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Author has written 10 stories for Star Fox, Ratchet and Clank, and Metal Gear.

Welcome one, welcome all! My name is jon3s115, or as some may know me as Kevin. I am an avid writer and enjoy anything science fiction, so long as it is thrilling and exciting.

Right now, my FanFiction career consist of only 3 game series (Star Fox, Metal Gear, and Ratchet and Clank). However, as my mind expands and my imagination grows, I will move on into more series and possibly even make fanfics about shows, movies, and other books. I stick with games mainly because I myself am a gamer. I play many kinds of game; FPS's, TPS's, RTS's, RPG's, Simulators (favorite being Elite Dangerous), and anything action related. I love action and anything that has explosions, gun fights, sword fights, etc.

Am I a good writer? Well, that depends on your preferences. I have been told that I am a great writer, I have been told that I need work, I have even been told that my writing could get me far in my future. But in the end, it's up to you; what do YOU think of me as a writer? I accept all constructive criticism as it only helps me become better.

I hope you all enjoy what I write and hope to see you reviewing my work and helping me entertain you with literature.

ALSO, feel free to PM me with thoughts on any of the books, suggestions about current books, or simply to say HI.

Current Book Project- Noxious Strikes, Star Fox Future: Forward Offensive (this name will definitely change)

Next Book Project- Star Fox Book (Gladiator, but the name may change)

New Update! (6/18/15)

And here comes another update. So as many of you know, Star Fox Zero was announced and it appears to be a reboot of the series through what Nintendo calls a re imagination. Because of this I am shifting my focus here just a tad. While I was simply chilling out I got this idea for a Star Fox Book that kinda relates to what Star Fox Zero is doing. In fact I gave it so much thought that I am focusing on that book entirely at the moment. My League of Legends book is still happening, but this star fox will come first, because I feel that this will be a great thing. Before you ask, no, it will not have my OC in it because I ended that with A Past Threat. This is a new universe, a fresh start, a "re boot" of my fan fiction ;). Stay Tuned guys :D.

NEW UPDATE! (6-14-15)

Hey guys! I've got another update I can post :3.

First off, the final chapter for not only the story A Past Threat, but also for the Crossed Paths universe as a whole. Yes, this is the FINAL chapter of it all before I truly move on to make a new universe in the Star Fox realm. For my first ever universe that I created and expanded on, I feel it was time to stop it and to move on to use my skills and build another from scratch and tell new stories from that one. Kevin Michelson and the Star Fox Unit are now on permanent vacation ;).

Also, my next book is actually a League of Legends book titled Noxious Strikes (see above). My book AFTER it will be a Star Fox book that I have been thinking about ever since I finished Crossed Paths Book 2. I just now will be getting around to it because I wanted my skills to be sharpened before I tackled the subject. Right now I feel I can, however the actual writing will be sometime after Noxious Strikes has started.

So, I look forward to you all reading and I want to say hello to the League of Legends Fan Fiction community! I truly hope you guys enjoy it!

ANOTHER UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! (5-21-15)

Oh goody, another update.

The final Chapter of A Past Threat is being finished up at the time of this update posting. It is rather long (my second longest chapter i've ever written) and is full of stuff happening to end the story and the Universe. Yes, this is the last Star Fox book I write with Kevin Michelson and the events of all my previous books. Why? Well it's been milked long enough; it's time for the Crossed Paths universe to come to an end. For those few who are still reading this book, not to worry I am ending it with a good ending and one that will make you happy.

As for my next book, I have decided on the series I will write about. It's no Metal Gear, it's not Star Fox, and it's not Ratchet and Clank. NOPE! It's League of Legends. In fact, the next two books I shall be writing will be League Of Legends fan fiction based on some undecided subjects.

ANOTHER UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! (5-2-15)

Let's get started with another update!

Alright so this one is not so much a good one :/. It pains me to say this, but A Past Threat is literally getting 0 attention at the moment. As it stands time is wasted by writing the book. Why? Only a handful of people are left reading it, so many have left and lost interest in the book. In fact, there are a total of 20 people left, and even then about 13 skipped a chapter.

By using elimination rules, I have pointed out that the chapters are boring, not good, and are not doing their job of keeping everyone on their seat (even though I have twists set in the book).

So, because it's only a waste of my time to continue writing the book, I have began to contemplate cancelling A Past Threat and COMPLETELY abandoning the Star Fox Universe that holds Kevin Michelson in it. Now what does THAT mean? My future books (Gladiator, the Drama I had planned, and such) have ALSO been cancelled because they took place in the universe that holds my OC Kevin Michelson.

Yeah it sounds like crap, but when you write and get no feedback, no views, and no connection with your audience, what's the point? There is literally zero reason for me to continue the book and the series because no one reads and no ones gives me the feedback that an author needs to become better and become more close with his audience.

I will, MAYBE, write one more chapter for A Past Threat, if I do, then it will be the FINAL chapter for the book before I CANCEL it and thus bring an END TO THE CROSSED PATHS UNIVERSE

ANOTHER UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! (4-19-15)

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy... another update! This one is subtle like the last one.

First off, some may notice that I have been modifying my profile by: making a logo for myself, recreating my profile pic, doing these updates, etc etc. I am trying to make my profile neat and am still looking at ways to do so. Even though it doesn't necessarily matter I think I should just to make it look nice to look at, you know what I mean?

Also, after much consideration and an incredible amount of plot development that has failed, I have decided to pull the plug on the entire Super Smash Bros fan fic that I had planned. After reading many other fan fics of the kind I noticed that so much attention is needed to keep track of all the characters and the things they are doing. Personally I would have a hard time keeping up with it, therefore providing a confusing story that leads in so many directions that I can't control it. In the future I may come back to it, just know that the one I had planned will not become reality. I really wanted to try it, but at this point it seems like it would be a waste of time.

I'm sorry for anyone who was looking forward to what I was going to do with it (I was going to have Kevin Michelson in it and continue the Crossed paths universe), but sadly I just can't do it...

I'll see you guys in the next chapter of A Past Threat

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! (4-15-15)

AAAAAAND another update! This one is short, so don't worry about reading a bunch!

So to keep it simple, chapters 8 AND 9 are just about to be finished. I had them both as one chapter but realized that so much was packed into it, so I split it into 2 separate ones that will be posted in short succession of each other.

That's really it to say as of now... soooooo


UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! (3-28-15)

Alright! So I have decided that any future updates will be posted here on my profile rather than on the blog (the blog is still in place for information on my books). So simply come by every once in a while if you'd like to stay up to date with what it is I am doing with the stories.

Speaking of which, I have already started to write out the next chapter. Not only this, but I have come up with nice story elements that will make this story much better than my previous ones. I have lots planned for this book and I have so much planned for my future books!

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! (3-26-15)

And here we are at another update! So as it is now, chapter 8 is up and ready to be read. Chapter 9, however, will take about as long as chapter 8 did due to me putting extra time and even more effort into the chapters. I am doing this so that I can make them more detailed and provide you all with a better story. Oh yes, and the name has been changed to "A Past Threat"

As for my next book, the Rated M Star Fox Romance, I have began to get a plot developed for it. As of now, I do not plan to have ANY yiff in it, there will be no sex, though there is romance (as the genre states). So, to keep it safe, it will be rated M (that way I have much more freedom with what I write). I don't know if it will be Kevin x Rose or Fox x Krystal (or if Kevin will even be in the story). So stay tuned for later updates!

Also! One more thing! I want to get the audience's approval before I do something like this. I get that this is on community and that I will be writing for another, but what do you guys think if my Super Smash Bros Fan Fiction revolved around Kevin Michelson? It would obviously be after the events of Gladiator (yes, Gladiator will be another Star Fox fanfiction that revolves around Michelson). So... i'd like to hear from you all, send me a message and tell me if you like the idea or not.

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