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I'm a writer by birth. Love love love it and I always will, so this is kind of an outlet to clear my mind of the many ideas that I get inside my twisted little mind :). Charmed is my favorite show EVA! I was never really into it like before after Shannen left, but I have watched it from beginning to end. I'm a bit of a dreamer and that's where I get my writers soul from. That's it...I think...well yea. Just a few of my favorite quotes from some awesome people.

Charmed. Look Who's Barking

Phoebe: She's such a pretty dog.

Piper: Well what would you expect?

Leo: A doberman...

Prue barks and growls

Leo: AAHH!

Piper: Better watch your orbs there honey.


Kelly to Annie and Naomi

Kelly: You see, girl friends are like plants, while guys are like cut flowers. Yes they look pretty and smell nice..well most of the time.

But they always end up going away. But plants, or girl friends. With the proper care are there for you for a very long time- Is this helping at all? are you getting any of this?

Annie and Naomi are staring with blank expressions.

Beverly Hills 90210

Brenda and Dylan Meeting Mr Pony

Brandon: Any time now!

Dylan breaks kiss : Are you gonna be here when I get back?

Brenda: Unless I run off with some tall handsome stranger.

Prue and Piper

Piper: 'She's wearing my lipstick'

Prue: 'What? I can't borrow your lipstick? Learn to share'

Piper: I heard That!

Hours later

Prue: Well at least we did one thing good.

Piper: 'Yea next time to get your own lipstick'

Prue gives Piper a look

Piper: 'I love you'

Prue: Bite me.

Animal Pragmantism

Prue: I wonder where they hid the girls at.

Piper: I don't know. Want me to ask him?

Piper shakes the box and taps it, waiting for an answer

Prue: You know what? You are an ass

Piper turns and smiles at her.

Kay Byee!

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So this was going to be a oneshot, but then I decided to make it a serious of one shots. There will only be about three though.
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I know it's a little out of order, but I've been getting a lot of questions about the 'how' and 'where' with Penny. So this is pretty much it, no demon hunting or anything like that. It's more of a family story surrounding Prue, Penny, and Andy. With some appearances from Grams and Patty.
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