, I'm so mean xD

"Don't dip in the coolade if you don't know what the flavor is!" A saying I made up years other words, it means don't dip in someone else's business if you don't know what they're talking about. :P

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