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Author has written 11 stories for Star Fox, Ratchet and Clank, and Metal Gear.

How's it going? The name's jon3s115, or some of you may know me by Kevin!

Please, feel free to make yourself at home! I've got stories on Star Fox, Metal Gear, Ratchet and Clank, and plan on expanding very soon! I'm going to branch out more and more and try my hardest and doing what I love- writing.

So, you may be asking... Can you tell me about yourself, Mr Jon3s115? Sure!

I'm 20 years old and am currently attending university studying Digital Media and Creative Writing. My Digital Media path is focusing on 3D Animating and Modeling while my Creative Writing path focuses on... well... creative writing! My skills improve each day and I continue to do what I love... however it isn't enough.

You, my readers, should know one thing... I accept ALL constructive criticism. Being a writer means that I am open to ways that I can improve- what better way to get such advice than from the one's reading my stories?

Do I have any inspirations? Of course! There are writers here that inspire me, like Kit Karamak, Zythxx, and Mr Krystal. However the other part of my love of writing comes from gaming and movies in general, as well as music and Art. The main game I write about, Star Fox, I find to have such an expansive universe where literally anything can be written and it be something that can be enjoyable and something worth one's time. It's story telling and such inspire me. Not only that but other games that have little story, like League of Legends, give light to the love of being able to read a story and tell one in my own way.

So, please enjoy your stay. Feel free to PM me if you have the constructive criticism or if you simply want to say hi! Hell, I've even got personal requests to write stories pitched to me! In fact you may know one of them being written by me right now; Star Fox Bloodlust! This one was pitched to me by a reader name Razorblade- the plot and basic idea given to me to write and make a reality.

Current Book Project- Star Fox: Path of Light, Star Fox: Bloodlust

I'm ALIVE?!? (12/8/2017)

Hey all, how goes life? I'm sure about none of you will see this, but I'm posting anyway!

Where are my chapters? What's the status on Path of Light and Bloodlust? What happened to you?

First, Path of Light and Bloodlust. I really don't know. To be honest my lust for writing has almost died. The other day I worked a little on the next Path of Light chapter, but hardly anything was done. I'm focusing so much more in my 3D work- so much so that my major animation I'm planning has a script and story to it. The bulk of any writing I do is for 3D projects and pretty much only them.

Am I going to abandon ship though? I can't give a straight answer. I really can't. Part of me just does not want to let this go- it was the FIRST creative aspect of myself I explored and I don't want to just leave it in the dust even though that looks like what I've already done.

Will they be finished? Maybe... I just don't know. Stay tuned, I guess

UPDATE!!! OMG (2/7/2017)

How's everyone been? I hope good!

So, as you may notice, I haven't posted JACK SHIT since December. This is for good reason. As some may know, I am focusing right now on becoming a 3D artist (environment and animation). To stress test my skills, I am working my ever living ass off on this idea that popped into my head not too long ago.

A trailer for Star Fox: Path of Light! And I mean a fully animated trailer, not some limited picture trailer. The only limit I have on this project are character models, in place of those are basic skeletons. Other than that the environments are made by me, the characters animated by me, and scenes choreographed by me. But, I also make other things on the side to keep the idea juices pumping, ya know?

I am working on chapter 3, just not so much as this trailer and other things I have for my Deviant Art account.

That's pretty much it... I'll see you all when the trailer and Chapter 3 hits!

UPDATE!!! (12/23/2016)

IM BACK! And I bring to you all a new book as well!

So some may have began to notice that Kevin was becoming a little too out of hand when it came to his character (he was being more than one person, which is not okay) and his power (like, damn, I don't why, but I was writing him up to be a damn GOD... which is a no no). Of course, I deleted Gladiator since it wasn't even well written and have jump started once more with this new book. I feel that Path of Light will be better for me considering I feel ready to write it and advance the story further with even more depth than before.

Anyway, please, enjoy the books (if you do, that is... not saying you have to... of course), leave reviews if you'd like, and have a nice day!

Ill see you all soon... and by that I dont mean several months later.

UPDATE!!! (10/21/2016)

I bring news... some news I feared would have to come eventually.

I personally have noticed that my desire to write books has gone away over time. I've even began to notice that my consistency in quality and all has also gone down dramatically. I started weak, got stronger, and have since declined. I come to realize this in my latest story The Dance of Death, the story already has spun out of my control. The issue with Kevin Michelson and his power has spiraled out of control, and so on.

I don't want to stop writing, I really don't. The ideas are here, but they can't become real with what is currently in place. Because of that, I am scrapping Dance of Death COMPLETELY and starting once more with another idea I've had that will hopefully tie things together and provide a start to a better writing career.

As for Bloodlust, I still am writing it and am enjoying it. The story is in place, I just need to write it out.

Not sure when I can start the next idea for Michelson and the Crew, but it shouldn't be too long of a wait.

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