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Hi! I am a 24 year old soon to be grad of law school. I tend to have a great love for some of the most hated ladies in fandoms (Fanny Price, Cassie from Animorphs, Akane Tendo, Mercedes Jones).

Wow! Long time since I updated this section, but I took a break from Max Heart.

Currently watching: Doki Doki Precure

Thoughts?: I like that Mana has an established fault that she needs to work on, but it still competent in her student council position. And Rikka has my heart by pointing out the creepiness of that blonde dude giving them lovies but no answers! And Alice/Arisu is great! Basically, warmed up to everyone except Makoto.

Currently watching: Fushigiboshi no futagohime

Thought?: While the beginning was cute and silly, it starts getting tiresome in the middle when the girls have to defeat the "dark force." I am also irritated that the princesses are always being rescued by the princes or Prince Shade is usually the voice of reason. And the romantic storylines are poorly written. Didn't know that Bright had a crush on Fine? He'll just mention say her name a bunch of times without them having any scenes together or giving a reason as to why he likes her!

Next up: Ojamajo Doremi Sharp

Already watched:

1. Heartcatch Precure (Never have I loved all characters, major or minor, on a show! The friendships were great and the villains were hilarious. The fights were a bit repetitive, like BSSM, and the ending was a bit rushed, but all-in-all a must see!)

2. Fresh Pretty Cure (I'm glad I stuck with this one. A solid series with a great final villain. The filler in the middle was super boring though. I also cared very little for Daisuke and Daisuke/Love. I felt he could've been written out to give Buki and Miki more development. I must love the most conflicted Cures, because Cure Passion was my favorite!)

3. Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star (A bit slower than the other series, though I liked the minor characters and their filler episodes. Worth watching for Michiru and Kaoru as well as the great final battle.)

4. Suite Precure (The beginning was so tough to get into but this had a strong middle with the focus on Siren/Hummy. This series has my favorite attacks and plot. Like Fresh I didn't care much for the minor characters, but grew to love the Suite Cures especially Cure Beat. Definitely give this a view!)

5. Smile Precure (When Smile is good, it is very good! Nao's last character episode was touching. But it suffers from stupid filler episodes and boring villains. The last battle was completely underwhelming I did like Candy, the mascot, and her arc. So worth a view but some episodes are definitely stoppable.)

6. Futari wa Pretty Cure (I like the relationship between Nagisa and Honoka and that Honoka is not a shrinking violet. She berates these creepy guys for hitting on them when they were clearly not interest. But there is a lot of boring filler and little development of anyone else. Some gems, but filler episodes are skippable.)

7. Ojamajo Doremi (Watch this show! Watch it! Not only are the main girls cute and interesting, but the minor characters like classmates get development. And Aoki's arc is about dealing with her parent's divorce- it still isn't resolved by the end of the first series and continues on to the next. A touching and cute MG series)

Incomplete/may finish one day:

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart (The pace is slow and I'm not a big fan of Nagisa)

Sugar Sugar Rune (I don't like Chocolate- I just have a thing against most Tsuderes. And the show is a lot of filler. And an unengaging romantic subplot with a bad boy/villian. Maybe I'll watch the Vanilla episodes)

Here are some of my other fandoms:

Parks and Recreations (Knope/Perkins for President in 2016!)

Elementary (my favorite portrayal of the Sherlock/Watson relationship)

Sailor Moon (magical girls and female friendships, what's not to love? also my first fandom!)

Cardcaptor Sakura

Princess Tutu

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I have been writing for awhile now and have been too shy to publish my works. If you get the chance, read and leave any comments you may have. Thank you and God bless!

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