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Hey there. My name's Rika and I've been reading fanfiction for a very long time. I read for a lot of fandoms but the ones I'll be writing about are:

Digimon (All Seasons but Digimon Savers)

Charmed (Seen all seasons, but will be writing anything post-season 6.)

Harry Potter (Read all books, Seen the movies, will be writing post Chamber of Secrets)

Cyberchase (Seasons 1-3 only)

SHIPPINGS:OK I think shipping is a huge part of fandoms. While I'm not the biggest romance nut, I do have the ships and romantic moments or am planning to have in my stories so below are the ships I like and why.



TAITO (TAI/MATT): I rarely ship Yaoi couples but in most fandoms, I have a few exceptions and this is the first one. They had an extremely tight friendship and seem to observe each other very closely. Plus they were affected by each other's presence. The whole Cherrymon thing I felt showed the strength in their bond.

JYOUMI (JOE/MIMI): I thought Joe staying behind with Mimi when she felt confused was a sweet gesture and although we don't see many gestures from Mimi to Joe, I think they'd make a very sweet couple.

TAKARI (T.K./KARI): Okay Kari's never been one of my favorites but these guys are too canon with each other to ship off with anyone else.

MIYORA (YOLEI/SORA): The two of them seemed to be good friends and I think Sora could really help Yolei understand herself. I loved the small moment between them when Yolei got the Digi-egg of Love.

DAIKEN (DAVIS/KEN): After all they've done for each other, Davis seems to understand Ken the most. Is it a thing with the two lead males usually having a deep connection or something?

PATAGATO (PATAMON/GATOMON): Okay I know they're digimon but they were very good friends and they look so adorable as a couple.

HAWKBIYO (HAWKMON/BIYOMON): The birds of love ah how sweet.


JURATO (JERI/TAKATO): I think the bond between them was so obvious that it hurts my eyes. I mean the whole D-Reaper thing, Jeri always comforting Takato and being there for him. I don't get how people think Takato and Rika like each other when Takato admitted he liked Jeri and held her in his arms in the last episode.

HENRIKA (HENRY/RIKA): I think they had an amazing mutual respect for one another and were pretty good friends. Plus Henry tried to help Rika understand Renamon better.


JUNZUMI (J.P./ZOEY): Okay so they appeared to talk many times during the series plus J.P. listened to Zoey, something which she liked about him. However, I don't see this one lasting very long because J.P. seemed to focus a lot on appearance and likes to be a hero, saving people.

KOUIZUMI (KOICHI/ZOEY): Okay probably the only couple I like because I feel their personalities would mesh together the best. Koichi's had a really hard past being Duskmon and can have self-esteem issues because of that. Zoey is a very cheerful person so she could keep him optimistic plus you know he'd treat her right since they're already friends.

TAKOUJI (TAKUYA/KOJI): I must have a thing for goggleboys with the loners cause this keeps happening. But anyway, they have a tight friendship, they've both nearly died for each other and plus Takuya held Koji in his arms once or even more than once I think.

Xros Wars/Xros Hunters

AKAIKI (AKARI/TAIKI): I think for this, Episodes 10 and 11 did it for me. The care Taiki showed for her to the extent of having a dream that she was in danger when she actually was shows their connection with each other. Plus, Akari's jealousy over Bastemon was an added thing.

KIRINE (KIRIHA/NENE): I know many think that Kiriha is horrible and a jerk but that's why he's perfect with Nene. Because she can help him improve because he isn't a jerk to her. He listens to her and respects her.

TAGIYUU (TAGIRU/YUU): I loved the phone booth scene. They had their arms around each other and it was just so awkward that it made it cute. Plus when Tagiru was afraid, he jumped on Yuu for protection.


PRUE/ANDY: I think the moments and bond between them, the fact that Andy died trying to protect Prue was enough for me. Plus they were childhood friends and I think they would have made amazing lovers if given the chance.

PIPER/LEO: The only couple that lasted throughout the series despite all their trials and tribulations.

PHOEBE/JASON: Oh my god. I just realised how amazing this couple is. I realise that despite everything, Cole while he may have cared for Phoebe he chose power over her. I just think if Phoebe had been honest with Jason, they would have worked out as an amazing pair. Plus, they had amazing chemistry and I think if anyone could have helped her love again it was him.

PAIGE/GLENN OR PAIGE/HENRY: I didn't mind either of these pairings. She just had amazing chemistry with Jesse Woodrow and they made a cute couple but her relationship with Henry was amazing because he accepted for who she was.

For Harry Potter, I don't ship much other than Hermione/Ron and Hannah/Neville. For Harry, I prefer a crossover pairing of Harry/Wyatt or Harry/Melinda :)

Eternal: The Power of Five reviews
Prue, Piper and Phoebe barely all survive against Shax. The Power of Three has fallen weak. With the discovery of their two baby half-sister twins Paige and Payton, will the power of five be strong enough to stand against the highest forms of evil. Season 4 rewrite.
Charmed - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,534 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 11/19/2012 - Published: 11/13/2012 - Piper H., Phoebe H.