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Author has written 11 stories for Fire Emblem, Aladdin, Tales of Symphonia, Trigun, Tsubasa Chronicle, and Harry Potter.

Okies, got bored with a blank bio screen, so some stuffies to know about me...

Name: Javelin the Silent One (originally Half-Light)

Age: Somewhere between fifteen and twenty

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"


Least Fave Food: Not particularly fond of asparagus

Musical Preferences: Techno, alternative rock, maybe some rap

Fave Manga Series: Tsubasa Chronicle. Hands down.

Fave Book Series: Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon

Fave Pairing EVER: KuroFai. ((Booyah))

Likes: free love, writing, drawing, hanging out with her friends, hanging out in the ED of GaiaOnline, writing satire, talking to her best friends, swimming, mowing lawns, taking walks, reading, singing, writing music with Sonar, elves

Dislikes: religious bigots, pro-choice reasons, discrimination against homosexuals, asparagus, having to hide who she really is, not knowing, people who dislike KuroFai

Who I Once Was: Why I Changed My Penname

This used to be what my pen name originally was...an innocent child's game. A nickname I wanted, part of a "secret" I had yet to discover was fandom. And I chose something I thought sounded mysterious, yet could be shortened and cute-ified; Javelin the Silent One. A name that I once shunned, but have reaccepted.

It was under this penname that, about two or three years ago, I published a Yu-Gi-Oh story called "With Lots 'n Lots of Fluffy White Icing"--my finest work, at 49 reviews. And I was a fool...and told my parents that it was a piece about boy's love. They read it. That was my mistake--opening up to them, telling them something in a foolish hope they would accept me for who I was, for the path I was choosing for myself.

About a month later, my father sat me down at the kitchen table with my mother, a handful of homophobic rhetoric/propaganda in his hands. And he associated homosexuality with pedophilia--something that is NOT true, because not all homosexuals are evil people who want to rape children. They found rather explicit pictures my best friend and I drew as outlets for emotions, sexual repressions we didn't yet understand--things my parents were never meant to see.

I told them that I didn't love them--that I couldn't love them, not like this. And with that they severed my relationship with my best friend forcefully, mentally scarred me, and in other words drove me down a path of depression and self-mutilation that I had to drag myself out of--it wasn't God that helped me at all. It was with help from my counselor, and friends, and medication, and writing--it helped me to come to terms with myself,emerge far stronger than I was at the beginning, reforge a friendship I thought irreparable, and help my father accept me for who I was.

Half-Light was the name I chose to protect my old identity, to erase the me that existed in the shadows of my heart and try to eliminate the pain I felt from that time. But now I see that I was just hiding from it...from my past. I can cast off Half-Light now (though I still use it in various places--I don't keep a specific penname) and reclaim Javelin the Silent One--now with a new meaning.

Javelin--adagger. I thought that this was cute when I chose it. Now--it is a blade, a weapon, the mightier pen that I fight by in order to forge a better future for myself...and for others.

Silent One--sadly, my trials are not over. It's not easy being in a conservative Catholic family, forced to waste an hour of your day listening to a priest shoving rhetoric down your throat...feeling as though you might break and leave at any second, regardless of whether or not you'll find sanctuary...crying inside because the you that wants to fight must be restrained, a heart fluttering against a cage that's far too tight. But I keep my silence, and do not deny what I believe--because I know, in the end, that my silence will take words someday, and strike down these fears of mine.

For those of you confused, I don't blame you. All you need to know is that I go by a different pseudonym now.

For those of you who knew me...I'm back.


HalfLight, aka Javelin the Silent One

Upcoming Fic Ideas!

Upcoming Fanfiction Ideas:

Kingdom Hearts: Song of Tsubasa

Ah, well, the title says all. When King Mickey sends Sora and company a letter asking for a favor, it leaves everybody wondering what the heck he means. But still more questions crop up when something in the Dimensional Tunnel splits our four travelers apart, flinging them to what could be opposite ends of the worlds within the world! Now two members of our dimension-hopping group must travel to find what they lost amidst the perils of everyone's favorite Disney villains and the rise of a far more insidious gathering than perhaps even the former Organization…one that would kill to get to the power of the Kingdom Hearts.

Pairings: KuroFai (d'oh), SxS, Kairi/Sora (sorry, slash fans), maybe some Axel/Roxas

Authoress's thoughts: Now that I've written it down, it does sound a lot lamer. But this is an idea that I've had for a long time, although I don't think I fully understand the KH games (I don't have a Playstation, but I've played CoM on my GBA/DS). I'm not going to beg you to read it, because it does sound pathetic and you probably wouldn't read it anyway…but then again, that's why I'm posting this here, to see what you think :heart:. But I have ideas how I could integrate what I know about the game CoM, CLAMP crossovers and visits to some other Disney worlds, but…I don't know. What do you think?

Watashi no Umi no Kokoro

(Translates to, "My Heart of the Sea." Subject to change…buhhh, I hate titles.)'

Hybrid between Anderson's fairy tale and Disney's sugarfied version. A mermaid is bound to the sea, even if a wish is made to never return to it; only the heart of another and the consummation of a pure, ecstatic love can break this bond. One mermaid and his servant are about to find out about the power of such a wish; the heartbreak and consequence that comes from even a sweetest wish granted; and, above tears and sighs, the ultimate power of love.

Pairings: KuroFai, SxS, YukiTouya…and others. Meehhhh.

Authoress's thoughts: Well GEE, doesn’t this just sound like a BARREL of LAUGHS!…Really, though. It is a comedy in the Renaissance consideration of the word, considering the old meaning simply meant "a happy ending for all." But still…it's meant to be a bittersweet story, more like earning their happy ending rather than being just a ball of fluff that will grow a cotton tail and two rabbit ears and then proceed to give me rabies. Still, I can see problems and advantages with this one, too. Feedback is appreciated.

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