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Author has written 2 stories for Stargate: SG-1, Naruto, and Halo.

Why am I still even posting here? Why am I even making stories about... stupid shit on a fanfiction website? I mean, I'm kind of into Stargate... and since the show's kind of dead forever, I suppose that's one reason that I'm here.

But at the same time, that's no excuse to write stories.

It almost physically hurts me to read some of the stuff on this site. Gay porn stories litter this place like rat shit, followed closely behind with the 'romance.'

Not that I have anything against gay people, it's just that it doesn't feel right to be reading a story about Spock taking it up the ass after a run in with the doc

I mean, what the fuck

"Why am I still here? Why isn't 'X' story done/worked on/etc?"

Well, I got this sort of perfectionist issue. I'd start something, and I wouldn't be able to let it go until I was done. In other words, I started writing Ragnarok for fun, but pretty much every version I made was garbage. School got the best of me, and pretty much everything slowed down. Ironically, I forget about the fics often, so they tend to be left to rot.

Despite this, I still spend an hour here and there to mess with the fanfic, even if it is totally irrelevant by now. If I ever do make any significant moves with the fic, I want it to be good.

well, eh...

Anyways, I'd like to think that I'm fairly good at 'sticking with the canon,' when it comes to Stargate and Halo. On anything else, I spend a fuckton of time reading up on about (it's hard to believe, but it's actually kind of fun surfing wikis for an hour or so every so often) until I'm sure I have a handle on the subject.

My only issue...

Why do I still care so much for Stargate?

well, it's a hobby. I used to watch the TV show a lot, and I went to this place when I started to miss the show. Those one to two hours a week are all that I spend on here, anyway.

Stargate SG-1 was in my eyes, cut short before everything could be explored and finished off, story-wise (thanks to Roland Emmerich's efforts to shut the TV show down as a medium, because it scarred his ego that was otherwise built up with shitty movies)

-We never got to see how the Free Jaffa Nation ended up, considering how they were obliterated by the Ori (in canon).

-We never saw what happened with Atlantis being on Earth (other than what the books supposedly say, which are pretty impossible to find these days, let alone read - it's said that they weren't that great)

-The 'Trust' was in such a state that they surely would have continued on after Baal's existence, as there were other Goauld in control of the Agency/terrorist organization/whatever you want to call it. They were procuring technology at a much higher rate than the SGC was, even before they had gone rogue. They would have become the 'monster' that they would (eventually be) portrayed as in my fic 'Ragnarok' if left alone, sooner or later.

-There was a whole under-developed time travel/multiverse travel plot device that was hardly used to the extent that it could have been. I'm pretty sure it would have evolved a lot like how the extra-galactic travel did; first it was across the milkyway, then it was the local galactic cluster, then it was the various universes that were practically identical to that of the original, etc.

Because of the 'small' size of the Stargate universe (Earth's modern day population is considered to be the largest in the whole local galactic cluster- and with the exception of the goa'uld, fleets tended to only rise up to maybe 5 or so ships per side), it was implied that they never felt the need to take full advantage of their technologies that they were using. The factions within the universe weren't allowed to truly grow into anything larger than maybe twenty ships, and thus never really appeared to feel the need to combine technology as the replicators had.

For example, while Replicators have in the past taken advantage of time dilation technology (and subsequently utilized it to literally consume a planet in the span of anywhere from a few hours to a few days), they never got the chance to do so again due to their race being killed off in the show. They never had the opportunity to create fleets of ships to take over the galaxy with, since they typically used the stargates, and didn't need them anyway, though nonetheless they were never allowed to reach their max potential as a threat, almost exactly like that of 'The Trust.'

another example would be; the Tau'ri building more than one Arcturus (the one that utilized McKay & Miller's matter bridge, not the one that used the fabric of our own reality) on Atlantis to provide the ship with enough power to effectively make it impermeable, due to the nature of atlantis's shields never failing until the power fails, as The Arcturus is capable of providing infinite energy, so long as the other universe being used for energy can't do anything to stop it.

Another 'issue' is that because of the progression of the series over almost two decades (1995-2012), the show would continue implementing recent real world advanced technologies (EG:The P90). Due to the existence of the Stargate program, there has been a technological boost on the show since 2005 or so, allowing 'us' to make stuff such as railguns, which are in real life only just now starting to be used, having been limited by power production and material durability, which the pseudo science power generation and materials were used to solve.

...I know I said I was a bit of a stickler for cannon. Well, I lied to you.

Because of the passage of time relative to the story, I'd given the story a bit of a boost when it comes to weapons, such as:

- Anti-gluon plasma would work a lot like anti-matter, except that they specifically explode on contact to gluons, which are what hold atoms together. Regardless of heat resistance, or armor density, this directed energy weapon will dissasemble the target at the sub atomic level, in addition to the explosive effect of the atoms that come in contact with the plasma.

-Strangematter particles consume other atomic particles that come into contact with it, converting them into more strangematter particles. Should a single droplet of strangematter be created and be allowed to make contact with the planet, we would all die as the planet is rapidly converted to strangematter, leaving the planet to resemble a grey mass. It would be useful for getting rid of a planet fast... for obvious reasons.

Now, they're going to be properly explained in the story. They're real concepts within modern physics, though while I haven't followed these concepts to the 'T,' they do make sense as weapons, considering the nature of these materials. They're definitely not 'unobtanium,' though if only more on the lines of 'really-hard-to-get-yet-very-likely-exists-ium.'

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