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Hey Guys! I'm Kayla Stone! I wanted to thank you all for your awesome feedback on the stories. As you can see Sonic is my favorite subject to write. But I've read in a comment that my stories aren't clear on how it's christian based with Sonic and the other characters coming to Christ when in the games, there is no biblical reference. So, here's the deal;

In this version of a Sonic X story, what's in the bible as a metaphor is fact in Sonic's world. But, christiananity had been forgotten over the years, that's why they didn't know about Christ until Emily told them. I'm planning on adding other artifacts from the Bible, so no flamers please. Thank you :)

Oh! Before I forget! I'm also on Fictionpress.com. Same username (Kayla-Stone) But, you'll find the story I'd LOVE to publish someday! Tales of Knighthood! Again, Christian based so please no flames. And I started the book when I was 16, so PLEASE be nice? Just critics I could build off of :)

Story update 1/12/13

Well guys... after talking to my consultants... And it looks like The Sonic X Series will end after book 7 and start a new series. And I'll be using the Kingdom Hearts Base. BUT!! I'll be keeping Ty, Emily and Metal with Robert still the main baddy. And, For each book, I'll be playing with different worlds for them to travel in. I'll be using any movie, any video game, or even a book (Except Harry Potter or The Golden Compass). But keep in mind I'll need to research on it first to get a plot for it.

And, I will be adding a new character. His name is Trendamire of Noxis. And I intend on having some fun with this new character

Anyway, sorry to disappoint you guys that the Sonic X Series. But I promise you, this next series will be good. Besides, Seven's a good place to end a chapter. It's a lucky number, and several authors end at seven. C.S Lewis and the author for Harry Potter for two

Well, Catch y'all flip side!

Kayla Stone

Things Going on. 4/2/13

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on much. That writer Block was brutal! But now I'm back! I just need to figure out what to do with the next series "Chronicles of the Keyblade."

And I just got a new laptop! Only thing is... my old writing apps don't work on it D: And I've lost Toa Bonds... So I may discontinue that story. But I'll be looking for a new app that will work easily with my writing. So bear with me _

God Bless Guys!


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