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First Started Writing: around 8th or 9th November 2012 (just for my own reference, really)

What am I supposed to write on my profile page? Stuff about myself? Hmm, let's see...

I'm an Asian female, Chinese but my first language is English and I'm now learning Jap ケケケ My first anime was Inuyasha and I'd like to think I'm an expert at all things shoujo. Hehehe! I started writing because I like NaLu and I like Fairy Tail so much that I wanted to create my own fic about them. That's when I started My Fairy Tail Adventure in Nov 2012.

In the first few (or ten) chapters, I think it's pretty obvious that my writing style is still very raw and kind of... floating around(?). But I believe that I got better as I went along. I've thought about editing those few chapters, of course. But I'm a very sentimental person so I think I'm gonna keep them that way.

Later on, as I continued writing, reading and watching FT & all things NaLu, I felt the urge to write another fic. This time, I wanted something more... fun/intense/heart-racing. Something fluffier. And it was something I couldn't incorporate into the setting of my first story - I had to create an all new one. And so I started I Only Date Bad Boys!

However, I think some people might have realized that I don't update this story that regularly. In fact, I don't update it regularly at all. The thing is, these two stories are extremely different from one another and I find that I'm unable to switch my moods around quickly so I usually don't write the new chapters for both of them at the same time, even though sometimes I publish them at the same time... Also, currently, I'm having sort of a mental block when I write My Fairy Tail Adventure so please bear with me on that one.

Oh, and there was that hiatus in 2013 which broke the 'rhythm' of updating anything regularly at all... cursed A levels.

At present, I have two other NaLu stories that are not published yet. (Ok, you caught me. I'm guilty.) But what was I supposed to do? They came as bursts of inspiration and so I wrote a few chapters here and there. But they're the kind of stories that I think require some planning, so I don't think I should make it up as I go along. Therefore, I promise they'll be good once they're out!

Of course, all that is just part of what I do in my free time when I'm not busy dealing with reality and all the crap life throws at me...

So now you know.

I'm kind of a 'closed' person, living under my own rock and all, and I don't have much life experience – whatever you want to call it – so I don't think my writing is all that spectacular (yet!). But I intend to do this for a loooooong time so watch out!

Here's hoping that the love for NaLu will never die. Cheers.

Thanks for reading! ありがとうございます!

About my profile pic:

It's my first original piece of fan art and also my first ever NaLu fan art! Their poses were inspired by Chapter 6 of my story, I Only Date Bad Boys. I'm aware that Lucy's guild mark should be on her right hand and not her left, but it was too late to change by the time I realized it. Hehe. Also, I modified her dress' sleeve a little.

Uhh... I did not colour this, a good friend of mine did. I don't have a tablet (I should get one) but I wanted it to be finished in time for NaLu week 2014. So yeah. She's not very good at line art (she admits this herself) so the lines kind of turned out wobbly after I handed off my sketch to her. Oh, and, she doesn't follow Fairy Tail, so I had to give her the colour palette. But despite all of this, I think it still turned out pretty nicely!

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