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Hello, world! I figured it might be a good idea to post some information about me on here so you all can get to know my interests and stuff. So here you go!

Name: SailorPluto1709

From: Michigan, United States

Age: 26

Occupation: Full-Time Leasing Consultant

Majors/Minors: English Literature/ Leadership minor

Future Plans: I actually want to become a book editor/writer for Young Adult Lit, or Sci-Fi/Fantasy... And possibly work for Disney. I love Disney. Or become a librarian. That would be a lot of fun. Or find a way to write full-time, which I would prefer... I CAN'T DECIDE.

Interests: I love to read. I'm such a huge bookworm and love suggestions for new books to read. I also love to watch movies and TV shows in my free time (if I ever get any). Even though I am 24 and a college student, I spend most of my time studying or writing. I don't like to party, anyway. Too much mental preparation before hand... Thus too much work.

Hates: Spiders. I can handle just about anything else, but you put me in the same room as a spider and I will literally kill you.

List of all the things I have fangirled over (not including actors/actresses/real people). Bold means I'm currently obsessed with it:

Harry Potter (duh)
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Kane Chronicles/Magnus Chase (You know what, this is just Rick Riordan now)
Anita Blake series
The Hunger Games
Young Wizard series
Den of Shadows series
Divergent series
Star Trek
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
Loki (he kind of deserves his own category)
Doctor Who
Big Bang Theory
Once Upon a Time
Sailor Moon
Ouran High School Host Club
Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)
Fruits Basket
Fairy Tail


Writing Style:

I'm very new at this whole writing stories thing. I used to write poetry in high school, and that is what I am most familiar with. These are literally the first stories that I have ever written. As it stands, I prefer writing in first person because I find it is the easiest to get the character's personalities across as well as their thoughts and emotions. Sacrifice is the first story that I am attempting to write all in third-person. We'll see how that goes.

Also, I really do like creating OC's. Mainly because I have a hard enough time mimicking an already established character's voice and actions as it stands. Trying to do more than one is a pain. I'll try to allude to some of my favorite ships or just use ships I don't necessary like or hate simply for story, but for the most part you will be dealing with originals with me. Hope you don't mind! Well if you do, oh well. Don't read my stuff.

Also, while some of my stories (current or future) may have romance or love in it, I am not a believer in love-at-first-sight. John Green, in one of his books, said "I fell in love like one would fall asleep: slowly and then all at once." That has always been my idea of how love works and that's how my stories are going to go if there is going to be any romantic interests. And no, I don't care if it ends up being cliche. I am part of the Disney generation, but I am loving the new turn Disney is establishing with it's movies, taking a more modern stand on how love actually works. Well, I feel it's more of a realistic stand.

Another thing: not all of my stories deal with romance, but the ones that do, I will never post smut or lemons. While I understand and fully agree that sex is an important part of a relationship (whether you're having it or not), I just don't believe it should be a major focus with my stories. The importance of my stories is their relationship and typically whatever the plot is. Sex is just a distraction from that, I think. So, if my stories are rated M, it's typically in caution for potential violence. Yes, there are scenes that have heavy implications of it (I do have a scene in Sacrifice that has a vibrator in it), but that's as lemony as it's going to get. Sorry I'm not sorry. (I suppose that means I'm not the typical fanfic writer? I have no idea.) Heavy flirting and innuendoes? Yes. Actual lemons? No.

If you come across anything in my stories that is confusing or just needs to be polished better, please let me know! I live off of constructive criticism as it is the only way to grow. Also, key word in that last sentence was "constructive." If all you want to do is go on a rant about how much you dislike one of my stories without pointing out a valid reason why or how it can be improved, I will ignore you and find out if there's a way I can block you. I don't need to read reviews like that because it's just a waste of my time. I'm writing on here to improve my writing, not listen to anybody's hate.

When it comes to a posting schedule, I don't believe in them. When I finish a chapter, I post it. So sometimes you'll get multiple updates within one day and sometimes I can't write for weeks/months at a time. *shrugs* Sorry, but not really. It all depends on if my imaginary friends are talking to me or not, and sometimes they just don't. (Or I have a different set of imaginary friends talking OVER the ones I really should be paying attention to. *sigh* I swear, my head is a day-care center with too many kids to look after.)



God of Fire: This story follows a young woman by the name of Charlotte, aka Charlie. Due to some unfortunate twist of fate (and a psychotic ex), she ends up on Asgard for safety. In an even more interesting twist, Loki is proclaimed her bodyguard to further his search for redemption. After a few clashes, the two agree to a truce and a somewhat dysfunctional bond is created. Now the two have to deal with a new threat to the safety of Asgard and Charlie personally has to face revelations about herself and her mysterious history. (All events after the Avengers do not happen in this universe, so it's slightly AU.) Currently being edited.

Confrontation: This is a companion one-shot for God of Fire. It takes place in between chapters 28 and 29 and describes what is going on while Charlie is unconscious and thus cannot see what is occurring around her. Only read if you have read God of Fire! Very Loki-centric.

Sacrifice: Ivy, a young girl backpacking through Europe, wakes up on a stone altar in the middle of a temple, with no memory of how she got there. What happens when our favorite God of Mischief shows up? After their initial encounter, Loki returns five years later. Only, he brings more baggage than intended for Ivy and she is caught between following the commands of the King of the Aesir and keeping her new-found friend. It seems more devious things are going on behind the scenes. Myth-based and not Marvel universe compliant.

Goddess of Ice: Sequel to God of Fire. It's been 14 years since we last saw Loki and Charlie. Both have fallen into a crazy kind of normalcy, what with Loki constantly busy between Asgardian court and helping Maglubiyet's new king and Charlie running the palace with Jane and being the official liaison between Asgard and Earth. Not to mention raising their daughter, Islinde. However, their sense of normality is shattered when a new threat comes. Only, they aren't after Charlie this time--they seem to have their sights on her daughter.

In progress:

You Are Not Alone: Doctor Who fanfic focusing on the 10th Doctor (he is the one I am most familiar with) and an original character I cooked up. Lily O'Shea is a London editor when she learns of some strange dealings going on at the local secondary school from some of the kids she counsels. Impersonating a student, she goes and investigates to figure out what is going on. Along the way, she meets and befriends the new teacher, Mr. Smith. Once she finds out the mystery, she forces Mr. Smith to join her on her investigation and weird happenings ensue. Oh, did I mention? She also has some strange powers to throw into the mix. Currently on hiatus. I kind of lost my inspiration for this story. I'm not giving up on it! I'm just waiting for the Doctor and Lily to show up in my head and talk to me again...


Forfeited Souls: If you have read "Goddess of Ice", then you will be familiar with this particular character. Sigyn, the Princess of Maglubiyet, and the persona Charlie lived as for seven long months, now has her own story. Princess Sigyn is a pawn within her realm's political dealings and she is still reeling from the death of her parents and the loss of her innocence all in one night. Loki, the appointed Asgardian adviser to the King of Maglubiyet, wishes very much to just MEET the woman that has been barred from ever meeting him. As political tensions rise between the appointed King and the rightful King, it's up to Sigyn, Loki, and Thukmet to keep the peace. I'm currently writing this and hope to have it mostly (if not completely) done by the time I start posting it. It will be a long story, that's for sure. I'm on chapter 17 out of a plotted 42... so, eventually.

I have another Loki story that has been chilling in the back of my creative mindscape for a while now. It stars another OC of mine. Her name is Cassiopeia ("Casey" for short). I am not entirely sure if or when I'm going to start that story only because it is very... heavy, for lack of a better term. It deals with heavy topics that I am unsure I am ready to write just yet. I know I'll have to start writing it though, because that character is getting quite loud. I don't have a title for it yet, but I'll keep that idea updated on here if I decide to write it.

Souls of Virtue: Undertale fic! I'm trying this new thing where I basically try and get most of a story written before I post it and this is my test. Anyway, this one is about a young woman who was one of the seven mages that sealed the Monsters under Mt. Ebott. The story jumps between the time before the barrier was erected and after it fell, which is a good thousand years between the two points in time. Cursed with immortality by the one who started the war between Humans and Monsters, Rhona now has to face her own guilt and the realization that all of her efforts to save the Monster race 1000 years ago may have been in vain. And it stars Frisk and the gang too! I've currently gotten the first five chapters of the story written, but I'm still kind of fumbling around trying to figure out where I'm going with it. I'll give this a better description once I do.

Regrets: Possible sequel for Sacrifice. Don't freak out! I still have a ton of holes to fill and plot to figure out, but there is a very distinct possibility that there will be a sequel posted here very soon. But I can tell you this much about the plot... Angrboda is back. And she's pissed.

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