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Author has written 2 stories for Stargate: SG-1, Naruto, and Halo.

Just a bit of warning; Life keeps my work coming out slowly. Will change soon.

AWhy the profile/Book cover? (For that one person who cares...)

The blue portal in my profile and fic's is important to the plot in the 'Ragnarok' storyline, as it is the cause of the majority of the events that take place, up to the moment it is destroyed by SG-27, causing the story 'Ragnarok' itself to take place.

i guess I just thought it fit rather well with the plot I had in mind, and stuff.

Looking for BETA to help with Ragnarok.

Fan-made canon: Ragnarok

SPOILERS: story summaries

Ragnarok summary :

The multiverse is essentially collapsing into a single reality, as the borders between universes collapse, and essentially form into a black hole-to destroy them all (the only problem is that the multiverse is infinite, so... This will take a long time).

Both the UNSC and the Tau'ri are tasked with maintaining the survival of their respective civilizations, as both opposing humans and aliens take hold in familiar regions of space.

Fighting becomes intense as gods battle men, the terrors of technology combat the terrors of numbers, and various protagonists are fought in opposing fronts, fighting one another rather than preserving each other.

-Different franchises currently included directly in Ragnarok (rights belong to proper owners)

(most) franchise/faction Suggestions are welcome

Stargate-SG1: Tau'ri, Ori, Replicators, the Trust, Ascended Ancients, and Baal

Halo: Covenant, UNSC, the flood, Librarian and Didact

Mass effect: Pre humanity, Reapers

Half-life: Combine

Doctor who: the doctor, Daleks

Warhammer 40k: Imperium of Man, and everything else. Chaos is slightly nerfed via plot.

Battlestar Galactica 2003: twelve colonies of Kobol (before Cylon invasion), cylons

Harry Potter: The wizarding society within London, voldemort's first reign of power (pre-Harry potter storyline)


Allied forces: UNSC and Tau'ri unite as a military force to defend their home world's, which happen to have 'arrived' in close proximity.

Battlestar co-operatives: the 12 colonies manage to secure a military alliance, in which they utilize in effort to commit espionage against other higher tech nations.

The terribly named 'Heroes of the imperium:' a growing separatist 'Imperium of Man' faction that is joining forces with the UNSC/Tau'ri, either joining them outright, or allying. They seem to favor the younger and less oppressive human societies more than the oppressive and controlling IOM. Now separate from the imperium, many leaders who exist on these worlds see the Tau'ri and UNSC as a way to do what they want, regardless of religion, or a certain faction who hoards tech.

Time line (essentially, nothing but spoilers)

(things to know: Since halo takes place at 2543 rather than 255X, things are obviously going to be different. Also; Since 9/11 was never mentioned within the show, it never happened... making the current world politics vaguely more stable among the Tau'ri front (and the U.S. less 'Big brother-ish.' (No NRA spying its own public through almost every platform (Internet, phone, email, text, etc))).

1995- Stargate program is brought into existence. Put into Haitus after a single mission.

1997- SG program revived, missions resume through Stargate with an increasing number of SG teams, and steadily (rather rapidly) advancing weaponry.

2000- the 'Milky Way replicators' are discovered.

2004-'Atlantis' is discovered within the Pegasus Galaxy.

2005- the goa'uld are for the most part destroyed. Any survivors take over the rogue 'Trust,' eventually infecting many, if not all of its agents with goa'uld symbiotes.

Stargate becomes AU

March 2007- the sangraal is sent to the Ori Galaxy ("Alteran Home Galaxy") in attempt to destroy the 'Ascended Ori gods.' Somehow, the machine fails.

July 2007- The Asgard race commits mass suicide upon discovering a massive genetic deficiency that would make any future attempt at life essentially a painful, and slow death. Any attempt to repair this progressively worsening disorder is done, and nothing appears to work. The Asgard decide to give the Tauri their legacy, and to continue on where they had left off, designating them the 'fifth race,' the latest member in a rather dead alliance. (Almost every member of this alliance is dead, or hidden away on some remote world, left to slowly fade out of existence.)

August 2007- SG1 (Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Tiel'c, Vala, and Cameron Mitchell) disbands, as various members either retire, or advance with their military careers.

2010- 'The Milky Way defense force' (MWDF) is effectively destroyed, and the front is pushed all the way to Earth, where it remains for two years. The Tauri are all that remain, as the multitude of remaining Humans within the Milky Way (that have been subjugated by the Ori) are brought back to the Alteran Galaxy. Despite the vast technological superiority by the Tauri, the Ori still manage to win the majority of battles through numbers alone.

December 2012- The Ori attempt to destroy Earth, only to lose. In the battle, the ratio between the Tauri and Ori fleets were 1-68. Only 24 Tauri ships existed at the time, and only four were destroyed in the battle. The battle is nicknamed "the Christmas invasion."

February 2013- The Tauri restart their offensive against the Ori, demolishing all opposition due to the full integration of the more 'better' Asgard and 'Ancient'/Alteran technologies into their ships. Beaming technology is used to pump out a new class of small 'Excalibur' class gunships, armed with a single Asgard beam, a minimal crew, and a full compliment of missiles/Railguns. They could be explained as looking similar to a much smaller BC-304, only without fighter launch bays, and a slight wedge-shape to provide as much surface area for weapons deployment as possible.

March 2013- the 'Janus time-drive' is successfully reverse engineered by a science team, who almost immediately begin tests on a nearby Excalibur class craft. The drive appears to have a 98% accuracy rating, based on how well the user is able to 'envision'/control the time device with his mind (I don't mean 'psychically.')

August 2014- the Ori are pushed out of the Galaxy, and the milky way supergates are pushed into a black hole. Any activation from the other side would result in the other Supergate turning into a black hole as well, making any further use of it a bad idea. The front is held outside the Galaxy, with almost all of the Ori forces unable to break through.

November 2014- Trust sleeper cells re-activate all across the globe, resulting in chaos across both Europe and the U.S. as the group causes disruptions throughout the nations. Many politicians are found infected with goa'uld, and are subsequently purged of said parasites.

December 2014- information on the Trust implies that they have become a serious threat, having expanded into the multiverse. It is noted that they have managed to find a way to control the replicators, utilizing them to consume universes quickly. Soldiers individually armed with nigh impenetrable shields and time-controlling devices enter the worlds that they see as technologically valuable, utilizing the remaining populace as intellectual slaves, to do what the replicators couldn't (as effectively, anyways-); create more advanced technology from their already advanced technology.

January 24th 2015- the Tauri begin their own expansion into the multiverse, managing to colonize a total of four universes before 'Ragnarok' takes place.

February 4th 2015- Ragnarok takes place. Connection with the rest of the Stargate universe as a collective becomes impossible, as it is destroyed, with Earth somehow being spared-only to float about throughout the void between universes. The Atlantis shield is forced to cover the whole planet for three whole days, before being reduced to only the North and South American continents, due to a high amount of stress put into the shields, causing it to temporarily 'short out.'

The areas that had been exposed the longest to the void for the split second that the shield had collapsed for resulted in a 'minute' decay in the physics-space-time of the region, allowing for impossible phenomenon to happen, like the Roman Empire coming back from nothing. East Asia is exposed the worst, with the Americas, Britain, France, and Spain being exposed the least (due solely to the location of Atlantis, and sheer luck).

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