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Artsome; (see awesome, and/or art.)

Syllabification: (art·some)

Pronunciation: /a;tsəm/

Adjective and/or noun;

- extremely impressive or great imagination; inspiring admiration, delight or the pleasure of seeing [mass noun] the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

That is my name, and I’m incredibly proud of creating it! I think it embodies the whole idea of fanfictions, and as an art student; my every day of life.

Info card:

Greetings and welcome to my corner of this site. Feel free to read my stories and PM me if you have a question (or just want to talk about the lovely weather, because, yes, it’s a great starting topic).

Name: Artsome, see above for meaning.

Age: Right now, I'm ancient, though my passport begs to differ. In fact, it writes “childish”, but eh, who reads those anyway?

Gender: Female born and raised.

Birthday: December the fourth.

Birth of origin: I’m from and am currently residing in Sweden, that country located in Scandinavia, Europe. So considering that, forgive me for any obvious grammar faults because English is certainly not my first language.

True Story of the year: My mom's birthday happen to coincide with mother's day once every seven years. I dearly empathize with sons and daughters across the world who also have to live through the extra pressure on that day. Like Christmas, but much more red if we fail to deliver. *shivers*

Motto: Be Artsome! Be ME!

Random facts: I’m an art student with faraway dreams of becoming a real salary-bringing author. My free time is spent studying, writing, drawing, and an unhealthy time reading everything I can get my hands on. Currently; Fanfiction.

I used to hate not finishing reading a book or a story, but since coming to this site I’ve begun to simply not care. There's simply too much stories everywhere! There has been several occasions where I’ve stopped reading not because the story was bad, but because I got distracted by something shinier. And I always find something shiny. ALWAYS. It’s a curse, I tell you. I read a minimum of twenty thousand words every day, though a lot more if I’m free, so I’m a fast reader on top of a fandom jumper. Every genre and pairing is alright to my eyes, so I don’t shun any story because of that. Only when their grammar looks like mine five years ago (really, really bad) do I turn away. That actually increases the fanfictions I can read by the thousand. How artsome.

Do you want to know another interesting fact? I’ve never been that good with writing. The act of formulating words and showing what I mean... No, not my strong side. My Swedish teacher always lamented about how little talent I had in reading and writing (and speech). Only when I was eight did I begin to understand what those squiggly lines were supposed to mean. My English teachers over the years have also shaken their heads about how far behind I was compared to the rest of the class. I actually had to attend special classes.

Then one day, something just clicked inside my brain. I understood Swedish and began to devour fantasy books. Suddenly I was ahead of my class, and people looked to me for guidance. Years later, same thing happened with English. And here I am, having found my desire to write and communicate with the world about how I see it. It might perhaps only be fanfiction, but it’s great training material; a stepping stone towards what every teacher I have known said would be impossible for me.

Well, here I am. I proved them wrong.

And that’s really what I want to say with this text (though it was supposed to be some random facts). Anyone can do anything, no matter what other people say. Just try again. Remember the reason for your passion and one day, you will prove them wrong. It’s the greatest of feelings, I can tell you that.

Why I read and write mostly OC-centric stories:

Some people will disagree with me, but personally I think that writing an OC in a world not created by me is hard, and this applies to Self Inserts too.

To create an OC from scratch with a background, quirks, memories and personality is easy enough if you’re an experienced author. Every novel writer knows that when an OC is complete, it isn’t a character anymore; it’s a real person that lives life normally.

So if we then take this OC and insert it into an existing world, like Naruto, then we have to figure out how those characters would interact with the OC, and what that OC will do in turn. Try to become Hokage? Well, another rival for Naruto and Konohamaru. Some civilians will probably laugh at that. Become a shinobi? Rigorous training that will leave your OC sweating bullets. Modern people doesn’t really have the drive for that kind of working program, and even less for the idea of killing innocent people. Make a love triangle? Make it believable! But isn’t that the crux of the matter? The Naruto series is as Shounen as you can get, and the characters reflect that. They don’t think about love, more of an infatuation as the gentle Hinata shows, or preexisting couples as the sweet Minato and Kushina. You have to make it believable, and that’s why I think OC’s are so hard. The author has to bend and mix the world so that they would naturally accept another person, especially since the reader already has a vision of how it should be.

Well, that’s a challenge I will gladly accept!


Some people have expressed their worry that I won’t continue my story/-ies.

Well, that will never happen! When I begin a story, it will forever be imprinted in my mind, lurking and multiplying until it is even larger than I thought possible. They will NEVER be abandoned, but there might come a time when I focus on another story instead. Though I promise I will always come back to it and update it at a later date, so never fear!

My current goal is to update every month on my story, but homework and life is known to get in the way of that.

Mini disclaimer:

Like the majority on this site can attest to, we are not professionals that are writing fanfiction about their own work. That means I don’t own anything that is legally copyrighted, sadly enough. Nor am I a hidden millionaire because I’m certainly not making money off it. What I do own is my drawings with the hidden signature ME (because I’m just me, you know?) and anything original is also reserved as the personal intellectual property of Artsome. Like another author has already done, please ask permission before using one of my ideas. I will probably grant it, because so far, my ideas aren’t that original and I always encourage another author to write!

On the same topic to my fellow authors; any likeness that really jumps out of my stories to those that you’ve read before is accidental and not to my knowledge. I do not promote plagiarism and I hope my readers will tell me if there is another copy of my story lying around. Thanks in advance!

My intention with Clockwork and a Teacup:

I had whole paragraphs explaining why I started this fanfiction, and things like that. Considering its rise in popularity though, and that I have other stories I work on, I think this isn't really necessary anymore and quite redundant. Suffice to say, I have a stick and some persistent cliches that I will beat down into the ground, and hopefully with a little tender care, something new will come out of it.


If you’ve really read my word vomit on this profile, and haven’t backpedaled away yet, I can only assume that you found something fascinating. Though I don’t know, since I’m just me, but thank you anyway for using your precious time! I hope you will be interested in reading future and present stories of mine because I will endeavor to make them better each time! Thank you!

Don’t be afraid of PM'ing me if there is any questions or the like you want answered.

Hope you have an artsome day!

Love, Artsome.


I have fanart... Never thought I would ever say that, or write, whatever. Please check it out, and leave a comment! I love it!

Clockwork and a Teacup:

Team Uzu-nai Haru by the fanfiction account Uncertain Shifter
Edited picture by the same artist; Team Uzu-nai Haru (Redone)

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One small thought, an action, and suddenly history has been changed. Kagome realizes the jewel is too precious to be lying outside without protection, so she picks it up before the Crow even had a chance to. Consequence: The jewel was never destroyed and Kagome has to get used to her new position. Why do they keep calling her -sama and Okashira anyway? AU. Blending manga and anime.
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