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Hello everyone. I'm your average everyday pyro insomniac. -nods- Yes I am.

Back round info: I live with my mom, but on the weekends (and all of August) I live with my dad, he has the computer! I'm an insomniac...yes I am. If I get to much sleep I have migranes. The doctors have yet to figure this out. ('s really true) I'm a pyro. I could watch a flame for hours, and I have...wheee! One time my best friend and I were lighting paper cups on fire, and my stack got so hot that the flame was blue, purple, and green. It was beautiful! Then I rembered we were on a wooden coffeeeee (('nother obbssesion...)) table and downed the flame with water..^.~.

Gender: I'm a...girl! -gaspy noises from some of her male friends followed by the immediate wack of her lage hammer hitting skull- I love my hammer! (yes...I really carry around a huge hammer...I am strange...)

Name: Katherine. Call me that and I will kill you, personally. Actually...use Taiyo...or Trinity Kirara

Favorite show: InuYasha...big suprise ne? ^^;

Favorite Characters from InuYahsa: Kirara (shocker!) Shippo,Inu (well duh) Miroku! (sorry there is something so...monkish? about him lol) And Sango. She's my hero...she really is. :wipes away a impassioned fake tear:

Fave couples from Inu: Miroku/Sango too cute..^^; AT TIMES: Inu/Kag

Most Kawii couple: Fluffy-sama and Rin! ^.^ such emotionless fatherly love twards the lil girl! (c'mon people...ya gotta admit..Rin's adorable!)

I dont like Kagome. Well...sometimes she's alright I guess. Excpecially when she's in a fic and being potrayed as a bad ass. Then I like her better! Yes I do.

My kittens name is Kirara...I love her! -squishes the poor thing- Kirara: mew...? o.o;

Katie's favorite Person: inugirl345!! ^-^ Her stories are great, she's muh favoritest person to rp with...her character Hitori is my character Misora's friend (I think.o.o;) She's just...muh favorite! ^-^

Authors that rock:
BlueFuzzyElf!! She..rock's. Exspecially her story Switched...^.^ I even like Kagome in that one! And she gets extra brownie why? Because she actually answered one...ok a bunch of my reveiws! least aknowladged them...and that makes me happy! ^.^ I even learned how to upload a fic from her. because I was too stupid to figure it out on my own! -knods- yes I was...-.-;
Once again...bluefuzzyelf you rock..o_o;! And Eve is an awsome is that hanyou...whose name I cant remember..^^;;
celadonserpent: You are THEE most amazing author I have ever seen... ever...o_o;; I'm also really happy that you wrote that Naraku-poo story...XDD After reading your fisrt three stories (which were by all means exelent) they were kinda..angsty most of the time...That Naraku story was just what I think every one needed! ^.^

Reveiwers that Rock: evil squeede (you LIKE Jaken? o_o;), Liz.Q, bluefuzzyelf, Akiko Suzuki. You all are what make Katie the happiest. ^.^ Special thanks Liz.Q however you were I think that found my fic on their own...^^;

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