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Author has written 5 stories for Infinite Stratos/IS<インフィニット・ストラトス>, Spyro the Dragon, Fullmetal Alchemist, and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D.

I love anime and video games so you will find I will write in those areas

here is a list of my other characters in my fictions

their bios are subject to change and additions

if you have any ideas send them to me at

give me time to answer I am in school so it does take time to reply.

The picture I have recently uploaded as my Avatar is what I kind of picture my character "Saber Boolock" like.

Saber Boolock

race: human

Height: 5'6"

Eye color: sky blue

hair: blond short

Appearance: Well defined facial features, handsome; (my profile picture is how I imagine him)

skills: kendo and martial arts, engineering (building things)

other: unlucky, but kind hearted, resilient, imaginative, sarcastic as hell when he has a reason to be

elements: fire, electricity, wind, fear, ice, shadow, earth

draconic form

race: dragon

Age: 19

Height: 7'2"

length: 8'3"

appearance: pretty much the same as the cover image of the story

eye color: aqua green

body color:white scales, silver underbelly and wing membranes

tail blade:made up of a hexagon as the base and two single sided blades on either slanted side of the top of the hexagon, and there was a gape down the center between the two blades. I had to say that this was interesting to be able to look at yourself like this, since humans can’t; since they can’t bend in some of the ways that dragons can. Each blade was approximately seven inches in length from hexagon to tip and very sharp. There was something different about the tail blade; it looked almost as if it was made of multiple parts and kind of looks like a simple machine.

element: capable of all eight of the elements, just has trouble controlling them for the time being. The light element will come later

Series:legend of Spyro


race: dragon

Age: 14

height: 4'2"

Length: 5'3"

eye color: sky blue

Body colors: dark gery scales, blue underbelly and wing membranes

Appearance: Looks a lot like Cynder, she has different colors though

tail blade: Exactly like Cynder's tail blade

element: wind

series: Legend of Spyro


race: dragon

Age: 21

Height: 6'8"

length: 6'10"

eye color: gold yellow

Body colors: Crimson scales, gold underbelly and wing membranes

element: fire

Series: Legend of Spyro

Seth or 'Seragoth'(this character is borrowed from ArcticDragon Rider)

race: dragon




eye color: midnight blue

body colors: ebony black colored scales, dark grey underbelly and wing membranes, He also had two horns the slightly curved upwards at the ends.

tail blade: It was similar to Cynder's to an extent his tail blade did not curve as much as Cynder's does. The large notch in Cynder's tail blade near base where the blade connects to the tail is smaller in size. Seth tail blade was more like a katana in the way it curved and the end was also like a katana. It was around the same length as Cynder's tail blade

element: shadow

Series: legend of Spyro

Cyra (this character is also borrowed from ArcticDragon Rider)

race: dragon

Age: 18

height: 6'8"

length: 6'11"

eye color: aqua green

body colors: Dark blue scales, snow white underbelly and wing membranes, She also had two horns on the back of her head that curved downward slightly. She had spikes that started at her horns and continued down her back.

tail blade: Her tail blade looked much like a spearhead that was made out of an ice crystal.

element: Ice

series: legend of Spyro


race: dragon

Age: 26

height: 14'2"

length: 15'6"

eye color: crimson

body colors: scales black as the night sky, royal blue underbelly and wing membranes, She has horns on the sides of the crown of her head. They are not white or another color that matched with their scales like most dragons. The two horns she did have were a little darker than the color of granite. Her horns curved in a semicircular way to the back.

tail blade: It looked like a short sword that was covered in black smoke that flowed like a liquid over the whole blade.

element: shadow

series: legend of Spyro






eye color: yellow orange

body colors: rose red scales, golden yellow underbelly and wing membranes, She had three horns on her head, two on the sides and the third on the top of her head. The two on the sides of her head were where a human had ears and faced to the back at nearly horizontal of her head. They also curved inward slightly as they went back. The one on the top of her head was like the other two face behind. it was more like a spike, straight as a line.

tail blade: Her tail blade appeared to be made of three triangular blades that touched each other by the top tip to the bottom right tip of the next blade

element: fire

series: legend of Spyro


race: dragon




eye color:cyan blue

body colors:slate grey scales, off white underbelly and wing membranes,

tail blade: His tale blade was much like Japanese Sodegarami. With two curved blades on the outside and one center blade it was something I would like to avoid coming in contact with. (A/n if you need a picture to know what I mean look Sodegarami on Wikipedia to see a picture it is the middle one).

element: wind

series:legend of Spyro


race: ape/monkey


eye color: yellow

body colors: dark grey fur, long tail

abilities: steath, speed, magic

weapons:long fingers on her hands, gloves with crystal claws

series: legend of Spyro


race: dragon

Age: 20



eye color:electric blue

body colors: gold scales, silver underbelly and wing membranes, He had two horns on the side of his head that came out around the same place Spyro's did. His horns though looked like lightning bolts.

tail blade: His tail like his horns looked like a lightning bolt.

element: electricity

series:legend of Spyro



Age: 26

height: 14'


eye color: neon green

body colors: dark pine green scales, acid green underbelly, green yellow wing membranes, Her face was much like Cynder's however this female's horns were yellow not white

tail blade:N/A (for the time being)

element: poison

series: legend of Spyro


race: dragon

Age: 26



eye color: blood red

body colors:black scales, red underbelly and wing membranes, Horns lined the side of her head again like Cynder but this dragoness's horns curved forward instead

tail blade:N/A (for the time being)

element: fear

series:legend of Spyro

Sarana (This character belongs to ArcticDragon Rider)

race: dragon

Age: 24

height: 14'

length: 15'3"

eye color: crimson

Body colors: Silver scales, black underbelly and wing membranes, three horns on her head

Tail blade: spearhead like

element: wind

series: legend of Spyro


race: cheetah

Age: early 30's

height: 6'1"

eye color: Magenta

body colors: dark grey fur, black spots

traits: dexterity with paws

series: legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon

Age: Late 40's to early 50's

height: 15'


Eye color: light green

Body color: dark blue scales and snow white underbelly and wing membranes, Two horns that curve downward at the tips

Tail blade: crystal like spearhead that is more crescent shape

element: Ice

series: Legend of Spyro

Matthew Selvess

Race: Human


Eye color: orchid

Hair Color: tan

Char Desc: Has an automail left arm and an automail right leg. His hair length is down to his mid upper back. Handsome and looks like a pretty boy

Skills: Alchemy, Swordsmanship, chemist, creator of Mithril, hand to hand combat

Traits: A brilliant Alchemist that Specializes in metallic alchemy and theoretical alchemy.

Titles:'The Silver Alchemist', Brigadier General

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist

Maria Selvess



Eye color:magenta

Hair Color:Dark sand color (previously)

Char Desc: The armor was a full plate armor suit that was silver and meant to be used by a woman. The arm pieces of the suit were interlocking plates in the shoulders and upper arms. The gauntlets were silver as well and had tight interlocking joints in the fingers, wrist and hands. The lower half of the armor was made like most armor. The Cuisse or the upper plate over the thighs and Maria's was simple nothing fancy. The fan greaves and the poleyn connected to it; this was the lower legs and knees armor plates. Like the Cuisse these were nothing very fancy. Then the boots or Sabatons, the boots had a slight heel to them but other than that pretty normal. Between the plates of armor in the whole suit of armor were black leather material that held the suit together. At the waist of the suit the was a leather skirt like idea hanging as a part of the suit. To top all this off the helm on this suit was different. The top half was shaped like a fox head with holes where the eyes would normally be for a fox. The bottom half was a dark grey almost black visor that would cover the mouth.

Skills: alchemy, hand to hand combat

Traits:kind, helpful to others

Titles: none at the moment

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist


race: ape/monkey


Appearance: Her eyes are like humans of Asian decedent, thicker fur than the other monkeys

eye color: dark magenta,

body colors: slate grey fur, long tail

abilities: unknown

weapons: unknown

series: legend of Spyro


race: ape/monkey


Appearance: Has thick fur, long tail, almost human like face

eye color: magenta

body colors: sand

abilities: deceiving

weapons: unknown

series: legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon

Age: 19

height: 7'2"


Appearance: Looks very much like Spyro, Her horns are straight and slanted back and her build is more feminine

Eye color: azure blue

Body color: purple scales, gold underbelly and wing membranes

Tail blade: same as Spyro's

element: Fire, ice, electricity, Earth

series: Legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon

Age: almost 17

height: 7'


Eye color: Harvest Gold

Body color: dark grey scales, Crimson underbelly and wing membranes

Tail blade: like a scythe blade

element: fear

series: Legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon

Age: 19

height: 6'11"


Appearance: Her horn have been remove along with her tail blade.

Eye color: Sapphire blue

Body color: Black scales, and midnight blue underbelly and wing membranes

Tail blade: She no longer has one

element: shadow

series: Legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon

Age: over 2000 years old (around 2200 or so)

height: 10'3"


Appearance: looks like the Chronicler, He had scars in several places on his body

Eye color: Hazel

Body color: Dull blue (light Blue) scales, off white underbelly and wing membranes

Tail blade: His tail blade looked like a two pronged blade made of crystal, but had quite a few chips in both blades

element: Ice,

series: Legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon

Height:(was) 3'8"

Length:(was) 4'3"


Eye color: sea blue

Body color: snow white colored scales with his underbelly was sliver as were his wing membranes.

Tail blade:

element: fear

series: Legend of Spyro


Race: (was) human (now) Dragon

Age: 19

Gender: male

Height: 7' 1"

Length: 8' 9"

Eye color: light grey

Body color: red orange scales, neutral brown color that you see with hardwood floors for his underbelly and wing membranes

Horn descript: Like a samurai’s helmet like you see in those old Japanese flicks

Tail blade: The blade looked like a Japanese bisento spear; the spears that look kind of like a falchion on a pole

element: fire

Personality: Is a member of the Surfer culture and talks like it too. Loyal, easy going and laid back. can be insultive at times

Series: Legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon

Age: 20

Gender: female

Height: 8' 5"

Length: 9' 8"

Eye color: light blue

Body color: yellow scales almost golden shade, underbelly and wing membranes are a royal purple

Horn description: shaped like lightning bolts.

Tail blade: has no tail blade

element: electricity

Personality: Keen mind and rather smart, not overly talkative, better at reading a situation than her father Volteer

Series: Legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon

Age: 49

Gender: female

Height: 14' 5"

Length: 15' 2"

Eye color: dark purple

Body color: Golden Scales with a Dark Blue Underbelly and wing membranes, she has Purple Tiger-like Stripes all over her body from head to Tail

Horn description: she has two pairs of horns, the first pair comes out behind her ears and are shaped like Lightning Bolts, the Second pair is smaller and comes out behind her jaws and curve Upwards only Slightly

Tail blade: Half crescent shaped blade, sharper on the inside of the crescent blade than on the outside. Blade curves upwards

element: electricity

Personality: Calm and Motherly, Wise, Playful.

Series: Legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon

Age: 53

Gender: male

Height: 14' 10"

Length: 15' 5"

Eye color: light green

Body color: granite grey scales and sky blue underbelly and wing membranes

Horn descript: a pair of horns that start behind his ears, straight and short. A single horn that starts at the just above the center of the crest of his head, slight ‘u’ shape in the middle of the horn then arcs downward a small amount.

Tail blade: Looks like a talibon sword, around a foot and a half in length, curved blade on one side and straight and flat on the other

Other descript: face tendrils that look like an extremely long mustache

element: wind

Personality: open minded, determined, can focus on something for a long time if it interests him, is kind of like an archaeologist in many ways just for history

Series: Legend of Spyro


Race: Cheetah

Age: 35

Gender: male

Height: 6' 1"

Eye color and type: dark and soft yellow

Fur coat color and appearance: light grey, black stripes and splotches with no real pattern

Clothing description: Long tunic deep red in color, tan embroidery, red-brown cloak, red-orange broach. Green arm guards and leggings, brown belt. (Much like what Hunter wears just different colors)

Equipment: Carries Two short blades, writing instrument and paper

Personality: has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, thorough and astute.

Series: Legend of Spyro


Race: cheetah

Age: 33

Gender: female

Height: 5' 8"

Eye color and type: light blue

Fur coat color and appearance: almost white sand colored fur, black ears and nose

Clothing description: tan tunic, high ‘v’ neckline, short sleeves (just above middle of the upper arm), tunic goes down to two inches above the knee. Blue cloak with hood that covers majority of the face. Lower legs wrapped in brown leggings that the cheetahs have. Grey arm bracers, go from just above the mid fore arm to covering all but the fingers.

Other description: wears spectacles. Spectacles are made of a light brown wood like material. Lenses are oval shaped, sturdy.

Equipment: carries around writing instrument and paper, 10 throwing knives

Personality: clumsy, disorganized, near perfect photographic memory,

Series: Legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon



Appearance: The two horns he has are on the upper side of his head behind his ears. The horns curve in a slight 'U' shape point straight out behind him. He has two lengths of hair that start at the back of his head and go down either side of his neck to his chest. He has a 40 foot wingspan. He has spines going down his back and continues to his tail blade.

Eye color: aqua green

Body Color:Chalk white, rich silver colored underbelly and wing membranes(close to Saber's scale color)

Tail Blade: He has spines going down his back and continues to his tail blade. His tail blade is made up of a one and a half foot blade and six inches wide. There is a white line down the center for all but the last five inches. Half an inch from the end of the line is a round disk like cylinder that is three inches in diameter on the top and the bottom; the center was an inch in diameter rather than three. There is a inch and a half empty space from the edge of the cylinder to the two points that make of the ends of the blade. Both points look like right triangles that were nearly four inches long and an inch and a half wide. The points are separated by an inch or so for the two inch gap from the edge of the cylinder to the points. The blade can extend to three feet in length by two inch width parts of the blade on either side sliding forward. Those parts close around the cylinder and lock in place.

Element: light

Series: Legend of Spyro


Race: Dragon

Height: 8'2"

Length: 9'

Appearance: He has four horns two on the either side of his head and the other two are behind his jaw on either side. Each horn is a foot and a half in length. All that you can see of his wings are the bones; his wing membranes look like a void of blackness given the shape of dragon wings. His underbelly is black like his scales. The space between his scales is red orange.

Eye color: red

Body Color: Scales black as a starless and moonless night

Tail Blade: His tail blade is made up of two different sections or parts. There is a rotator gear at the end of his tail and the blade is connected to the gear. The blade itself is almost four feet long and is a Scythe shaped blade and is a dark red. The blade folds over to the right side to where the top of the blade that is flat is against his tail. This leaves the sharp side of the blade still usable.

Element: shadow

Series: Legend of Spyro

Nox (This character belongs to Rayruden)

Race: Cheetah

Height: 1.78 meters

Eye Color: Ruby red

Body Color: White furred with black markings (think about a Siberian white tiger)

Appearance: He is a white furred cheetah with black marks he wear a white shirt and dark pants, a leather light armor and a black cloak with a hood. He loves having the hood put and is rare to see him without it besides when he isn't sleeping in a bed. His face is his secret and he only gives it to his friends, and he is not so friend of high charges like the guardians but respect them nevertheless, even if he do not show them his face. He has a scar crossing his right eye.

Weapons: first of all he has a black scaled bow adorned with white horns where the cord is attached, and a few other white bones in the front part, pointing directly in front (long story short: think of a Daedric bow, but with white horns and without the red glowing) That bow was made with the scales and horns of a black dragon that was much more than a friend for him. When he was murdered and buried, Nox decided to take something as a memento of him, so, before the burial, he crafted that bow and then buried the dragon, giving the name of the dragon to the bow, being this name, Dark. That said here're his arrows: Poison Arrow, Explosive Arrow, Fire Arrow, Normal Arrow. To use the poison arrow he impregnate the tip in poison that he has in a crystal bottle, to make the explosive arrow he strain to the arrow a little bottle of oil and then ties to the arrow a cloth impregnated in oil, to do the fire arrow its just the same but without the little bottle of oil :)

Personality: He is an assassin that kills for money to survive, cast out of his tribe because of this. However, he has a heart which he choose to listen when he have doubts about killing or not his given target or that makes him change his target during a mission or giving him one when he is not in any mission. He is loyal to his friends, but can be a traitor to his employer. He ever shows the right respect for his killed target, even if he has to go to an exposed area and reveal himself. If you ask him why he is like that, he will answer that he doesn't know, but that he do not care and he is content with his way to be.

Background: this is a little, so you understand why he take those scars. He has a dragon friend... well for him, he was more than a friend as the precedence of the bow suggest. Well, when the dragon died, they where battling against some enemies (you chose them :)) well in that fight they where ambushed and the enemies give him that wounds in the eye and in the chest. However the dragon took the fatal blow, a spear piercing his heart while the dragon tried to protect the cheetah. not knowing how, they managed to kill everyone, but what a price... and well that's a bit of his background, :) the reason of his scars AND the story behind that special bow :)

Series: Legend of Spyro

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